Tips in Maintaining the Right Posture When Driving (Part 2)

In Tips in Maintaining the Right Posture When Driving (Part 1), I have discussed 5 tips for you attain proper posture while driving. Today, I would to share a few more tips to follow.

Get a headrest

Did you know that a headrest can help in avoiding a possible whiplash? Be sure that your head can comfortably rest, and it positioned right in the center. Moreover, make sure your head is not too forward.

Do not adjust to the mirror’s position

For most people, they adjust to the mirror. Instead, you should fix the mirror to adjust to your position. As discussed in part 1, I told you to sit properly. Then, you adjust the mirror to your position. You should be able to see the traffic from using the mirror without moving your head too much.

Adjust the lumbar supportperson in black jacket and black pants driving car

Nowadays, most cars provide lumbar support for the arch on your back. Adjust this to your liking, or you can also buy additional cushions for back support.

Consider taking breaks after a long drive

Driving is like working long hours at the office. If you sit for long period, your back will hurt. Just like having coffee breaks at work, do the same when driving. You may want to pause for a while at a nearby rest stop. Perhaps, you want to grab some snacks at the next gas station. At best, you should take a break  every 30 mins.

If you drive for an hour or so, you will start to feel body aches. You may start to notice that your body is feeling stiff. Short breaks are necessary for you to be at ease and unrestrained.

More tips to help you improve your posture

It is important to feel comfortable while you are driving. Thus, it is essential to do the following:

  • First, you should get a car that fits you. Don’t buy something because it looks good or it is a popular model. For instance, if you are someone tall, getting a beetle might not be a good idea. A Volkswagen Beetle might be too small for someone lanky.
  • Test it out before buying. Be sure that you are in a comfortable sitting position, and there is enough leg room for you.
  • Staying at the same sitting position will make you uncomfortable. You might want to change positions once in a while.
  • The same applies to your hands. You need to use both hands while driving, and your hands will be numbed after staying at the same place. So, move your hands around the steering wheel, and change positions at regular intervals.

To sum up…

The important takeaway from this topic is that when you are following the proper posture, you are able to improve your skills. You have a better chance of avoiding road accidents if you are seated properly.

If these tips will be ignored, it can have detrimental effects for everyone’s health and safety. Let’s strive to gradually apply these tips in our daily driving routine. Let’s not take our health for granted more than anything else.