Spring Is Here! These Everyday Things May Damage Your Car’s Paint (Part 2)

If you just had your car repaired, the auto body shop may have made your vehicle looked like brand new. In Spring Is Here! These Everyday Things May Damage Your Car’s Paint (Part 1), I already discussed how bug splatters and bird dropping can damage your car. Now, there are still other things that make your car’s finish dull. Eventually, it will fade and damage your once excellent-looking car.

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With that being said, these are 3 seemingly ordinary things that can actually damage your car. Plus, I will also share some tips on how protect your vehicle from further damage.


  • During spring, the sun brings life to may living things. However, when we are exposed too much sun, we will get burned; the same thing can happen to your car. If you leave it out on the open, the vehicle’s paint will fade. Fading will happen if you leave it in broad daylight. Experts advise you to park your car in a shady area, or cover it if you plan to leave it under the sun.

Flying Debris

  • Salt can erode many things including roads and highways. So, if this could cause loose pavement debris to come flying your way. It may seem trivial, but these debris get picked up by car tires and hurls toward your windows, bumper, hood, and windshield. This will eventually result to cracks and chips. Doesn’t just affect the paint but also the car’s body!
  • When you see a chip, take your car to an auto body repair shop immediately. Do not wait for the windshield or the windows to crack. Plus, finding a matching auto paint will be difficult so just leave the car repair to the experts.

Tree Saps

  • If you have parked your car under a tree, for sure, you have experiences splotches on your roof, hood, and windshield. These smudges could be because of a tree sap. Typically, a tree sap is made up of chemicals can could trigger a reaction to your car’s coat and paint. This will be hard to remove and it could also leave a permanent mark on your car.
  • What is the best way to avoid complications due to tree saps? You have to wipe it right away using a microfiber towel and polish (or rubbing compound). Do this immediately because if this tree sap will land on your windshield or hood, it will leave a rough patch. Plus, it will get baked by the sun, making it more difficult to remove. So, as soon as you see one, wipe it off.

If Your Car Gets Damaged, Ask an Expert!

Normal and everyday things will damage your car such as eggs, pebbles, rocks, debris, and many other things. To avoid the immediate wearing off of the car’s coating, wash it regularly. If you see a noticeable damage, take it to an auto body shop especially if it has affected your windows and windshield. Most auto body shops can offer you services aside from repair. These professionals can also make your car feel like brand new. When you need a reliable auto body repair shop, visit A + Plus Auto Glass at 13148 W. Foxfire Drive #120, Surprise, AZ, or you may call A + Plus Auto Glass at 623-218-6844!