Tell Weather to Hit the Road: Hydrophobic Glass 101

A heavy downpour can easily impede your visibility on the road. Sometimes, even your wipers can’t keep up with the intensity of the rainfall. This will cause poor visibility and an increased risk of accidents. Due to this problem, auto glass manufacturers came up with a solution: hydrophobic glass.

This is a relatively new technology that’s taking car owners by storm. Besides, who wouldn’t want excellent visibility despite intense snowfall and rain? Hydrophobic glass is an attractive solution to prevent various hazards on the road.

Before you put your money on this glass type, here are some of the things you need to know:

  • It’s not permanent. The hydrophobic coating will not last forever, much like how film tinting will soon lose its bond to the glass. Depending on mileage and outdoor element exposure, you’ll need to have the hydrophobic coating re-applied.
  • It’s best applied on new glass. A hydrophobic coating will provide the best results if applied to new glass. This means it’s best to avail of this coating when replacing your windshield or when you bought a new car. Placing the coating on the worn-out auto glass will not produce topnotch visibility.
  • It works across weathers. Hydrophobic glass isn’t just useful during inclement weather; it also helps even during sunny days. It repels outdoor elements like debris, dirt, and dust to keep your windshield clean. This means you have to use your wipers less.
  • It must be applied by a professional. Store-bought hydrophobic sprays work to some extent, but it’s not as effective as the professionally installed hydrophobic coating. A car detailer ensured that the coating is applied accurately so that it will last for years.

How to make hydrophobic glass last longer

Hydrophobic glass coatings will soon experience wear and tear. But to increase its lifespan, you can do the following:

  • Always clean your windshield. Even though hydrophobic glass repels dirt and debris, you still need to clean your windshield. This is to remove deep-seated dirt that could sabotage the function of the hydrophobic coating.
  • Maintain your wipers. It’s important to visit a car detailer to get your wiper fluids checked. You also need to change your wiper blades once every quarter, depending on how worn out it gets.
  • Choose a shaded parking space. Reducing the hydrophobic glass’ exposure to intense heat will help stretch its lifespan. A shaded parking space will also reduce the damage to your wipers.
  • Fix small damages right away. If your windshield sustains cracks and dings, it’s best to have it repaired right away. This will prevent it from spreading all over the glass. When that happens, you’ll have to replace the glass and pay for another hydrophobic coating.


Hydrophobic glass is just one of the many methods to stay safe on the road. It will boost your visibility even in the middle of torrential rain. Still, this glass requires proper installation and maintenance to serve its purpose. Most of all, you should only trust professional car detailers in installing the hydrophobic coating for the best results.