Tips in Choosing an Alarm for Your Car (Part 2)

In Tips in Choosing an Alarm for Your Car (Part 1), I started the discussion on car alarm tips. Now, for this post, I will share more tips for you in order to select the best car alarm that suits your needs.

Customize your alarm options

After choosing between a one-way or a two-way alarm, you can customize the alarm to what you want. What do you want installed on your alarm system? Remember, these extra features will not be free. Adding more options will mean higher costs.

Do you want to have a remote start function? 

If you wish to have an alarm with remote starter feature, this will be more expensive than the average alarm.

Pro Tip: Before you buy an alarm, decide whether you will want a remote start. You will save more if you combine installing an alarm and having a remote start. Buying each separately will cost you even more!

Do you want power door locks?

You might think that an alarm system comes with a power door locks on the remote. The truth is that you can have an alarm without the power to unlock and lock doors.

If you opt out from this, you will not be able to lock or unlock the car doors through the use of the alarm remote.

Do you want to add an option to open the trunk? 

If you want more than just opening your doors, you can choose to open the trunk with the alarm remote. You can add a power trunk feature together with with the alarm system installation.

Do you want a proximity sensor installed?

A proximity sensor will warn people if they go near your vehicle. If someone comes too close, then, a chirp will alert. This sound is different from the blaring alarm sound. Also, this chirp will also warn you about any obstacles found on the front and rear of your vehicle.

Do you want to install an impact sensor?

An impact sensor will trigger an alarm if your vehicle is hit by something or someone. If the alarm is active, there will be a warning sound to alarm sound to frighten any carjackers lurking around.

Pro Tip: Just to let you know that impact sensors can too sensitive. It may be triggered by a mere gust of the wind or even by the frequencies from the stereo. Please do your own research if you are considering installing an impact sensor in your car.

Pick a dependable brand of alarm system

You can choose from the popular brands out there.

Choose a reputable brand that is chosen by many. This ensures that you are getting an alarm system that is recognized and trusted.

Select an alarm system that you can easily take to a service center.

It is not only the popularity that matters. In fact, you also need to choose an alarm system that can easily be replaced. You have to make sure that there are available replacement parts near you.

Even though these things barely malfunction,  it is still best to consider the service centers in case there will be a glitch or in case you need to repair the remote. Find out the local dealers in your area.

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