Tips in Choosing a Car Seat for Your Child

One of the main things that you will buy for your child is a car seat. Let’s say, from the moment you take your infant home from the hospital until she will be able to fit into a regular adult seat, she’ll be needing her own car seat.

black and gray car seat

Buying the expensive one does not mean you will get the best car seat. There are also mid-priced or cheaper models that work almost the same or even better than the expensive ones. No matter what the price is, the car seat will still depend on the type and kind of car you have. With this being said, it is very important to plan and think beforehand.

In this article, you will know the things we should consider in buying a car seat for your infant child.

Know your options and choose the right model

Your infant child will go through a transition that you will be needing to keep up with it and change your car seat to another as well. Here are the different types to help you land in on the right one for you.

  • Infant car seat

    • It is designed for infants, who are newborn until they are at least 2 years old. The seat should be rear-facing, and the base should be fixed on the car seat. Additionally, the baby carrier is the only removable feature of the seat.
    • Ideally, infants, around 4 to 40 lbs, should fit well. Most kids, who aren’t that tall, can still utilize their infant seats.
  • Convertible seat

    • Once your child outgrows the infant car seat, the next option is the convertible one. You can buy it no later than your child hits his/her first birthday. Again, this depends on your child’s height.
  • Booster seat

    • This kind of car seat can only be used for kids in a forward-facing position and for those who already outgrow the weight and height limit of the forward-facing seat’s harness.
    • The booster car seat can have its own set of buckles or it can use the seat belt found in your car. Your child’s height will dictate that most comfortable strap. Also, you can bring your child when buying one so he/she can try out the seat.
  • All-in-one car seat

    • This kind of seat is almost the same as a convertible car seat, but they can work as a booster seat as well.
      • Advantages of getting an all-in-one seat:
        • Provides immense value by bringing your child from birth to booster seat until he or she is old enough to only use the car’s seat belt.
        • It can be a good back up seat for a caretaker who brings a child often.
        • Since it is a 3-in-1 seat, getting this can be a huge money-saver.

Know your child, know the stores, and know your car.

Knowing your child’s weight and height will help you determine the kind of car seat you will be buying and where you can purchase this kind best.  As for your car, it will be best to check your car’s manual about the child-safety section. Aside from a car seat, the windshield serves a protection for your car in case of any accidents. If you want your windshield to be repaired, visit A + Plus Auto Glass  at 13148 W. Foxfire Drive #120 Surprise, Arizona. Call A + Plus Auto Glass at (623) 218-6844 to get free repair estimates!