Windshield Advertisements: What You Need to Know

Over the years, the automotive industry has witnessed massive technological advancements. From the creation of the three-point seatbelt to safety glass, car production has gone a long way. Nowadays, another advancement is set to revolutionize the industry: windshield advertisements.

The idea behind the technology is popping advertisements on your windshield. This means you can see ads inside your vehicle even if you’re not using your phone.

For example, if your car is running out of gas, your windshield can show you the nearest gasoline stations or the best petrol brands. This futuristic idea may grace our cars not too long from now.

How windshield advertisements work

While prototypes are yet to be made, there is a lot of speculation surrounding this technology. Many argue that placing ads on the auto glass may cause distraction. However, supporters are pushing for its benefits.

To be fair, windshield advertisements will show ads catered to you as a driver. And true to artificial intelligence technology, the ads will be based on your apparent needs.

With this, you will see advertisements for auto shops if your car’s maintenance indicator lights up. The system will also understand your buying patterns to show more relevant ads on the windshield.

Aside from car maintenance, windshield advertisements are foreseen to allow drivers to pay for food as they drive. Then, they just have to connect a card and authorize payments.

Over the years, this technology is seen to create more targeted ads by understanding the driver’s preferences.

Is it going to hit the market soon?

Currently, no car manufacturer has released a prototype or plan to create an advertisement-compatible windshield.

Moreover, the chance of seeing this technology on the market increases as Corning Inc. sells Apple glass materials to automakers. This glass material is thinner than typical glass, which makes it easy to integrate on windshields.

From there, an image can be projected, which will turn your windshield into a large screen. And according to Corning Inc., they are planning to create this technology into windshield size in a span of two years.

Once it’s available, Corning will sell it to automakers. This will be the potential start of having advertisements right on your windshield.

Safety issues on windshield advertisements

Projecting on a car’s windshield may trump the goal of having clear visibility. As a result, many are raising the concern of driver distraction, which can lead to a slew of road accidents.

Nevertheless, the same technology can be used to augment blind spots and warn drivers of potential hazards.

Time and further tests will show whether windshield ads can be a friend or foe on the road. This technology is still in its infancy, and we’re yet to see its full form once automakers start entertaining the idea.


Windshield advertisements are a futuristic technology. Various companies are already developing the technology, which we may see in the coming years. However, there are also concerns over its safety in relation to driver distraction.

Overall, there’s still a lot of issues surrounding this technology. Whether it’s going to be successful or not, time can only tell.