The Thing You Need to Know about Safety Glass Standard

Safety glass standards govern the installation of auto glass materials. This is to guarantee that the material is safe and suitable for the vehicle’s make and model. Therefore, we deem it crucial for car owners to know more about these standards for optimal auto glass services.

What are the safety glass standards?

The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) is the metrics windshield professionals adhere to. It’s created by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) in an effort to improve the safety of vehicles on the road.

These standards govern the proper processes of replacing windshields. Carmakers, manufacturers, and auto glass retailers consider these standards paramount.

Moreover, these standards go hand-in-hand with ANSI guidelines compliance. It leads auto glass retailers to observe the best standards by providing them with prescribed procedures and steps.

Under the AGRSS, there are six areas in the auto glass installation process:

  • Assessment of the vehicle
  • Selection of the glass material
  • Installation of the adhesive-bonded glass
  • Installation of other necessary parts
  • Education for auto glass technicians
  • Consumer interaction

Purpose of safety glass standards

Aside from upholding the highest quality in auto glass replacements, the said standards are also intended to promote the following:

Increased safety

The AGRSS intends to inform technicians and car owners alike of the glass installation hazards. In conjunction with this, car owners will know the value of the professional installation. It also ensures that all technicians follow the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety requirements.

Improving technician performance

The AGRSS also aims to boost the practices and performance of every auto glass technician. It holds practitioners accountable for any defects or non-compliance to the standards. Above all, these standards help retain professionalism within the industry.

Sharing knowledge suppliers

Standard compliance isn’t just exclusive to practitioners. The AGRSS also aims to involve suppliers and parts manufacturers. Through this, proper installation will be paired with high-quality raw materials.

Streamline standards

The AGRSS serves as the central body for auto glass standards across car companies. Whatever make or model your car is, it should be compliant with the safety glass standards.

Trust only AGSC accredited technicians!

When it comes to auto glass replacements, you should only trust AGSC accredited technicians. These professionals have passed the certification test of the governing body. It guarantees that the repairs and replacements will be done within the set standards.

For technicians to receive AGSC accreditation, they must undergo rigorous training. They also need to pass the final exam aside from continuing education to retain the certificate.

Aside from proper auto glass installation, AGSC-accredited technicians have in-depth knowledge of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). It’s a crucial skill, especially for modern vehicles with intricate safety systems.


Safety glass standards are put in place to protect car owners. It also holds auto glass professionals accountable for improving their practices. As a vehicle owner, knowing more about the AGRSS will protect you from scams as well as potential road accidents. It will also help you choose an auto glass technician you can trust.