Tips and Tricks for Fixing Electric Windows

Electric or power windows have been a trend in modern cars. It gives the driver full control over the rear and side windows of the vehicle. However, when it gets stuck, it could be challenging to fix. But fret not because, for this post, we will give some practical tips on how to deal with a malfunctioning electric car window.

Fix #1. Check the gaskets

All car windows, regardless of whether they are electric or not, have gaskets and seals that prevent the outside noise and rain from entering your car. However, when any of the gaskets or seals become loose or out of place, it may hamper the movement of the window.

You’d need to disassemble some parts of your car window to access this. Some minor gasket problems can be fixed on your own. However, if you’re not confident of the results, it’s best to get the help of a mechanic or car technician.

Fix #2. Assist with a little force

Whenever your electric window gets stuck, you can try to help it by using upward pressure in the glass. While doing this, try turning the switch on and see if the glass will yield.

However, if the problem is freely or loose-moving window, you can use a credit card or any folded carton to keep the window up. This is a temporary fix during inclement weather.

Fix #3. Perform an electrical diagnosis

If your window isn’t moving or producing any sound when activated, the problem may be on the electrical aspect. A wire could be disconnected, leading to the total loss of function of the window.

For this, you need to disassemble some parts to access the window motor. Here, look for a blown fuse or any broken wires that are causing the problem. Try linking it back and see if the engine will work properly.

Fix #4. Check if the motor is broke

If the wires and fuse are intact, the motor may be the cause of the problem. To confirm this, conduct an electrical input check on two of the largest wires connected to the motor. Use a multimeter for accurate readings.

If the motor isn’t producing ample electrical input, it’s possible that you need to have it replaced. You’ll need the help of a mechanic or technician for this part.

Common causes of electric car window problems

Since this type of windows is powered with electricity, it’s more prone to glitches from time to time. Some of the common causes are the following:

*Overheating motors

This issue is one of the most prevalent when it comes to electric windows. Usually, the motor will work properly once it cools down.

*Cables come apart

Due to regular wear and tear, the cables of the electric window will break off. This will need an immediate replacement for your windows to function.

Wrapping up

Electric car windows are the new trend. But when it experiences glitches, you should know some troubleshooting steps to make it work, at least until you arrive in the nearest auto shop.