Tips to Take Care of Your Car Windows

The exterior of your car takes the beating of daily drives, especially your windows. It shields you from winds, projectiles, and other elements that could be harmful in high-speed travel. Your windows will soon experience wear and tear. If not maintained, it may lead to irreparable scratches that will require a replacement.

Your car windows need enough care and attention, just like any part of the car. Here are some of the easy tips you can do to keep your car windows in good condition.

Maintain your wiper blades

Your windshield wipers will sustain damages and the rubber fittings will soon fall off. Make sure that you have this repaired or replaced. Letting the blades scrape on the glass will result in deep scratches that can be impossible to buff. Always check the screws and parts of the wiper to ensure that it’s in good condition.

Clean the windows regularly

Cleaning is a basic part of car maintenance. You should wipe your windows clean with mild soap and clean water. Always clean bird droppings and other chemicals that get into your window to prevent staining. For intensive cleaning, you can use special window glass cleaners that can wipe clean even the most deep-seated grime.

Repair chips as it occurs

Whenever chips and dings occur on your car windows, make sure that you have it repaired right away. These tiny fissures will branch into larger cracks. Soon enough, it will become irreparable and buffing alone won’t fix the problem.

Driving with a cracked window will only aggravate the problem.

Don’t tail too closely

When driving on a rocky or sandy road, avoid tailing too closely on the traffic in front of you. The tires of the other vehicles will send pebbles into the air. If you drive too closely, these stones will strike your windshield and windows. If possible, maintain a good distance to prevent the nicks and dings that may occur on your car.

Don’t slam doors

Slamming your car door sends strong vibrations on the car window. The sides of the windshields will also go off track if you habitually do this. If your windows already have chips and cracks, it will become larger over time as you slam the door.

Avoid parking on direct sunlight

If possible, don’t park under intense sunlight. Seek shade or a parking lot to shield your car from the high temperature. The UV rays and intense heat will all take its toll on your car’s glass parts.

Also, little chips will become worse if it’s exposed to heat.

Never use ammonia-based cleaners

Take note that ammonia-based cleaners should only be used on glass windows on your home. When it comes to car windows, the ammonia will damage the tint of the glass. Instead, use a moist microfiber towel to give your car windows a good wipe.

Final words

Your car’s windows play a vital role in your vehicle’s performance. Make sure that you keep it clean and in good condition. Regular checks with an auto expert are also advisable.