How to Stop a Crack from Spreading

A falling object, an airborne pebble, intense temperature, all can cause the glass in your car to crack. At first, these cracks may look small. But if you leave it sitting for too long, these tiny cracks will create fissures that will spread all over your auto glass. If that happens, you won’t be able to drive your car and you’ll need to visit an auto body shop right away.

If you can’t go to an auto shop immediately, you have to keep the cracks from spreading and causing further damage to your glass.

Avoid sudden temperature changes

Glass expands and contracts when it’s exposed to sudden temperature changes. So if your windshield or windows have cracks, it’s best to avoid these abrupt shifts.

Instead of parking in direct sunlight, look for a spot with shade. This will reduce the possibility that heat causes the cracks to spread.

However, if it’s the winter season, avoiding intense temperatures could be challenging. At some point, it’s inevitable as you’ll be driving in the cold. Immediate repairs are best done here.

Try using clear nail polish

Many car owners reported success in using clear nail polish on tiny cracks. We never tried this, but many say that the results are great.

Just apply clear nail polish on the cracks and the surrounding areas. This will prevent the fissures from branching out while you drive to the nearest auto shop.

Remember, however, that this fix offers a temporary solution only. You still need to get the glass repaired or replaced.

Get a windshield repair kit

If you have the handyman skills, you can purchase a windshield repair kit from an auto supply store. You will need to bore a hole (use a 1/16 drill bit) at one end of the crack so you can force the resin solution into it.

Most of the time, this is the only repair needed for small cracks. However, if the damage is significant and still visible after the fix, you may need to visit an auto shop instead. Like the other tips we gave here, this repair might only offer temporary solutions.

Apply super glue

For small cracks, you can try applying super glue to keep the cracks from worsening. The cyanoacrylate glue will hold the glass and reduce the impact of wind and temperature. Still, like nail polish, this is only a temporary fix.

Ask the help of a technician

If the cracks are large and your line of sight is affected, it’s best to visit an auto shop right away. Windshield technicians will replace the damaged glass or apply professional repairs to it. This will be more expensive than temporary fixes, but it surely improves your safety. Also, it offers a permanent solution to the cracks.

Final words

Windshield cracks may look harmless at first. But once it spreads on the glass, it will start to block your line of sight. So before it becomes worse, you should employ temporary fixes while you schedule a visit to an auto shop. Remember, though, that permanent fixes are the only solution to this problem.