The Toxic Car Syndrome

Whether you use your car for quick errands or you regularly use for work, you rely on your car bring you from one place to another. You depend on it to reach your destination without a scratch. Hence, you take care of your car by doing Preventive Vehicle MaintenanceLearning Basic Car Problems, and so on.

The car seems to be in pristine condition, but you seem to be forgetting safety precaution. Remember, your car carries people, pets, groceries, and other supplies. With all these things and people coming in and out of your car, how are you sure it is free from germs. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we should not ignore our cars. Let’s all keep it free from bacteria, making you and your family at risk of different illnesses.

Your Car Is Making YOU Sick!person driving car on road during daytime

  • At home, we often clean the counters, wipe the doorknobs, and vacuum the floor. We always keep our homes clean, but are we doing the same our cars? Snacks and drinks spilled, and you forget to thoroughly clean them. You get the point. So many things happening in your car, and cleaning seems to be last on the priority list.
  • Honestly, when was the last time you clean the door handles, steering wheel, and stick shift? Did you wipe the buttons, and dashboard controls recently? Think about it, you frequently eat in your car, but have you cleaned it? Some fries and crumbs may have been stuck in between seats. Yikes! This could make you terribly sick, and term for this phenomenon is called Toxic Car Syndrome.
  • Often times, this happens when food particles end stay on the floor and slip under the cushions. Once these crumbs hide in the hard-to-reach areas, this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Of course, the food will eventually go bad and germs will proliferate.
  • According to a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the researches found out that most car owners spend a lot of time inside their vehicles, but they know very little about the microbes that occupy space. These results were conclusive, and they identified key locations for microbial colonization. In other words, areas like the steering wheel, the stick shifter, the door handles and the window buttons, and the cup holder were the dirtiest areas. The bacteria, then, will transfer to humans through skin contact. Once a person touches it, the bacteria can easily passed to another person.
  • Another article posted online shared that the steering wheel can be dirtier than a toilet seat. Before you grab a sandwich from the nearest drive-thru, please disinfect the surface. Spray some isopropyl alcohol or apply some hand sanitizer before touching your food. Germs could get in your mouth because of touching car interior surfaces.

A Clean Interior = A Healthier You

Now that you know better, don’t just focus on maintaining your car or making it shiny on the outside, it is equally necessary to keep the car interior spick and span. Make sure you keep it free from food particles, which will eventually become a starting point for bacteria to spread. It’s time to give importance to your health as well! On the next post, I will discuss the three reasons why your car is making you sick!