The Most Common Window Damage Repair Mistakes

Although intended to be a fix, window damage repair can be the cause of more problems if done improperly.

Fixing cracks, leaks, and chips in your car windows isn’t like patching a hole in the wall. It’s an intricate job that requires skill and careful planning. Some drivers try to use kits that they purchase at the store to fix their windows. But this only makes the problem worse and more expensive to repair. Professional auto repair services are guaranteed to know the right way of dealing with window damage.

Don’t make the problem worse. Learn from these most common car window repair mistakes to make sure you and your car windows remain safe.


Waiting until the damage becomes extremely bad

A lot of drivers will ignore window damage and wait until it gets very bad before seeking repairs. Drivers think that they are saving money by delaying the repair service, only to be surprised with a hefty bill afterward.

Aside from actually making the problem much, much worse, driving with a damaged window is also dangerous. The broken glass might cut the passengers and cause accidents. The window and windshield might also cave in after months of neglecting the damages. That spells trouble if you’re on the road.


Using DIY solutions

DIY solutions can work well if you use them to contain the damage on your way to a professional auto service. But if you use them with the intention of avoiding professional repairs, you will probably only increase the damage. The wrong tools and lack of skill are guaranteed ways to shatter a window or windshield. DIY methods will only work for a limited period. A simple rock chip can fissure if you don’t have the right expertise.


Putting to much trust in online video guides

YouTube videos and other DIY tutorials will make you feel like an expert until the job is done and you are looking at the result. More often, the sources of these videos are experts at window damage repair—that’s why they make it look so easy. They have a steady hand and enough skills – all of which aren’t discussed and encapsulated in the videos. There is a chance that you will not get every step right. Not to mention the unexpected outcome, you might only worsen the damage.


Not checking your auto insurance policy

If your vehicle is covered by an insurance policy, check if it will cover any damage after you’ve tried fixing it yourself. You might be doomed if not. Whenever your car sustains damages, the first thing to do is to refer on the policy guidelines and procedure. It will save you money and it will keep you safe on the road. Besides, driving with a damaged window or windshield is illegal in some states.


The next time you have a damaged car window, seek professional help. Get in touch with a member of the A Plus Auto Glass team on (623) 218-6844.