Trouble Shooting Basic Car Problems

In Troubleshooting the Issues on Your Vehicle (Part 2), I started discussing the problems you can feel on your car. In this post, I will talk about more car problems that will definitely “feel” like trouble. Also, I will touch on the topic on troubleshooting basic problems on your vehicle. So, are you ready? Let’s start!

black and silver car wheel

The breaks could problems, and you should immediately schedule repair if you notice:

  • The car goes to one side when you apply the breaks.
  • The brake pedal reaches the floorboard when pressure is applied.
  • Your notice a scraping or grinding sound when braking.
  • Brake light is lit and shows a clue on the instrument panel.

Handling Problems

  • If shock absorbers are worn or if you have under-inflated tires, you could have maneuvering problems. Hence, leading to poor cornering. Know that there are NO test to check the shock absorbers. However, if you want to check, try to bounce the car up and down hard and immediately let go. Notice the number of times your car bounces. Once your shock absorbers needs replacement, the car will bounce 2x or even more.
  • Next, the springs do not often need replacements. You only need to do this when the vehicle is lopsided, meaning one side is lower than the others. One thing that can contribute to the damage of the springs is when you overload your vehicle.
  • Finally, when your tires are unbalanced, this make your car vibrate and damage steering and suspension parts. It is always best to balance all your tires.

Engine Problems

If you experience any of the following, you should schedule a car repair immediately.

  • You have problems starting your car.
  • The dashboard panels indicates that you should check engine.
  • You experience poor acceleration.
  • Excessive oil is used, meaning your vehicle uses more than a quart in between oil changes.
  • After the key is removed, the car’s engine still runs.

Transmission Problems

Remember, transmission problems are expensive to repair. So, let your mechanic check the basic components first. Here are some of the clues of having transmission problems:

  • When accelerating, the engine accelerates, but the car doesn’t.
  • Hard shifts when you switch gears.
  • Delayed response when you go from neutral to drive, or from neutral to reverse.
  • Cannot shift gears during acceleration.

Trouble Shooting

Car problems do not mean that you need to spend tons of money. You can consult a trusted mechanic and help you with these common car troubles.

  • Alternator — This could hint that there’s a loose so you should ask the technician to check if there are loose connections before you decide to change the alternator.
  • Battery — No need to change the battery immediately because this could be just loose battery terminals. Ask the technician to clean the battery terminals and test the battery before you buy a new battery for your car.
  • Starter — Before your  repair the starter, this could just be loose connections. So, tell the technician to secure all connections and check the battery.

Whether you experience a slight or huge car trouble, it is best to ask an expert. At A + Plus Auto Glass, for every replacement and repair, our dependable technicians only uses O.E.M. products. A + Plus Auto Glass is a BBB accredited business, and is a known auto glass repair shop in Arizona. You may call (623) 218-6844 to schedule repairs.