What to Do When You Have a Crack on Your Sunroof?

The sunroof is a popular amenity among car drivers in the US, and understandably so. It offers you a splendid view of the sky and the sun and lets you feel the fresh breeze and keep the warm air out without opening your side of the window. It also gives your ride a sporty look and some versatility to your use.

Just like any other part of your car, however, the sunroof’s glass is prone to damage like cracks and dents. So what do you do once this happens? Stick around, and you will know the answer!


Tempered Glass Material

Most sunroofs are made from tempered glass, about four times stronger than “ordinary” or annealed glass. And unlike annealed glass, which can break into jagged shards when broken, tempered glass splinters into small, relatively harmless pieces. For this reason, tempered glass is used in places where human safety is a concern – hence why they are the perfect material for sunroof glasses and side/back windows for vehicles.

During its manufacturing stage, it undergoes a heat treatment procedure in which the glass travels through a tempering oven, either in batches or a continuous feed. The oven heats the glass to extreme temperatures of more than 600 degrees Celsius. (Most industrial plants use 620 degrees Celsius.)

The glass then undergoes a high-pressure cooling process called “quenching.” It’s a brief procedure that lasts only seconds and involves high-pressure air blasting the glass’s surface from multiple nozzles in various positions. Quenching cools the outer surfaces a lot quicker than the center.

While the center of the glass starts to cool, it tends to pull back from the outer surfaces. As a result, the center remains in tension, and the outer surface region goes into compression, giving tempered glass its strength.


What happens when Tempered Glass Sunroof Breaks?

Thus, if you are in an accident and your sunroof breaks, the glass won’t shatter all over your car. It will instead fracture into tiny, pebble-like pieces that can rarely cause any form of injury. Once it breaks, however, a tempered glass sunroof can’t be repaired (in most instances) but will require replacement.

It’s crucial to transport your vehicle to a reputable repair shop if you notice a crack or dent in your sunroof. Cracks grow quickly and become worse in no time.  So the sooner you get your sunroof fixed, the better and safer it is for you and your passengers. Try and remove all the broken shards and glasses, if you have them, before going to the auto repair shop.


Find a Reliable Auto Glass Repair Shop

If there’s a crack in your car’s sunroof, the first thing you need to do is to find a reliable auto glass repair shop. They have the necessary skills and experience to replace the glass without replacing the entire unit. They can also order the same type of high-quality tempered glass used for your original sunroof and give you that much-needed assurance that you’ll be getting the most professional service.