Want to Avoid Delays? You Might Want to Use These Navigation Apps!

Back then, people relied heavily on their knowledge in navigating a place. If not,  there would be a map on the glove compartment. Long road trips won’t be complete without a folding map to help you in case you get lost.

silver iPhone 6 on front of car aircon

However, these maps could not tell you if there are anticipated road repairs. It’s pretty common to NOT know where to go. For commuters to avoid any travel delay, most people travel during the day.

Nowadays, there are no reason for you to get lost. There are now a variety of navigation apps you can download on your mobile device. With an app, you can now have a better overview of your destination.


If you own an iPhone, this is the built-in navigation tool that comes with your mobile phone. Apple Maps will provide you with directions even on the background. So, you won’t to constantly tinker with your phone while driving.

Apple Maps will continue to give you traffic updates and any expected delays even when it is on a locked screen mode. With the integration of Sire, Apple’s voice assistant, you can even throw in some queries and request a car ride if you the situation calls.


Next, we have Google’s solution to navigation. Being the world’s most used search engine, surely, Google Maps can show you the numerous routes to take on the way to your destination. You are free to choose which route to take and Google Maps will give you an estimated time of arrival for each route.

In fact, you can specify if you are traveling by foot, bicycle, or car. Either way, there will be a voice assistant to help you on when to go left, right, or straight ahead. Just last year, in 2019, Google Maps has improved its navigation features. So, anywhere you are in the world, you can definitely rely on this phone app.

WAZE (Download on Google Play or on the App Store)

Waze is not tied to any phone vendor. Whether your device runs on Android or iOS, both mobile operating systems are capable of installing Waze. What makes Waze stand out is the fact that it is a community-based app, meaning other Waze users can contribute to the its growing community.

Nearby commuters can alert users if there are any anticipated delays in the area. It’s a very effective navigation tool especially in helping drivers avoid traffic congestions and closed roads along the way. Waze will also share any alternative routes to your destination.

Aside from those mentioned above, Waze can also notify you about any vehicular accidents, road repairs, and construction zones.


With any of these apps installed on your device, you are assured of a better and safer driving experience. However, it does not mean you are 100% safe from accidents. In case you need help on your auto glass, you can rely on A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS. Call the number 623-218-6844 to schedule a windshield repair and maintenance the soonest possible time.