How to Stop Streaking on Your Windshield

Streaks on your windshield can be annoying. Aside from being an eyesore, it will soon create a serious obstruction on the view of the road. When sunlight and traffic lights hit these streaks, it will be difficult for the driver to focus on the road. Sometimes, it produces blinding reflections, which could be dangerous.

How to clean windshield streaks

Streaks can be caused by faulty wiper blades or haphazard cleaning in the past. You have the option to perform DIY cleaning or availing professional service.

Professional streak cleaning

An auto body shop will buff your windshield to bring back its original luster. Take note that buffing will only work for mild streaks, not for deep scratches. This is why it’s crucial that you get streaks fixed before it becomes a big and expensive problem.

Sure thing, this will cost a fee. If you don’t have the immediate funds for professional cleaning, you can opt for some DIY remedies.

DIY streak cleaning

What you need:

-Microfiber cloth

-Car glass cleaner (not ammonia-based)


Step 1. Apply the cleaner

Spray the cleaner into the windshield and cover the glass generously. Start from the top and work all the way to the bottom. Let the cleaner drip at the bottom.

Make sure that you’re spraying at least a foot away from the glass. This will let you spread the product evenly on the windshield. Just spray the cleaner on the first half of the windshield since it shouldn’t dry before you can wipe it.

Step 2. Start wiping

After that, start wiping the windshield using the microfiber cloth. Don’t use any other cloth since it will create more streaks as the fibers are stiffer and thicker.

Wipe with a brisk up and down motion, with one swipe covering the entire height of your windshield. Always start at the top then and then the bottom. When you wipe over the streak, press the cloth a little to remove deep-seated dirt.

After wiping the first side, apply the cleaner on the other side and perform the same wiping motion. Use a new microfiber cloth if need be so you won’t spread the dirt you removed earlier.

Step 3. Clean the wiper area

Lift the wiper blades and wipe the area. Most of the time, these are the streak-prone spots, more so if you’ve just ditched a faulty wiper blade.

Also, some streaks could be hidden under the wiper blades, so make sure that you lift it slowly.

Step 4. Repeat the process if needed

If there are still evident streaks, repeat the cleaner application and use a clean set of microfiber cloths. Also, if you have an old wiper, it might be time to get a new one. Any exposed metal parts on it will scrape the windshield and create streaks.

Final words

Windshield streaks are annoying, but there’s a way to get rid of it. You just need some materials to fix the problem. But if the streaks are beyond your power, a windshield expert can always help.