Window Tinting and its Impact on Sun

One essential feature that you can find or add-on to vehicles today is window tinting. It’s something we often take for granted because it can dramatically reduce the amount of light that comes through the windshield or other windows.

The amount of light that travels from the inside isn’t affected even though what passes through from the outside receives a reduction.

Window tinting has several benefits that go beyond glare reduction. It can protect your eyes from the sun, block the damaging ultraviolet rays that impact your interior, and reduce the ambient temperature level on a hot day.

What Are the Laws on Tinting Car Windows?

Tinting laws in Arizona began in 1994, creating restrictions on the amount of darkness that is allowable on your car’s windows. The percentage of visible light that comes through is called “Visible Light Transmission.”

The rear and backside windows on a vehicle in the state can use any darkness level. The front side windows must allow more than 33% light.

You must have dual-side mirrors equipped to your car for back tinted windows.

All options must not be more than 35% reflective. Your mechanic or tinting specialist can help you to pick a product that’s suitable for your specific needs.Arizona allows some medical exemptions for special tint, although you’ll need to have a doctor’s approval before installation is permitted.

Tinting laws vary throughout the rest of the country. What may be legal in Arizona could get you pulled over in other states. That’s why a complete review of the legislation could be necessary if you’re planning a long road trip soon.

New York, California, and Iowa allow 70% tinting on the front side window, but New Jersey and New Hampshire don’t allow any at all.

Do I Need to Add Tinting to My Car?

Several reasons are worth considering if you want to add tinting to your windows. It can help to keep the glass from shattering during an accident, which means a reduction in the likelihood of having sharp pieces that can cut into you during an incident.

You can also reduce the heat levels in the vehicle by up to 70% on a sunny day. Since it also blocks up to 99% of the harmful UV rays, tinting can dramatically increase the safety of all passengers in the cabin.

You have two options from which to choose when considering aftermarket tinting. You can choose OEM tinted glass or have a film tint applied by a qualified party.

When you choose the latter option, the glass gets treated so that it can accept a polymer film. It can be prone to bubbles, which is why a trained professional should do the work for you.

Then plan on changing your aftermarket tint (if it isn’t OEM) after five years to prevent peeling and cracking.

Preventive Maintenance Tips to Follow (Part 2)

Whenever you experience any type of car problem, you better bring your car to a reputable shop. Whether it is a trouble on your wipers or hear a weird sound from your car, do not hesitate for a checkup. Go to a trusted repair shop like A + Plus Auto Glass the soonest available time you have. By doing so, you will avoid more damage to your car.

Of course, you should never IGNORE car maintenance and repair. For now, here are a few things to remember.

Change the oil.

Schedule an oil change especially if you have a new car. Usually, the rule is to do it once you have reached the first 1,000 kilometers. This is applicable for smaller cars.

During the break-in period, engine parts begin to harmoniously blend together. When this happens, some metal parts usually come off from the engine and mix with the oil. These metal debris should be removed the soonest possible time. This is the reason why oil change is needed.

When you choose to ignore, damage could be inflicted to your engine. The next oil change should be around the next 4,000 kilometers. Afterwards, the oil change will be every 5,000 kilometers.

Again, this step is an important preventive car. If you do not replace gear and transmission oil on time, this could mean poor operation or other potential damage to your engine.

Also change the filters.

Like the oil, you should always change the oil filter. This should go hand in hand with changing the oil.

For people on a budget, people just choose to change the oil, but choose a mediocre filter. Remember, the purpose of the filter is to screen the metal debris in order not to mix with the oil. So, if you choose a second-rate filter, these metals won’t be properly filtered.

Belts get worn-out over time.

Whether it is the fan belt, the power steering belt or the drive belt, these belts are made of rubber. Hence, it will eventually degrade. It is best to have the belts as often as the car manufacturer recommends. For the prevention of overheating and mechanical breakdown, better schedule a belt replacement.

Batteries have a life cycle term.

