Take The Car To The Shop Or Have Mobile Windshield Replacement?

If you’re planning to get your windshield replaced, you may be wondering which is better. Should you take your car to the shop or request for a mobile windshield replacement? Before you decide, there are a few things you need to consider. These include convenience, completion time, safety, the weather, and the driving conditions.

1. Convenience

Most people have difficulty finding the time to bring their car in for repairs. It’s not that they don’t realize it’s important. They do, and they know that the windshield has to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, things are easier said than done. Between work and responsibilities, they simply don’t have the time to do it. If this holds true for you, then it would be better to schedule an appointment for a mobile windshield replacement. The auto glass specialists will bring the tools at your preferred location, whether it’s your home or office, and perform the windshield replacement on-site.

2. Completion time

The time it takes to replace a windshield is going to be the same in-shop and on-site. How long it lasts will depend on the size of your vehicle, though it usually takes an hour.

Once the windshield is replaced, you need additional waiting time for the urethane to set and cure. It takes a total of about 2 to 4 hours for a full windshield replacement. If you want to save time, we recommend scheduling an appointment with A+ Plus Auto Glass in advance. You can also request an estimate on how long the service will last.

3. Weather and driving conditions

There’s a proper place and time for everything – and that includes windshield replacement. Factors such as temperature, humidity, and wind can affect the process and either speed things up or slow them down.

Outdoor temperatures that are too hot or cold can reduce the adhesive quality of the new windshield. They might prevent the glass from sticking properly, which can pose a safety risk later on. Snow and rain are also not ideal since windshields must be installed on a clean and dry frame. If it’s too windy outside, dust and debris can interfere with the sealant.

If the conditions are not right, an auto glass specialist may require you to bring your car in for windshield replacement. That way, they can perform it safely indoors, away from the elements.

4. Safety

Driving around with a broken windshield is a safety hazard, no matter how small the damage appears to be. That is why you should quickly get it replaced. If you are located near an auto glass specialist, you can take your car in and have it repaired immediately. But if there is no one near your location, you can book a mobile windshield replacement instead.

Choose whichever option allows you to restore the vehicle’s pre-damage condition at the soonest time possible. It really doesn’t matter if you’re going to opt for an in-shop or on-site replacement. What matters is that it gets done quickly and efficiently.