Tips When Driving During a Rainy Weather (Part 2)

In Tips When Driving During a Rainy Weather (Part 1), I shared some driving tips like maintaining the cleanliness of your car windows, keeping a safe following distance, and driving slowly under heavy rainfall.

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Today, I have more tips to share so here they are:

Do not drive too fast

Drive slow to give your tires to spread the water on the pavement. When you drive fast, your tires will not be able to take a grip on the road. Driving slowly allows you to stay away from hydroplaning.

Utilize your headlights

This is a law in a lot of states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They require the headlines to be on along with your windshield wipers even if it is only 1:00 in the afternoon. This will assist the motorists to see the road better. It likewise aids the other drivers see your vehicle. Although running lights during the day does not at all help during rainy days. The motorists at your back has to see you. So, do not forget, headlights and wipers on!

Turn your cruise control off

This is sometimes called speed control or tempomat, or autocruise. It is a system that controls the speed of a vehicle that the driver has set. If you do not turn off the cruise control vehicle will speed up when you get to a puddle or you can start a hydroplane. This can be hazardous.

When you start a hydroplane, be calm and avoid abrupt movement

Do not jolt your steering wheel, smash your brakes or speed up. Rather than doing those, let the gas off and direct the car straight if not bring it to where the skid is. Do this up to the point where you think you have restored your contact with the pavement.

Stay away from flooded roads

If you see a huge puddle never drive through it. It might be very deep and you might get stuck or worst it might destroy your vehicle.

Never drive in moving water

When you see water is crossing the pavement, do not drive into it, turn around right away. It probably isn’t a heavy current but it might just bring you off the road.

Be ready for the wind

When there is heavy wind, you might just experience your car move after a wind blow. Calm down and just hold your steering wheel steadily. Make adjustments to remain in your lane. Make sure you watch the bigger vehicles like buses and big trucks. They are more vulnerable to high strong winds because they are bigger.

Be aware of the debris on the road

This means objects like trees or branches even live wires can be hazardous.

Make sure you see and you are seen

If visibility is hard due to the heavy rain pour, pull over when it is safe for you and stay as far from the road. Other cars might not be able to see you. And stay there and wait for the rain to stop.


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