New cars have built-in batteries that will last you 2 to 3 years so you better replace it after that. You have to remember though is that replacement batteries have different life cycles. One could last for 12 months, 15 months, and 21 months.

In order to avoid from experiencing a dead battery, be sure to replace your car battery as soon as the life cycles expires.

man airing up wheel during daytime

Tires are like belts.

Like belts, car tires are made of rubber. After driving for thousands of years, tires will eventually wear out. To be sure of its efficiency, check with your car’s tire manufacturer. Age can a detrimental factor so don’t put yourself at risk by using old and used tires.


There are other tips discussed in Preventive Maintenance Tips to Follow (Part 1). Applying these tips will save your from future problems. Moreover, it can help you avoid expensive repairs. If ever you have questions, never hesitate to ask for an expert; visit A + Plus Auto Glass! The professional team at A + Plus Auto Glass can help with auto glass repair, windshield replacement, and other car repairs.

Preventive Maintenance Tips to Follow (Part 1)

Let’s face it, not everyone agrees on what to should do on your car and when to do preventive maintenance. However, you can’t just ignore preventive maintenance because it is more likely that you discover problems that could be a major concern later on.

Besides, having a problem with your car is pretty annoying especially when it happens in the most unexpected time. You could be driving yourself to work or there was no auto body repair shop nearby. And worst, when you are so ready to go on a long-awaited vacation.

Unrecognizable crop mechanic screwing metal details in metal vehicle

Car manufacturers remind their clients to go and have a regular car checkup and maintenance. With the latest car technology and engineering, car companies can now tell you the life expectancy of your car’s parts. Here are the tips you can do to any vehicle as a preventive maintenance.

  • Check your fluids.

One thing to do is to learn how to check those fluid and gauge levels. Another thing, open your hood so you can check the antifreeze and your transmission fluid. If it has less, then add if not, change it. Pay attention if there is a leak and never ignore these signs.

Don’t let anyone fool you to pay for changing the wiper fluid. Even if you do not know about antifreeze, coolant or any liquid, you would know something is off when you notice leaks.

  • Change your engine air filter. 

This protects anything like dirt and dust into the engine. When it gets blocked due to dirt, replace it. If you drive often and drive on a long commute, the engine air filter will get dirtier quickly compared to someone who drives during the weekends.

However, air filters can be a little tricky, but having it checked is important. Your manual tells you how often.

  • Change your spark plugs.

Electrical energy is sent to the spark plug and this electrical spark lights up the gas/air combination in the combustion chamber. So if your spark plugs are not good because of the accumulation of dirt, it is time to change it. Again, it is always wise to look at your car manual.

As a guide, changing it is more or less every 30,000 miles but it does differ depending on the type of spark plug.

  • Check the transmission.

Transmission is in charge of putting the correct amount of power that goes to the wheels to make your vehicle drive at a particular speed. Have it checked and oil flushes will keep it working well.

  • Do NOT forget the brakes!

Regular check up on this keeps you and your family protected. It also makes sure there is no harm done to your roters.

Never take maintenance for granted!              
These little things you do can help you have the best driving experience and save you money with towering repair costs. Plus, doing a simple preventive check can save you from future frustrations. So, never hesitate to ask for an expert; you can always go to A + Plus Auto Glass! Visit A + Plus Auto Glass at 13148 W Foxfire Dr #120, Surprise, Arizona or call the hotline 623-218-6844.


Next? Preventive Maintenance Tips to Follow (Part 2)

Independent Repair Shops VS Franchise Repair Shops

When you need to find a reliable auto body repair, there are many choices to choose. By many, I mean hundreds of them near you. The first thing you will notice, of course, are the big franchise auto shops. Upon your first instinct, you would probably go for the popular names.

blue sedan on ground

However, if you broaden your search, you will realize that there are, in fact, other independently-owned repair shops. This can be your best option. You know why? Just think of franchise repair shops as fast food chains. Yes, they are popular, but they will NOT give you a tastier and healthier in town. They are just there for convenience to be honest.

