Tips in Lessening the Chances of Your Car Breaking Down in Cold Weather (Part 2)

Last time, I posted about the Tips in Lessening the Chances of Your Car Breaking Down in Cold Weather (Part 1). However, I still have more tips to share with you. So, let’s get going and discuss some important tips to avoid car breakdowns during winter.

  1. Coolant

Even though the coolant is part of a sealed system and it should not be topped up, you should still check it before you start driving. You don’t want the engine to overheat or, in this case, you don’t want it to be frozen solid!

To know the coolant levels, always refer to the owner’s manual. Check the instructions regarding the correct coolant to use and follow it carefully.

  1. Electrical Components

Next, you should check the electrical components of your car. The lights are necessary for you to see and to be seen when travelling.

Remember, you need to see where you’re going. However, it is equally important for the other drivers to see you. Inspect every corner of your car and see if all the lights are functioning well. Moreover, make sure they are free from any dirt and snow.

This is particularly true during winter so take time to clean them.lighted candy cane and surrounded by snow

Aside from the lights, check the battery terminals, and clean the wires. Make sure the connectivity is tight and secure.

If your car is having a hard time to start, have it checked. While you are at a professional auto shop, get the battery tested. Ask them to drain on the battery to give you an idea on the overall health of the battery.

Additionally, if the batteries are more than 3 years already, you might want to consider replacing it already.

  1. Windshield washer fluid

Finally, you should check the screen wash level. There are many windshield washer fluid brands available in the market today.

Whatever you decide, make sure it is still effective when the temperature drops to -15 degrees Celsius. It may not be obvious because everything is white during winter, but there is more dirt  on the roads during this time.

Muck and salt can accumulate on your windshield so you will need an effective screen wash solution. Choose a windshield washer fluid that works even at very low temperatures.

What else to consider?

Your auto glass is an important component during the winter months. Keep it clean and have it repaired if necessary. A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS takes pride in the quality of work, and A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS has been serving the folks in Phoenix, Arizona for 25 years now. To schedule an auto glass repair, please call 623-218-6844 !

Always prepare for a breakdown!

Accident can always happen so it’s is a good idea to be prepared for a possible breakdown. In the trunk of your car, store some spare clean clothes to keep you warm. Keep a box with some basic tools and emergency lights. Consider stocking up on food also such as supplemental bars containing cereals, and energy foods. Don’t forget to pack a warm drink to keep you hydrated!