Will There Be Some Problems to Your Car After a Minor Fender Bender?

If you ask the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), they will tell you that more than 6 million traffic accidents each year in the country. To be more precise, 40% of this are rear-end collisions. Even though most accidents are NOT serious, there will still be damages that may not immediately appear. Sadly, what may seem to be a minor car accident will cause a serious problem in the future.

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Below are the unseen complications that you should take note about:


A low speed accident could STILL damage the vehicles frame. You may not see the damage right away because it is either too little for you to notice.

If you do not have it checked immediately, then, this seemingly minor damage can affect you negatively. For one, it  could change the efficiency of your air bag when accidents occur. Moreover, it could likewise affect how your car can withstand a strong force in case of a major blow. AND this could endanger your life and your passengers’ safety in an accident!


Aside from what was discussed earlier, there are other issues, and possibly, costly problems that you may not notice right away.

  • Transmission issues – like jumping, grinding or slipping while it is accelerating when you shift the gears. One indication is when the car shakes even in first gear or there’s a burnt smell from your hood. If you do not address this instantly, then, costly repairs are gonna pile up to your total bill.
  • Rust potential – even a ding or a tiny scratch will show. The paint protects your vehicle from water and will soon rust. The same goes when the metal gets road salt water! These instances can also hasten the production of rust to the metal surface.
  • Wear out your tires – when your car’s body panel is tampered in the course of a fender bender, either plastic or a metal element could begin to rub at the rotating tire. And this will cause damage to your tires.
  • Suspension and steering issues – majority of the vehicles are fragile, and even if it runs at low speed, the impact may cause your car not to work as its natural balance has been disturbed by the accident. This will affect the way your car can take simple things like driving through potholes. That will absolutely damage your steering system and your suspension.
  • Engine mechanical efficiency – again, no matter how low your speed is, a minor accident can still hurt the modern engine parts. The slightest damage in the car’s system can result to a very serious mechanical problems later on.


When your car gets into a minor accident, don’t underestimate it. Even when the damage may seem very unlikely, there could be underlying problems that could compromise your safety.  Please don’t take chances and bring your car to a reliable auto body shop like A + Plus Auto Glass to have it checked! There’s no need to do it yourself because A + Plus Auto Glass will inspect your car thoroughly, both inside and out. Just call A + Plus Auto Glass  at ‎(623) 218-6844!