How to Stay Safe While Driving

Knowing how to stay safe while driving is something every driver must learn. Aside from avoiding harm themselves, drivers are also doing their fellow motorists a big favor. So before you hit the road again, make sure that you have these safety tips in mind. These are basic tips that will make a big difference once you’re on the road.

Buckle up!

The first thing that you have to do upon sitting in your car is putting the seat belt on. It’s a fundamental action that can save your life. Three-way seatbelts prevent you from being ejected out of your car during a collision. Aside from that, it prevents serious injuries that may put your life in danger.

Mind the signs 

Always obey road signs while staying vigilant of other drivers that will try to defy them. One of the most important signs you have to watch out for is the speed limit.

Aside from that, always use turn signals, so other drivers will know where you’re headed. Also, be present-minded as some cars may stop abruptly without any signal.

Put mirrors in the right place

Before you turn the ignition on, check the side, back, and rearview mirrors first. This way, you can see every possible angle. You can also utilize rearview cams to aid you in parking and backing on cramped lots. You’d never want to have a blind spot on situations where your driving skills will be put to the test.

Be a defensive driver

Defensive driving involves pre-empting a possible mistake by another driver or pedestrian. If you are going near a pedestrian crossing, you should always watch out for people who will try to cross even if the light is green. Aside from that, you should be vigilant on sudden turns, over-taking, and abrupt stops. All of these can happen when you least expect it.

Never drink and drive

Drinking and driving never mix. So if you’re planning to hit the road, always stay sober. However, if you happen to get drunk, just hail a cab and give driving a pass. This is much better than risking your life and the safety of other drivers. Take note that drunk driving accounts for about 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the U.S. alone.

Avoid phone distractions

Regardless if it’s hands-free or not, using your phone is a distraction. As much as possible, avoid answering calls or texting while you drive. If you have to take a call, just pull over and pick it up. However, if pulling over is impossible, try to keep the conversation short and always keep your eyes on the road.

Kids must be in booster seats!

Children should always be seated in a booster seat. Also, never let kids under 12 years old sit in front. Seat belts alone aren’t enough to secure them during an accident. If you’re driving with a baby, they must be facing the rear until they have outgrown infant booster seats. Aside from that, booster seats should be installed properly.