What to do when your windshield cracks

No one likes noticing a crack on their windshield is never nice, but every driver reacts differently. Some will be understandably worried about the crack spreading and causing untold damage to their windshield. Others will take a more laidback approach, choosing to ignore the crack as they don’t want to waste time on repairs.

A cracked windshield does not have to be a huge cause for concern, however. Nor does it need to be a major hassle to repair. If you know what to do when your windshield does crack, you can get it fixed quickly and get safely back on the road as soon as possible.


Important things to consider

The most important thing that you need to do is not get upset, angry or frustrated. Over the past twenty years, windshield technology has come on leaps and bounds, and today’s auto glass is far stronger and more effective at protecting drivers compared to windshields a couple of decades ago.

As a matter of fact, modern windshields are designed with two layers of glass to ensure that there is still an extra wall of glass left to help protect the driver and their passengers in the event of a crack. For this reason, there really is no need to worry about your windshield shattering or cracking wide open. But that doesn’t mean you can leave the crack, either. Even the smallest crack can quickly grow larger and threaten the structure of your car unless it is repaired correctly.


Turn to the professionals

The moment you see a crack on your windshield, contact a reliable car windshield repair and replacement company near you immediately and ask for a quote. The potential cost in restoring your car’s windshield will depend on several factors including:

  • The brand and model of your car
  • The size of the crack
  • The current price of auto glass and the other materials needed for repair and replacement
  • The quality and cost of labor

If a crack is small enough, replacement may not be necessary. Instead, a resin can be injected into your windshield to heal the crack and make it good as new. A reliable windshield repair company will be able to tell you instantly if a complete glass replacement is needed after its technicians run a thorough inspection on the extent of the crack.


Is Insurance needed?

Before going ahead with the repair, you’ll also want to establish whether the cost is covered by your insurance. Most auto insurance does cover windshield cracks, but there’s a chance that your insurance company’s SOP will not include such damage, however, so you need to prepare yourself for this possibility.

Here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Check the terms and conditions of your auto insurance and see if repair for windshield cracks is covered. If it is, you can have a newly repaired glass for free in no time.
  • In terms of a complete replacement, however, you may be obliged to deal with the necessary payment on your own so be sure to ask your insurance company regarding the matter.
  • Submit a coverage claim for your damaged windshield to your insurance company.

After you have completed these basic steps, one of your insurance company’s representatives will contact you for more information and possible to arrange an inspection. It’s important to note that you have the complete freedom to opt for any auto glass repair and replacement company of your preference when it comes to the repair. Don’t let your insurer push you in the direction of their preferred shop.


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