Where to Turn During a Windshield Emergency?

Breaking a windshield glass in the middle of the road is an emergency situation. Driving in this condition exposes you to high accident risk. Also, your windshield could cave in anytime, which will make the problem even more catastrophic.

Take note that even a single chip on your windshield can branch out to major cracks. This is due to the wind speed your windshield has to endure as you drive. If you put off repairs, it’s only a matter of time before you get a broken windshield.

Broken windshields are considered an emergency

Broken or caved in windshields fall under the emergency category. Cars with this problem aren’t roadworthy and must never be driven under any conditions.

The absence of a fully functional windshield will affect your line of sight. And since there’s an opening on the auto glass, outdoor elements will enter your car. A mixture of strong winds, dust, dirt, and more will surely put you in great danger.

Moreover, driving in inclement weather with a broken windshield doubles the risk for the driver and passengers. It’s so dangerous that it’s illegal in many states to drive a vehicle with obstructed or damaged auto glass.

Where to turn during windshield emergencies

If you’re faced with a windshield emergency, the best place to turn to is a professional auto shop. You should only trust licensed windshield technicians to perform the replacement.

Unlike minor cracks, broken windshields are beyond repair. A technician will usually recommend a complete replacement to guarantee your safety. It’s also the permanent solution to the problem instead of availing repetitive repairs.

Whether it’s a massive crack, loose windshield, severe scratches, and more, you should only trust a professional.

But what if you can’t drive to an auto shop? This is where mobile windshield replacement is at your service. Shops that offer this convenience will bring the replacement and tools to your location.

The technicians will ensure that the windshield is suitable for your car’s make and model. Above all, they will install the replacement with the same accuracy as in-shop installation.

What to do if your windshield breaks while driving

Broken windshields can occur in the middle of the road. It could be due to large falling debris and other driving accidents.

In this case, the first thing you do is find a safe spot to park on the roadside. You should not keep driving with a broken windshield as this will put you at risk.

Once you’ve parked safely, you can call a roadside assistance service. You can also contact your trusted auto shop who can tow the vehicle for repairs. Always prioritize your safety and never try to fix the windshield on your own.


Broken windshields are extremely dangerous. You should never drive under these conditions, no matter how much of a great driver you are. What you need to do is call your trusted windshield technician, so they can help you bring the car in for repairs. You should do this while parked on the safe side of the road.