Tips in Maintaining the Right Posture When Driving (Part 1)

Following the correct driving posture is extremely essential not just for your personal health, but also for the safety purposes. Even if you are just driving for a few minutes, the right posture can guarantee that you can evade such accidents. With the proper posture and quick reflexes, you can ensure that everyone in the car is safe. So, how should you position yourself? Is there a recommended way to sit in the car?

Attain the Correct Driving Posture

Below, I have listed some tips that you can easily follow to have the ideal driving posture when driving.

Finding the right height

  • First, you need to sit right. Sitting properly is imperative for your posture. The best scenario is for your eyes to be around 10cm above the top of the wheel. By being above the steering wheel, you can clearly see the road ahead of you. If you need a little boost, you can get one seat cushion. Just be careful on not to get too raised up.
  • The thing is… if your eyes are too far from steering wheel, you cannot easily check the dashboard for indicators like speedometer, gas tank, and other devices important for driving.

Try to lean back

  • Sitting straight for minutes can even make you uneasy so the solution here is lean back a bit. Doing a 90 degree angle can be troublesome and awkward. Instead,  sit back and loosen up. Find the right angle for you between 100 to 110. Be careful on leaning too much because this trigger neck pain.

Achieve the right knee position

  • For your knees, you have to position in such a manner that it is same level as your hips. If you want it to be higher, the knees should be around 30 degrees higher. Anything higher than that is not okay.
  • You should also make sure that your position allows you to quickly press the pedals. You should not wear high heels as it hamper with the way you press the brakes or accelerator.
  • Your heels should be flat on the floor and the soles of your feet can comfortably access the pedals. If you need help to reach the pedals below, you can even adjust the car seat closer if necessary.woman holding steering wheel in car

Maintain a good distance

Yes, I told you to move the seat closer if you need help reaching the pedals, but there should be a safe distance between you and the steering wheel. The recommended gap should be at least 30 cm. Moreover, your arms should be able to make a 120 angle. Anything lesser than that means the space is too tight.

The knees and the car seat should maintain some distance too.

Avoid that the back of your knees will touch the car seat because this can impede the proper blood circulation of your body. It is best that the back of knees will have a little space. Try adding a two-finger interval in between.

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