How to Stop Your Wipers from Squeaking

So you’re driving on a rainy day when you start hearing a squeaking noise. Where is it coming from? It’s only when you turn the wipers off that you find out the problem. Squeaking wipers aren’t just annoying, the noise means that your wipers aren’t working efficiently. They might actually damage your windshield in the long run.

With the squeaking noise, you can’t relax on the road as it plays repeatedly in your ears. Even the music in your car won’t be enough to mask this unforgiving sound.

But what’s with all the squeaking? Here are the possible causes of the problem.

Poor installation

If you’ve just got your wiper installed or repaired, there’s a chance that the installation isn’t done properly. The main culprit here is when you let a store employee install the wipers right after you purchase them. Since these people aren’t auto technicians, it shouldn’t come as a surprise why your wipers are squealing like an unoiled door hinge.

Always seek the help of professional auto body shops in everything that you install on your car, including your wipers. And if the squeaking isn’t going away, drive straight to your trusted shop to have it inspected.


Sitting dirt may cause your wipers to produce annoying sounds. Dust, debris, and small twigs can get stuck on the mechanism of your wipers, and if you don’t clean it regularly, your wipers will soon give off. Always clean your window glass and wiper blade with a commercial solution to get rid of the dirt. And since you won’t see all the contaminants due to the black color of the blades, it pays to drop by an auto shop once in a while.

There’s a high chance that your wiper blades are harboring loads of debris especially if you keep driving on a dirt road. Not just that, the gravel can also damage your windshield.

Manufacturer defect

In the case of new cars, squeaking wipers are probably a manufacturing defect. This is also the case when you purchased and install new wipers on your car. Even if the installation is properly done, a substandard wiper can still produce the same bothering noise.

Contact the seller and raise your concerns. If proven to be defective, you should be given a full refund or a replacement. In case the wipers are the original set, you should reach out to the car dealer where you purchased your vehicle. You might be covered by their special insurance terms.

Worn out rubber

Wipers don’t last a lifetime. In fact, you have to change it at least once a year, or in some cases, twice annually. The rubber parts of the wiper will soon become brittle due to continuous exposure to sunlight and moisture. The squeaking sound is just one of the telltale signs that your wipers are slowly losing their efficiency. The last thing you’d want to happen is having broken wipers in the middle of a snowstorm.

Wiper blades are affordable and replacing it won’t require you to take a day off from work. Invest in a replacement as necessary.