What Are the Top 10 Causes of Vehicle Fires? (Part 1)

Car fires don’t just start randomly! In 5 Safety Tips to Remember During a Car Fire, I taught you how to be safe in case of a vehicle fire. This time around, I will focus on the different factors that contribute to vehicle fires.

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As I have mentioned earlier, fires don’t just ignite. In fact, it is a combination of human errors and mechanical errors. Several factors come into play and create a life-threatening scenario. Knowing the different factors will help avoid a deadly situation. So, let’s get to it right away!

Design Flaws

  • First, there is what you call a design flaw in a vehicle. This won’t start a fire by itself, but it can hasten car fires. Moreover, design flaws can make certain conditions possible, making car fire unavoidable.
  • Generally, car manufacturers can detect these dangerous situations early on. You would know about a automobile manufacturer issuing a recall because no one wants to be known for roasting their customers.
  • For most car fires, a design flaw is one of the leading causes. Just to clarify though, not every design flaw will start a vehicle fire. There are some instances where auto manufacturers would recall certain vehicles because of fire hazard. In 2019, Hyundai and Kia recalled more than 150,000 vehicles because of engine fires.

Car Crash

  • Depending on where the affected area is, a car crash can start a fire. Your vehicle has a body frame that can withstand crashes and heavy blows. However, there are risky areas such as the car engine, the car battery and the gas tank.
  • For one, these areas flammable. They are also sensitive to heat and smoke. A drastic increase in temperature can set a vehicle ablaze. When  flammable fluids are spilled, it will greatly expedite vehicle fires.
  • Since the passengers are inside the vehicle, it may be difficult to spot an emerging problem. However, when you notice fire and smoke, immediately leave the vehicle. Get away from the car as far as you can.
  • In case it will explode, flying car parts won’t injure you. Keep a safe distance and do not attempt to put out the fire. Instead, call 911 immediately. Read: 5 Safety Tips to Remember During a Car Fire.

Poor Maintenance

  • Humans can’t be listed as a factor because we can’t conjure fires with our own hands. However, if a human being is lazy and/or following mediocre maintenance practices, then it would be a serious problem. This would make your vehicle more dangerous, and more prone to car fires.
  • Neglecting to properly care for your car will eventually lead to an explosive scenario. Faulty wiring and leaks can cause a fire. Remember, the chemicals in your car all flammable. If you don’t seal containers properly, hazardous fluids would leak and start a fire.
  • Frayed wiring can also spark and combine with the fluids. These two things will be a deadly combination for you! So, seal everything tightly and regularly check for leaks!

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