Do Windshield Sunshades Work?

Arizona, Nevada, and Texas are some of the best places in the US to drive around with your car but not so much during the summer. With the intense heat of the summer sun, the interior of your car can boil up. And as a driver, you know how intimidating it is to sit on a hot seat and grab the steering wheel of a scorching hot car that you parked on a shadeless spot.

So are windshield sunshades the solution to this dilemma? In this article, we’ll explore whether or not windshield sunshades are effective at protecting your car’s interior from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Do Sunshades work on your car?

To find out if whether or not sunshades work, we experimented using two test cars. The first test vehicle has a sunshade and the second one doesn’t. The tests mostly involve the surface and interior temperature of both cars.

The two vehicles generally have a difference of 67 degrees Fahrenheit on the dashboard, and the test period was 1 hour. The experiment revealed that sunshades are effective at keeping your car cooler. There was also a difference in surface temperature. The vehicle without the sunshade was also untouchable, with a whopping surface temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the one with the sunshade recorded a surface temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit and was still tolerable.


The Benefits of Sunshades

While the air inside your car won’t be much cooler than before, using a sunshade can significantly lower the dashboard’s temperature. And with a cooler dashboard, you can easily turn on your car’s Air Condition and drive off if you are in a hurry without waiting for the steering wheel to cool off. It’s especially beneficial in places like Arizona and Nevada, where temperatures can be very unpleasant during summer.


Sunshades for Trucks and Vans

Sunshades also work great on trucks and Vans and not just on cars. It will help you save plenty of time and make your trip easier during the hot summer season. But as I said earlier, the air won’t be much cooler once you get inside your vehicle. The important thing, though, is that your truck or van’s dashboard will be much cooler, and the same goes for the steering wheel.


Other Important Considerations

Keep in mind that there are other health issues that you need to consider as well. During extreme cold or heat, you should always look for the ideal balance in temperature. If you have a heart condition or a history of heart illness, then this kind of temperature can be bad for your health.  It can also be dangerous for you if you suddenly turn on the car’s Air Condition if the current air temperature is 130° F.

In the end, there are plenty of benefits to using sunshades. There’s a variety of sunshade products that you can consider as well, with numerous brands and specific uses. There are internal and external sunshades, and there are also car umbrellas and rechargeable sunshades on the market. But always make sure to find a shady spot to park your car during hot summer days, and don’t forget to rehydrate at all times.