How Windshield Replacement Can Reduce Road Noise

Ideally, your car should be safe from road noise to a certain extent. Outside noise from oncoming vehicles, blaring horns, loud music, screaming drivers, or even the chatter of passengers in nearby vehicles shouldn’t get in if the windows are rolled up. When driving at fast speeds, you also shouldn’t hear the sound of wind gushing into the car’s cabin.

If you notice the following changes in the way your car handles road noise:

  • The noise being louder than usual
  • Hearing a hissing or whistling sound in the cabin while driving at high speeds

.. and yet you are sure that the car windows are completely closed off, then something is definitely wrong. One common cause of increased road noise is a loose windshield.


What causes a loose windshield?

There are a few possible reasons why your windshield is loose:

  • You just purchased a car from the manufacturer.
  • Your car has recently undergone either windshield repair or replacement at an auto glass repair shop.
  • You have attempted DIY repairs or replacement of your car’s windshield.

In these cases, your windshield was not properly installed by the manufacturer, the car owner, or the auto glass repair shop responsible for its repair or replacement. Windshields need to be handled by professionals at all times. Otherwise, there will be a risk of incorrect placement.

If you bought a used car from a dealer, it’s also possible that the windshield was already loose and you simply didn’t know. It may have been caused by irresponsible windshield repairs and replacements – and the previous owner failed to disclose it.

Other common causes of a loose windshield

The following are also known causes of a loose windshield:

  • Car accidents. Even if there are no visible cracks to the glass, there may be loose space between the windshield and the frame surrounding it.
  • Low quality windshield. Using cheap and poor quality glass to replace your windshield can make your vehicle more susceptible to road noise.
  • Extreme temperature changes. Sudden shifts in temperature will cause glass to expand and contract. This can result in unnoticeable breakage around the edges of the windshield and for noise to enter.


Will replacing my windshield really reduce road noise?

If you have a loose windshield, the answer is YES. Replacing it can reduce the amount of noise that gets inside your car. A properly installed windshield seals off sound and air, and keeps your vehicle properly pressurized.

However, there are a few things you should consider:


  • Only trust a professional auto glass repair shop. Make sure they have the appropriate licensing and certification to perform windshield repairs and replacement. Never take your car to a cheap car shop. They are usually ill-equipped and untrained for specialized windshield care. You will end up spending more later due to a bad repair job.
  • Make sure you’re getting a high quality windshield. If it needs to be replaced, see to it that the auto glass repair shop uses top quality glass. Preferably, it must be an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product and have a replacement warranty.
  • Choose a car repair shop with the best services. They must provide payment options for windshield replacement, as well as a service warranty so you can get the best value for your money.