So, if you want a sure bang for the buck, you will not go for these franchise repair shops. Don’t fall for their fancy slogans or ideal location. Go for the well-equipped shop to get the repair job done. Here are other reasons why a franchise auto repair shop is not the best option for you:


  1. You will get mediocre repairs.

Typically, franchise shops work in huge volumes. Inevitably, they will employ shortcuts to accommodate the bulk of repairs needed. For instance, instead of repairing an original metal piece, they will just opt to replace it to expedite the repair process.

An independent shop can check your car more thoroughly. Check on the exact paint color before spraying in your car. In the quest to repair your car faster, franchise shops spray too much and it will result to terrible paint finishes.

  1. You aren’t the boss.

The body shop usually has links to insurance companies. They don’t depend on you; they work for these companies. Not to mention, they await for referrals from insurance companies. Of course, when an insurance company is looking for a repair shop, they will refer you to a cheap one. So, franchise is their best bet.

However, you can choose not to go to the repair shop your insurance recommends. There are still other shop that will accept insurance claims.  You can do your own research and check for shops near you.

  1. Franchise shops are more EXPENSIVE!

Having a quality car repair is not something difficult to achieve. There are professional work attained from independent body shops. Moreover, they do not cost more than having repairs from franchise shop.

Aside from that, the franchise shops offer low price in painting your car. However, it is unlikely that it will just be a mere painting job. To a certain degree, there would be at least some repair needed to be done. Thus, franchise shops may give you a cheap price, but all the extra repairs will cost you more. The little amounts will eventually pile up and end up having staggering total bill to pay!


So, if you need a shop that can guarantee an excellent treatment for your car, A + Plus Auto Glass is the independent shop that you can rely on. A + Plus Auto Glass can offer FREE Mobile Service and can immediately send out one of our experienced Phoenix auto glass repair and replacement technicians. Call A + Plus Auto Glass  at ‎(623) 218-6844 or visit us at 13148 W Foxfire Drive #120 Surprise, Arizona.


10 Tips in Choosing the Right Car Repair Shop

What if you are just new to the area, but this other vehicle hits your car out of nowhere. When you just moved into a new place, it pretty tough to find a shop to repair that noticeable damage. Of course, you would not just hand over your car to an unfamiliar collision repair shop.

A man adjusting the lock mechanism on a car door

So, before on deciding which local auto repair shop to call, I will list some tips to help you choose the best car repair shop out there.

  • Get a Shop that Is Certified

As you enter the shop’s waiting area or visit their website, you will usually see the various certifications displayed for everyone to see. A + Plus Auto Glass is BBB Accredited Business and is I-CAR Certified. This certification proves that A + Plus Auto Glass is at par with the standards and requirement to fix particular vehicles that are based on the quality and safety regulations of the manufacturer. Do some online research and find out a car repair business with a high Better Business Bureau rank. Find out if there are complaints against these shops.

  • Make Sure the Auto Body Shop Gives Written Estimates

This is important to have in case additional repairs is needed. Know other shop’s estimate as well so you could compare. That is a good idea especially if you will use your own money. At A + Plus Auto Glass, we provide a free quote. Just please fill out this online form and we will get back with an estimate as soon as possible!

  • Ask About Body Shop Warranties

Get a shop that could sell you a warranty for the whole lifetime of your car. This means you are covered when there are defects and get the parts your car needs. Ask each shop what kind of warranties they offer and what it covers.

  • Know What Other People Say

Go online and you will know the shop’s reviews. Do a little research and look for pictures of the vehicles they have fixed. If not, why not ask around your neighbors and friends who live nearby? Perhaps, they know a reputable auto repair shop? The more people who know about a shop, the better for you. That means they are known for their good performance and are referred to other people.

Other Things to Look for:

Here are other things you should look for in a shop:

  1. Neatness and orderliness.
  2. Ties with insurance companies.
  3. Specialization on a given vehicle type.
  4. Scope of their car repair services.
  5. Security of the area.
  6. The duration of the repair.


