Things to Install in Your Car to Prevent Theft

In 5 Tips to Prevent Your Car from Getting Stolen, I shared practical tips to protect your car. For this post, I will specifically discuss things that you can install to prevent car and black car with blue ball on top

Depending on your budget, there are several options you can choose. For instance, you can opt to install alarm system, you can also choose to immobilize the steering wheel, or install a GPS tracker.

Get an alarm system.

One thing you can install in your vehicle is to get an alarm system. It will NOT just create a loud noise once someone tries to break into your car, but it will ward off criminals because of the blinking lights. More on: All You Need to Know About Car Alarms

Pro Tip:

Place an alarm sticker that will warn car thieves that your vehicle is protected. Having this on your windows, they will surely think twice before carjacking your vehicle. Be sure the sticker is visible and noticeable for everyone to see. You may put it on your windows or your windshield.

Choose your alarm.

There are several car alarms to choose from depending on how much you would want to spend.  Here are your choices:

  • Passive car alarms are always active when your car is locked. Unless you use the proper key for your car, the alarm is always on. The downside to a passive alarm is that you can’t choose what features to activate.
  • Meanwhile, for active car alarms, you have the option to choose. You can customize the active car alarm, and turn other features off, changing the settings to your preference.

Pro Tip:

Also, you need to choose on whether you prefer a silent or audible alarm. Silent alarms will only inform the vehicle owner of a potential break-in, but an audible alarm will make noise so that everyone near it will know that someone is trying to break-in.

Install a GPS tracker.

Another system you can install in your vehicle is a GPS tracking service. This high-tech device can even notify the law enforcement offices if ever a vehicle is stolen. The authorities can use the GPS data and retrieve the vehicle from its current location. Yes, having a third-party GPS tracker will cost you money, but it will surely a helpful tool in retrieving your car quickly.

Browse the different GPS tracking services. First, you have to shop around because, for sure, there are a lot of options on what GPS tracker to use. Be sure to choose one that suits your own needs.

You can choose a tracking service that enables you to integrate the tracker to your phone through an app. This way, you can always keep tabs on the location of your vehicle.

Pro Tip:

In cars, nowadays, it common to have a GPS tracking device pre-installed. So, better check if the car you own already has an existing GPS tracker. This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

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