The Tools Experts Use to Fix Your Windshield: Mechanics, Professionals and the Right Tool for the Job

It’s the middle of winter, and you’re driving home from work. You take a left turn too fast on an icy road, and your car slides into a tree. The windshield cracks in three places! It is time to call for help – but who? When you need auto glass repair professionals, it can be difficult to know what they will use to fix your windshield. This blog post will help answer that question by discussing the tools experts will use when performing this task!

Auto Glass Cut-Out Tool

The first tool is the auto glass cut-out tool. This tool is used to remove the existing windshield from the car. It has a small blade that cuts through the adhesive and allows the technician to remove the windshield easily.

Adhesive Remover

The next tool is an adhesive remover. This is a liquid or gel that is applied to the windshield after it has been cut out. The adhesive remover loosens the remaining adhesive on the vehicle so that there is more room for error when removing and replacing it with a new one.

Wedge Puller

The wedge puller is used for tightening or loosening screws or bolts during installation of your glass replacement. It’s basically a small metal wedge with an L-shaped handle.

Bolt Cutter

You want your car to be as safe as possible, don’t you? Well, safety always comes first when it comes to vehicle glass replacement. This is why the bolt cutter is used by experts during this process. The bolt cutter cuts existing bolts and nuts that are holding the windshield in place, so that it can easily be removed.

Pneumatic Gun

Once the old windshield is out, the new one needs to be installed. This is where the pneumatic gun comes in. It’s a tool that uses compressed air to install or remove parts quickly and efficiently. In this case, it is used to install the new windshield in your car.

Sealant and Caulk Gun

The sealant and caulk gun is used to apply a sealant around the edge of the windshield. This helps keep it in place and prevents water from getting inside your car.

Safety Glasses

Last, but certainly not least, safety glasses are always worn by the experts when completing this task. They prevent injury to your eyes and protect them against any harmful substances during replacement.

Now you know what tools are used for windshield repair! If you find yourself in need of such a service, be sure to ask an expert about these tools before they begin their work. Knowing how it’s done can help you to explain the process in detail, or even find a new auto glass repair technician if your current one leaves something to be desired.

Thanks for reading this blog! I hope that it has helped answer any questions about tools used during windshield replacement. Check back soon for more posts like this one!