Having said that, look no further. A + Plus Auto Glass has all that covered. It is more than just your ordinary auto body shop because it offers the revolutionary SHIELDswapTM process, meaning you will be back on the road in only 2 to 4 hours from the time you called. Plus, A + Plus Auto Glass has professionally trained repair technicians equipped with the right tools to handle your vehicle properly. You may call A + Plus Auto Glass  at ‎(623) 218-6844!


Will There Be Some Problems to Your Car After a Minor Fender Bender?

If you ask the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), they will tell you that more than 6 million traffic accidents each year in the country. To be more precise, 40% of this are rear-end collisions. Even though most accidents are NOT serious, there will still be damages that may not immediately appear. Sadly, what may seem to be a minor car accident will cause a serious problem in the future.

orange hair Lego toy looking at red beetle car

Below are the unseen complications that you should take note about:


A low speed accident could STILL damage the vehicles frame. You may not see the damage right away because it is either too little for you to notice.

If you do not have it checked immediately, then, this seemingly minor damage can affect you negatively. For one, it  could change the efficiency of your air bag when accidents occur. Moreover, it could likewise affect how your car can withstand a strong force in case of a major blow. AND this could endanger your life and your passengers’ safety in an accident!


Aside from what was discussed earlier, there are other issues, and possibly, costly problems that you may not notice right away.

  • Transmission issues – like jumping, grinding or slipping while it is accelerating when you shift the gears. One indication is when the car shakes even in first gear or there’s a burnt smell from your hood. If you do not address this instantly, then, costly repairs are gonna pile up to your total bill.
  • Rust potential – even a ding or a tiny scratch will show. The paint protects your vehicle from water and will soon rust. The same goes when the metal gets road salt water! These instances can also hasten the production of rust to the metal surface.
  • Wear out your tires – when your car’s body panel is tampered in the course of a fender bender, either plastic or a metal element could begin to rub at the rotating tire. And this will cause damage to your tires.
  • Suspension and steering issues – majority of the vehicles are fragile, and even if it runs at low speed, the impact may cause your car not to work as its natural balance has been disturbed by the accident. This will affect the way your car can take simple things like driving through potholes. That will absolutely damage your steering system and your suspension.
  • Engine mechanical efficiency – again, no matter how low your speed is, a minor accident can still hurt the modern engine parts. The slightest damage in the car’s system can result to a very serious mechanical problems later on.


When your car gets into a minor accident, don’t underestimate it. Even when the damage may seem very unlikely, there could be underlying problems that could compromise your safety.  Please don’t take chances and bring your car to a reliable auto body shop like A + Plus Auto Glass to have it checked! There’s no need to do it yourself because A + Plus Auto Glass will inspect your car thoroughly, both inside and out. Just call A + Plus Auto Glass  at ‎(623) 218-6844!


Spring Is Here! These Everyday Things May Damage Your Car’s Paint (Part 2)

If you just had your car repaired, the auto body shop may have made your vehicle looked like brand new. In Spring Is Here! These Everyday Things May Damage Your Car’s Paint (Part 1), I already discussed how bug splatters and bird dropping can damage your car. Now, there are still other things that make your car’s finish dull. Eventually, it will fade and damage your once excellent-looking car.

yellow petaled flower

With that being said, these are 3 seemingly ordinary things that can actually damage your car. Plus, I will also share some tips on how protect your vehicle from further damage.


  • During spring, the sun brings life to may living things. However, when we are exposed too much sun, we will get burned; the same thing can happen to your car. If you leave it out on the open, the vehicle’s paint will fade. Fading will happen if you leave it in broad daylight. Experts advise you to park your car in a shady area, or cover it if you plan to leave it under the sun.

