Tips in Choosing an Alarm for Your Car (Part 1)

Generally, when you install a car alarm system, this is all connected to the door locks. When you lock the car doors with the alarm remote, the alarm is NOW active. If anyone tries to open any of your doors, a loud sound will start will reverberate from the car. The audible noise will ONLY halt if you unlock the car with the alarm remote. Here are a few ways to choose a car alarm:

Will you get a one-way or a two-way alarm?

A one-way system will only send unilateral prompts from the alarm remote to the vehicle. Meanwhile, a two-way system, as the name suggests, is a two-sided communication between the vehicle and the remote.

Usually, the two-way systems come with a variety of settings. In fact, some remotes have an LCD screen that will show your car’s status. Aside from the sounds and tones it has, the remote will display if a certain command was received by the alarm system. For the more expensive alarms, you can even receive notifications straight to your phone.

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  • What are you trying to achieve? Know the purpose behind purchasing an alarm system.
  • If you simply want an additional layer of protection, then, a one-way alarm will give you just that. It will give an extra security if in any case someone will try to steal your vehicle.
  • However, if you notice a high number of auto thefts in your area, a two-way system will be able to notify you about your car’s status.
  • Test the range of your alarm system.
  • You have to consider that alarm systems will only work properly in a close range. Since an alarm operates on radio frequency, there will be inconsistencies especially over long distances.
  • For instance, if you live in an apartment building and your car is on the basement parking lot, you will not be able to reach your car using the remote. If you have a garage beside your house, then, communication with your car will be easy. So, be sure to check the range of the alarm system before buying one.
  • Pro tip: High-end car alarms can reach up to a distance of 3 miles from the remote. Though there will still an interference, a 3-mile range is pretty far.
  • Do you want an extra layer of protection? Are there specific items you want to protect?
  • In a situation where you leave important items – laptop, phone, and other work peripherals – in your car, you are in a high-risk situation. There will be a greater chance of car theft and/or burglary.
  • A more sophisticated alarm will put your mind at ease. You might want to invest in a two-way alarm system to ensure the safety of your vehicle and the items stored in it.
  • Do you want to receive notifications on your mobile phone?
  • If you wish to receive notifications on your phone, then, a two-way alarm is best for you. Even if you are out of town, you can still check on your car. You can send commands from your mobile phone even if you are in a different country.
  • Remember, two-way alarm with mobile phone monitoring capabilities will have more expensive fees.

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