What Is Stowaway and Why It’s Important

When driving, there will be unwanted circumstances like getting a flat tire. That is why you should have a kit that can help you get through during emergency situations. Some of the stuff you might need is a tow rope and a set of tools. Aside from that, it’s very important to keep a stowaway or a spare tire at all times. By having stowaway, you can avoid additional expenses should your car need evacuation.


A stowaway is just like a regular spare tire. The stowaway is usually produced with the use of steel. Its size will depend on the looseness and diameter of the wheels used on your car. The thickness of the stowaway is significantly smaller than a spare tire, which is why it allows you to save more save in your car trunk.

STOWAWAY VS REGULAR TIRESgrey and black truck

In case of emergency, every vehicle is equipped with one or more spare wheels. However, it might be space consuming to have regular spare tires. So, here are the differences between a regular tire and a stowaway:

  • The cost of a stowaway is much cheaper than a standard tire.
  • A regular tire’s weight is similar to the other wheels installed on the car. Some people don’t take spare tires with them on purpose because no one needs an extra 20-30 kilograms when on the road.
  • Aside from the weight, a stowaway has smaller dimensions compared to its regular counterpart.
  • You can only use a stowaway in emergency cases. On the other hand, you can use the regular tire for a long time.


In some situations, your special repair kit may not always save you. Yes, it can fix a puncture on your wheel but it cannot repair a cut or deformed disk – which is why you need to keep a stowaway just in case. If you have a jack, it will not take too much to replace the wheel. The stowaway will help you to get to the nearest tire repair shop.


Ideally, you should purchase a stowaway that is specifically designed for your car. If you are still not sure what kind of stowaway to get, below are some tips that can help you in choosing the right stowaway for your vehicle:

  1. The stowaway will only be used as an emergency element. The first thing you should pay attention to is its dimensions.
  2. It’s better to get a stowaway that you can use no matter what the season is. Keep in mind that the stowaway should only be used at short distances. Aside from that, it should comply within safety requirements.
  3. The width of the rubber of a stowaway is almost two times less than the regular spare tire. It’s best to always keep a suitable pump in your car because the wheel needs to be strongly inflated. Moreover, you should make sure that the tire pressure is at the level of four atmospheres.