Flying Debris

  • Salt can erode many things including roads and highways. So, if this could cause loose pavement debris to come flying your way. It may seem trivial, but these debris get picked up by car tires and hurls toward your windows, bumper, hood, and windshield. This will eventually result to cracks and chips. Doesn’t just affect the paint but also the car’s body!
  • When you see a chip, take your car to an auto body repair shop immediately. Do not wait for the windshield or the windows to crack. Plus, finding a matching auto paint will be difficult so just leave the car repair to the experts.

Tree Saps

  • If you have parked your car under a tree, for sure, you have experiences splotches on your roof, hood, and windshield. These smudges could be because of a tree sap. Typically, a tree sap is made up of chemicals can could trigger a reaction to your car’s coat and paint. This will be hard to remove and it could also leave a permanent mark on your car.
  • What is the best way to avoid complications due to tree saps? You have to wipe it right away using a microfiber towel and polish (or rubbing compound). Do this immediately because if this tree sap will land on your windshield or hood, it will leave a rough patch. Plus, it will get baked by the sun, making it more difficult to remove. So, as soon as you see one, wipe it off.

If Your Car Gets Damaged, Ask an Expert!

Normal and everyday things will damage your car such as eggs, pebbles, rocks, debris, and many other things. To avoid the immediate wearing off of the car’s coating, wash it regularly. If you see a noticeable damage, take it to an auto body shop especially if it has affected your windows and windshield. Most auto body shops can offer you services aside from repair. These professionals can also make your car feel like brand new. When you need a reliable auto body repair shop, visit A + Plus Auto Glass at 13148 W. Foxfire Drive #120, Surprise, AZ, or you may call A + Plus Auto Glass at 623-218-6844!

Spring Is Here! These Everyday Things May Damage Your Car’s Paint (Part 1)

Finally, spring has come.  Usually, in the US, spring will last from March until May. It is the much-anticipated season of new beginnings; you get to see fresh blooms, tall trees, and other viridian sights. Aww, what a beautiful sight to see, right?

green grass field sunset scenery

However, spring has also its fair share of disadvantages. It brings in damages that will surely affect your once shiny vehicle. Below, I will list some of the ordinary things that may damage the paint on your precious car. During this time, it is important to know the forces that could damage your car’s finish  later on. Here a few things that may seem harmless, but it will surely damage the paint and coat of your car.

Bug Juices

  • First on the list are the flying bugs that get splattered. There are many bugs during spring that would get flattened by your car’s wipers. Of course, these dead bugs won’t just lay on your hood, but they excrete bug juices. You may think that these bug juices are harmless, but they can damage your car’s paint because of its acidic nature.
  • Once splattered, these bugs would become nasty acid that would react with the car’s print. If you do not remove them right away, these bugs would leave and imprint on your car. Yes, they will leave a permanent mark if you don’t do something about it.
  • What to do? Experts share that you should remove these bug splatters using with a soft cloth and an elbow grease. Rinsing it with soap and water is also a good idea. If you have an extra budget, then, you can get a bug and tar remover. Better yet, you apply an additional layer of protection. To make sure bugs won’t get baked on the front of your car, Scotchguard it to add a layer of security. Once you wait too long, bug stains will surely be noticeable and you will need to rush your car to an auto body shop.

Bird Droppings

  • Aside from bugs, there are also lots of birds during spring. What do these feathered creatures bring? Yes, there would be bird droppings. When do these dropping land? You are right again! These will land on the roof of your car or on your windshield. Like the bug juices, the excretions are also acidic because birds would usually just much on berries and seeds. Moreover, these grains have a rough texture, and it would surely scratch your car.
  • The recommend remedy is to use a  soft cloth, preferably a wet microfiber towel, and wipe it away using an upward direction to avoid the grits to scratch your car. So, don’t just wipe it away; try to lift the droppings away from your car because it will definitely contain rough seeds. Other than that, the uric acid could tarnish the coat finish of your car.

If your car gets damaged, do not delay!

