Types of Car Sunroofs

Car sunroofs are both stylish and functional features. It breaks the monotony of the road by providing wider vision, more ventilation, and added lighting. From beating the summer heat to admiring the stars at night, sunroofs are an excellent investment for your vehicle. However, you should get the right type that suits your car and budget.

Characteristics of car sunroofs 

Many car models nowadays have built-in sunroofs. It’s often an eye-catching feature that increases the car’s appeal to buyers.

Sunroofs also come in various sizes and shapes. It could also be sliding, tilting, or retractable. Even if your car doesn’t have one, you can ask a professional to install it for you.

Take note that installing sunroofs require intensive knowledge and tools. DIY sunroofs may work at some point, but they will reveal the defects not long after. Leaks, mold, rust, increased humidity, and poor aerodynamics will ruin this supposedly beautiful feature.

Moreover, sunroofs can also be equipped with a windbreak or net to keep passengers safe while enjoying the fresh air.

As with the entire sunroof, these additional features must be installed properly. Poor handling won’t just cause malfunctions, but it will also compromise the safety of the passengers.

Types of car sunroofs

If you’re planning to have a sunroof installed on your car, you can choose from these common types:

  • Panoramic. Panoramic sunroofs offer a wide field of view for both the passengers and the driver. It covers a large portion, if not the entirety, of the car’s roof. With that, panoramic sunroofs are often the most expensive type.
  • Pop-up. Pop-up sunroofs are the most affordable of all types. With this design, you have to close and open the roof through a liver hatch. You can also remove the panels as you wish.
  • Spoiler. This sunroof slides on top of the roof and not inside. It’s also built-in but with a slight difference compared to the full built-in type.
  • Built-in. Lastly, built-in sunroofs are the most popular on modern vehicles. It has a panel that slides out of view inside the car’s roof. It is operable using controls on the dashboard. However, this design is only suitable for large vehicles.

The cost of sunroof installation

Car sunroofs don’t come cheap. But as much as you want to save money, it’s not a good idea to hire amateurs. Instead, you should invest in a provider that specializes in sunroofs and similar installation.

Always ask for a quotation before signing up for the sunroof installation. Very cheap offers often cut back on the quality of the materials. While you can save money upfront, it might result in higher repair costs later on.

In general, sunroofs will cost you around 300 to 700 bucks, though some models will be costlier. Aside from that, the installation time will take at least 2 hours.


Car sunroofs are a great way to spruce up your ride. Even if your vehicle doesn’t have one, you can pay a professional to install it for you. Just make sure that you’re dealing with a licensed technician with years of experience installing sunroofs.