How Your Wipers Could Damage Your Windshield

Wipers are essential to clear your windshield whenever it rains, snows, and if dirt gets into it. However, if the wiper isn’t installed correctly or malfunctions, it can scrape and scratch the windshield glass. Aside from a wiper that’s not working well, you also have to pay for fixing the windshield damage.

Over time, the scratches will make the windshield glass translucent, thus reducing the glass’ visibility.

The danger of windshield scratches

*It’s distracting

When wipers scratch the windshield, it will create distracting streaks. It will make it more challenging to see the road. In some cases, it can lead to accidents.

*Reflects the light

The scratches and dings on the windshield will reflect light from the sun and the headlight beams of other cars. It will disrupt your vision and make driving more difficult than it should be. Imagine squinting in the middle of the freeway on a sweltering afternoon.

*Seeps water past the wiper blades

When the scratches accumulate, it will let water seep through the wipers, making it less efficient on warding off the moisture.

How wipers can damage your windshield

*Lost wiper rubber edges will damage the windshield

Imagine the wiper blades scraping through the windshield without any rubber fittings. It will cause scratches similar to streaks. These scratches are deep, and if you don’t fix the wiper, your windshield will be damaged beyond repair.

*It allows the debris to collect

An inefficient wiper will allow debris and moisture to sit on your windshield. When these substances react chemically, it will start to corrode parts of your vehicle.

*Continued difficulty in terms of visibility

As the wipers continuous to damage your windshield, it will affect the visibility of the road. This will pose safety risks to the driver and the passengers.

How to repair windshield scratches?

When the wipers scratched your windshield glass, you can tap the help of an auto shop to fix it for you. Small scratches can be buffed so you won’t have to pay for an entire replacement. However, if the faulty wipers have been left sitting for too long, a windshield replacement might be needed.

It’s not advisable to perform DIY fixes, especially if you don’t have prior experience with it before. You may end up damaging the windshield even more.

Getting the wipers fixed

Aside from dealing with the damages on the windshield, you should also fix the root cause – your wiper. The technician on the auto shop will replace the rubber fittings if it’s missing. In some cases, the entire wiper system will have to be replaced.

Take note that since windshield wipers are exposed to outdoor elements, it can become brittle and the rubber insulation will crack. It’s best to avail a replacement in this case.

Final words

Windshield wipers are important components of your vehicle. However, if it’s installed improperly or has started to malfunction, it will cause scratches that will block your vision. When this happens, you should seek the help of a windshield technician to get it fixed.