Sometimes, we make our own repairs to avoid costly fees. However, in our attempt to save money, we end up spending more. Leave car repairs to the experts. You can call A + Plus Auto Glass for your auto body repair needs. If anything hampers your view, A + Plus Auto Glass can repair your car’s windshield. Just call 623-218-6844 from 8:00 am – 5:30 pm!

Is It a Bad Idea to Use Cheap Gas for Your Car?

Wherever you are in the world, let’s face the fact that gas prices are expensive. Truthfully, every single one of us is one looking for ways to save money on gas. You try to save every penny you can and refueling at an off-brand station will help you save money, right? Is it really a sure way to save or are you endangering your car more? In this blog post, let’s break that down.

shallow focus photography of white Avia gas pump

At the end of the day, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), you should stop worrying about buying cheap gas. If you ask the two engineers at AAA, they will just tell you that cheap gas will unlikely damage your car.

Are you really sure?

Yes, because the computer built-in your car can adjust to varying types of fuel. You could thank the advancement of technology that modern car engines can now easily adapt to different fuel variants. Thus, most drivers won’t even feel the difference in engine performance when using premium gas from a luxurious brand or a less expensive gas from a gas station you have never heard of.

A matter of preference

For someone who just bought a brand new car, of course, this driver would be careful on what gasoline to put. Perhaps, he would not mind spending a few dollars more just to be sure. If it gives you peace, then, use premium gas on your car.

However, for someone who owns an old car, at this point, you don’t get to be picky. The brand of fuel is unnecessary and you would still fine even if you chose to refuel using a cheap one.

An automotive engineer even recommended by saying, “Go for the cheapest gas you can that’s accessible to your location.” That advice is from the Automobile Club of Southern California, and if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Every company uses the same “base gas”

The difference lies on the mix of additives. Every fuel brand starts out the same, and it will only vary when different companies add their own formulation. Basically, everyone gets the base gas from a common oil refinery. The Environmental Protection Agency is there to monitor if the gas companies help in lessening carbon emissions and in cleaning the car’s engine.

To be honest, major gas companies just add more additives and claim these things to be their “secret ingredient.” Additives claim to help in adding an extra boost in terms of cleaning and protecting the engine. This is why premium gas is priced higher than the cheap alternatives. However, is this truly necessary?

According to John Nielsen, engineering direct at the American Automobile Association (AAA), “If you buy cheap gas from a nameless refueling station because that is the only thing available, it will not harm your car.” Additionally, Nielsen shared that it is best to read the manual of your car to know what fuel the automaker recommends.

Ask a reliable auto repair shop!

The team of experts at  A + Plus Auto Glass will surely give you their professional advice. Plus,  A + Plus Auto Glass provides extensive car services such as auto repair, mobile repair service, and more. With the state-of-the-art equipment used by  A + Plus Auto Glass, you are sure that your vehicle is in safe hands. For more information, you may call (623) 218-6844!

5 Tips to Avoid Vehicular Accidents (Part 2)

In the US, not buckling up still remains to be the leading cause of traffic accidents. As highways become congested each passing day, this another reminder to slow down and to follow traffic rules in oder to avoid accidents. In 5 Tips to Avoid Vehicular Accidents (Part 1), I already shared a few driving tips to avoid auto collisions.

shallow focus photography of person driving

Now, I will share more tips to minimize road accidents and to promote a safer driving for everyone.

  • Do NOT rely on side mirrors alone. Your side mirrors can also create blind spots you won’t notice. When you are parked too close to other cars, physically look over your shoulder when backing out the parking lot. Fender benders happen often on tight parking spaces.
  • Always concentrate and keep the worries at bay. Look ahead and focus on where you are driving. Anticipate the next 10 seconds or so. If you cannot concentrate, do not drive. Accidents happen because the driver got distracted. This common incident has cause too many car accidents happen. So, do not take your eyes off the road. Wait until you have reached a rest stop. If you need to answer an urgent call, park your car first. Distracted driving is unsafe for you and the people around you.
  • Do NOT follow too closely. Avoid staying too close to another car’s rear bumper. As much as possible, leave a space between you. