Troubleshooting the Issues on Your Vehicle (Part 2)

In Troubleshooting the Issues on Your Vehicle (Part 1), I have previously discussed some visible car problems and odor problems. Today, I will continue and explore problems relating to the sound and the feel of your vehicle.

panning photography of 5-door hatchback

A Problem You Can Hear

Do you often hear sounds when you are driving? Are there obvious squeaking sounds, rattle sounds, rumbling noise, and other disturbing sounds? These sounds may be pointing to certain problems that you need to address ASAP.

Below, I will list down some of the common noises you hear on your vehicle.

  • When your hear a squeal or sharp noise, this typical points to a damaged or loose power steering, or air conditioning belt.
  • If it’s a clicking sound, this will be about a loose wheel cover, or a loose fan blade. Also, this could mean a stuck valve lifter or it could mean your engine oil is low.
  • Once you hear a screech or a high-pitched noise, this means that the breaks are worn. Check the brake wear if it is hinting any sign of wear and tear especially the sound is obvious when the vehicle is moving. If it’s a piercing sound, you may need to schedule for a car maintenance soon.
  • When there’s a rumbling sound, this could be a damaged exhaust pipe,  or muffler. It could also be a worn universal joint or other related factors.
  • If it sounds like a constant tapping, this means that you are using a gas with a lower octane rating. You better double check on what’s recommended on your owner’s manual. Check the engine ignition timing if the problem continues to occur.
  • Once you notice a heavy knock that’s pounding, this could be a worn crankshaft, rod bearings, or a loose torque converter.
  • Lastly, if you hear a clunking noise, check the exhaust pipe or muffler if it is loose. Another culprit could a be a loose shock absorber.

A Problem You Can Feel

Next, once you notice a difficulty in handling your car, it could be a serous problem. When you feel like having a rough ride, or feel a vibration, it could point to several problems.

As for steering problems, it could manifest when you notice the following:

  • Your front wheels are misaligned and steering components have problems navigating a straight line. The idler or ball joint is wandering elsewhere.
  • If your car has a tendency to steer to the left or right or something might be pulling it to a certain direction, this could mean a damaged or misaligned front end. This could also be because of under-inflated tires.

Problems on your car will emerge through some odor, sound, or something visible. Do not delay persistent problems because it may compromise your safety in the fuure. At A + Plus Auto Glass, you are guaranteed that all car repairs are safe and secure because A + Plus Auto Glass only uses O.E.M. products.

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