Want to Shift to Low-Profile Tires? Here Are 4 Good Reasons!

If you want an upgrade without breaking your budget, having a set of tires and wheels might just do the trick. With this modification alone, you can adjust the look of your car from zero to hero without spending too much.

One of the quickest transformations you can apply is to replace your average-looking wheels with something huge. When you opt for low-profile tires, this gives way for the bigger rims and wheels to fit in. Below, I will share with you how low-profile tires are a great addition to your car.

black bmw m 3 parked near brown tree during daytime

Achieve that Big Wheel Look

What others usually do is they try to stretch their small tires onto bigger wheels to pull off the look they want. However, when tires are overstretched, it can be to random blowouts. Nowadays, car manufacturers often have options for getting a low-profile tire. This way, you stay stylish without risking your safety. Be sure to get specialty tires that are made to accommodate larger rims so that you will not put your life at risk.

Better Performance on Curvy Roads

Remember, when you change the wheel size, it can have an enormous effect on the suspension, brakes, and other components. As the size of the rims increases, the fuel use will also increase. However, as the diameter of the wheels gets wider, the acceleration times will decrease.

One obvious advantage is responsiveness. With low-profile tires, you can handle curves better. Having a short sidewall will make it flex lesser than the typical sidewalls.

You’re Located on a Neighborhood with Smooth Roads

Yes, low-profile tires may guarantee you a quick response time especially curvy roads. However, the quickness is dragged down by its inflexibility.

On the downside, these tires are more prone to damage. To make sure this won’t a source of your problems in the future, make sure that live in a location where the roads are smooth. If you only plan to use the car on smooth roads, then, that’s also okay.

However, if you are surrounded by bumpy roads and numerous potholes, then, I suggest that you skip the low-profile tires. When you are bombarded by frequent roads projects, these tires are not for you.

You Do Not Mind the Jiggle

Most of the time when you change to a low-profile tires, you have to forego comfort. They have a bigger contact patch with the road, allowing a greater grip. This means that you will feel all the cracks and bumps.

Before changing to low-profile tires, check first where you registered your car if they allow such wheel alteration. For a good upgrade, purchase only high-quality tires, and go for the lesser weight rims created by respectable manufacturer.

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