Summer Heat and Chipped Windows: What You Need to Know

It’s the height of summer, and for one reason or another, you have a chip in your windshield. Unfortunately, you lack the funds to address it. Or maybe you don’t have time to get it repaired. Naturally, you’d be worried that it will only get worse the longer you wait. If the damage is too extensive for a conventional filler or repair kit, a quick-fix solution is out of the equation. But is there anything else you can do about it? Let’s find out.

Why Summer Is Bad For Your Car Windows 

Summertime is the season when your auto glass is most likely to break, chip, or crack. Extreme heat during daytime, combined with the sudden drop in temperatures by night, will lead car windows to crack even further since their structural integrity has already been compromised. If the cracks or chips are on the driver’s side, they can distort your view or cause glare. Both of which can impair your driving and contribute to road accidents.


How To Reduce Damage With Chipped Auto Glass

Of course, nothing beats an auto glass repair service. This is why most people with cracked windows won’t even dare to attempt a DIY approach and are willing to wait until they can have it fixed. Thankfully, there are some tricks you can do to prevent chipped windows from getting worse in the summer.


Tip #1: Apply nail polish on chipped areas

It may sound like a strange way to minimize damage. But coating the chipped areas in several layers of clear nail polish will seal and protect your windshield. Dust and debris can actually make things worse by slowly wearing away at the damaged parts. Keeping them sealed ensures that they don’t worsen while waiting for professional help. What’s more, acrylic nail polish is easily removed with acetone. Acetone is completely harmless to auto glass and can be used just before you take your car to a repair shop.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to tell the repair crew about your use of nail polish. This is so they can take the appropriate measures and ensure that there are no remnants on your window before they patch it up.


Tip #2: Ditch the reflective shade

Reflective shades are designed to keep your car cool if you’re parking it outside in broad daylight. However, these can be detrimental to chipped and cracked windows. Even though they prevent heat from reaching into the car’s interior, the same heat tends to collect in the windshield. The collective heat will cause the glass to expand and for cracks to spread.

Pro tip: If you want to keep your vehicle cool without risking further windshield damage, you should park it in the shade away from direct sunlight.


Tip #3: Slowly cool down your vehicle

Wanting your car to stay cool during the summer is only natural. But if its windows have chips or cracks, sudden shifts in temperatures may cause the glass to contract. Cracks can worsen and might even shatter your windshield.

Pro tip: No matter how hot it is, you shouldn’t crank up the AC on full blast. Instead, let the air conditioning slowly cool your vehicle by gradually bringing down the temperature setting.