Does Windshield Replacement Affect Your Insurance?

Getting auto insurance is most likely a legal requirement which you have to comply with, as with most states in the United States. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy insurance for your vehicle. There are hundreds of companies offering these policies, and considering their different iterations, you’ll never be out of options. You can freely compare providers and choose a company whose policies are suited to your needs and budget restrictions.

How Your Car Insurance Works

In spite of it being an additional monthly expense that could cost you hundreds of dollars, car insurance will actually save you money. Should you find yourself in an unfortunate car accident, it can help cover the financial burden that comes with repairing a damaged vehicle, replacing broken parts, paying for hospitalization and medical bills, and seeking legal action.

Who pays for what will depend on the state laws. Places with tort insurance laws will hold the driver at-fault (and his insurance company) accountable for the damages. But in places with no-fault insurance laws, your insurance provider will pay for your expenses regardless of who caused the accident.

Occasionally, your vehicle may need repairs from normal wear and tear. Some examples of car damage resulting from regular use include blown out tires and a warped window tint. Under these circumstances, your car insurance can also cover the expense of having them replaced or repaired.

Even though you might have to shoulder deductibles out of your pocket, ultimately, you’ll be spending less if you have car insurance. Whether you get involved in a collision or some other accident on the road, or simply need repairs from time to time, getting your car insured costs significantly less.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Car Insurance

Car owners pay an average of about $1,400 each year in premiums. However, prices could vary depending on your allowable budget and preferred coverage. Different factors can affect the price of your car insurance policy. For instance, if you opted for a more expansive coverage and are willing to pay for a higher premium, you can benefit from better protection and lower deductibles. Or if you decide to bundle your car insurance with homeowners insurance from the same provider, you’d be able to avail discounts.

The cost of auto insurance is not fixed. It can still go higher or lower depending on your company. One factor that can influence its price is a damaged windshield.

The Impact of a Damaged Windshield on Car Insurance

Most cases of cracked or broken windshields are caused by natural means such as heat or getting hit by a stone. Insurance companies consider these types of windshield damage as comprehensive claims. Comprehensive claims won’t really affect your premium as long as you don’t make them too often.

A windshield that is damaged from accident falls under a collision claim. Collision claims can increase your premium, especially if you’re at fault.

However, if you live in a state that requires companies to provide full glass coverage for zero deductibles, you can have your windshield and other car windows replaced at no extra cost, and without having to worry about paying for higher premiums in your next cycle.