What is the future of windshields?

The world of auto technology is constantly changing and evolving. New techniques and ideas are being introduced every year. Analog dashboards are now digital. Vehicles now have cameras and sensors to aid with parking. Electric cars are becoming far more common. The windshield is one of the areas of a vehicle that has remained traditional for the longest time. It plays a vital role in keeping wind and debris out of our face whilst also providing structural integrity to the car’s frame. But soon, like many other parts of the car, that won’t be all it can do. New windshields will continue to protect us from debris but they will soon be used to improve the driving experience. In today’s article, we look at how the windshield could soon change dramatically.

Improved strength glass

Today’s windshields are incredibly resistant. When a stone hits it at speed it only causes a tiny chip rather than a massive crack. Even if you hit one with a baseball bat it will break but it won’t shatter. They are built to withstand a lot, but soon windshields could get even stronger. Traditional windshields use two layers of glass sandwiching a thin layer of plastic. This is why the glass never shatters. But many believe chemically tempered glass offers a better solution as it offers greater strength but less weight. Some companies even believe that we will be able to have windshields that are less than 3mm thick.


Smart windshield displays

One of the view innovations that are already happening in the world of windshields is smart heads-up displays. This is where key information such as speed and sat nav directions are projected onto the windshield in front of the driver. This allows them to get all the information they need without taking their eyes off the road. These windshields could get even smarter, however. Soon displays will be built into the windshield, rather than projected on to it, giving a clearer, more reliable picture for the driver.


Auto dimmed glass

Drivers of some cars can already dim their rearview mirror at night to avoid being blinded by traffic behind. And soon, some may be able to do the same thing with their windshield. Technology is being developed that would let drivers dim specific parts of their windshield to reduce glare, much in the same way that drivers today use a sun visor.


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