The Steps We Take to Repair a Sunroof

A sunroof is a great vehicle feature as it lets in natural light. It’s also made of durable glass that doesn’t shatter easily. However, if a large branch or a rock came falling onto it, your sunroof may cave in.

Like in any glass parts of your vehicle, immediate sunroof repair is needed. This way, you can prevent further damages and leaks when raining.

To give you an idea of how it works, the following are the steps we take in repairing damaged sunroofs:

Step 1. We remove the damaged sunroof glass

Once you bring your vehicle to us, we will start by removing the damaged sunroof glass. But before we do that, we will ensure that the internal parts of your vehicle are protected from potential debris.

After that, we will remove the shattered glass from your vehicle. We will ensure that no shards of glass will be left that will hinder the fit of the replacement.

Step 2. We remove the old seal

Aside from the glass, it’s essential to remove the old glass seal. Take note that removing the seal requires a special solvent, depending on the material used. With that, it’s never wise to remove it on your own as you may cause more damage in the long run.

By cleaning up the old seal, we can guarantee the fit of the replacement glass and that the new seal will hold up well.

Step 3. We place a new sunroof glass and seal

Once the sunroof area is clean and the old parts have been removed, we will not install the replacement glass. Depending on your choice or what the shop offers, you may get an OEM or aftermarket part. But for peace of mind and quality, we recommend that you invest in OEM. It may have a higher upfront price, but it will have lower ongoing costs.

Step 4. Inspection

After installing the new sunroof glass, we will let the seal dry before conducting an inspection. We will test the strength of the installation and if there are leaks on the seal. This way, you won’t face any problem while driving or using your sunroof.

Common sunroof repairs

Over the years, we’ve fixed sunroofs that got damaged for a variety of reasons. The following are the most common:

*De-laminating seals

Over time, the seal that holds the glass will start to give off. This will lead to leaks and openings on your sunroof.

*Sudden change in temperature

A sudden drop or rise in temperature will expose the glass and the seal under intense wear and tear. It will make the seal and glass brittle. So when it experiences impact, it may cave in.

*Falling debris

Falling debris is probably the most common cause of sunroof damage. Anything from a small pebble to a thick branch can cause damage to the glass.

*Going too fast into a corner

Although this is rare, driving too fast into a corner can cause your car’s chassis to flex. But since the sunroof glass is glued still, there’s a possibility that it will give off.