Will Extreme Cold Break Your Windows?

The winter season can bring a lot of damages to your car. Of all the parts, your car windows are the most vulnerable. As the temperature drops, the glass is exposed to a molecular change. During extreme cases, the windows may easily break.

Damages the cold temperature can do to your car

*Dying batteries

In extremely low temperatures, your battery can die. The cold weather can pull voltage out of the battery, making it less efficient.

*Thickening fluids

This is very common and a big hassle among car owners. Transmission fluids will thicken as the temperature drops. This will compromise the overall performance of your car. It’s best to check the antifreeze, steering fluids, brake fluids, and transmission fluids as winter unfolds.

*Breaking windows

Just like any glass, windows will freeze and become brittle under extremely low temperatures. Car windows can indeed break during winter.

How temperature affects your car window

According to basic science, cold temperature causes matter to contract and heat makes it expand. So when the winter arrives, glass experiences the same contraction. Unlike metal, glass contracts at a different rate.

If sealed and installed properly, car windows can endure the low temperature. Also, most cars are equipped with heating systems that keep the glass warm. It also prevents ice from forming on the surface.

Take note that car windows with chips and cracks are more prone to breaking during winter. The added pressure on the glass will make the cracks branch into larger fissures.

Still, some car glasses can endure the cold weather. But if ever yours broke down, it’s crucial to have it replaced right away.

How to prevent car windows from cracking during winter

You probably noticed those line patterns on your car windows. These are actually heaters that will keep the glass warm during winter. If you’re getting a replacement window, it’s better if you’ll avail one with this installation.

Also, you should secure your car inside the garage. If you don’t have a garage, use a car cover to shield the windows from direct cold.

Aside from that, avoid snow from accumulating on any glass parts of your vehicle. Direct contact on the cold snow will increase the likelihood of the window breaking.

What to do when your car window breaks

The first move should be to call a technician or auto body shop to get the damage fixed. Take note that it’s never safe to travel with a shattered window, much so during the freezing winter. Also, it’s not a good idea to patch it up with anything.

If you let the cold air enter your heated car, your vehicle’s heater will be forced to compensate. It will result in higher battery use and a possible heater failure.

Always ask the help of professional auto technicians. Aside from fixing the problems safely, they will also advise you on how to prevent the damage from recurring.

Final words

The winter season is challenging for drivers. And to ensure that your windows are safe, you should employ proactive solutions even before the temperatures drop.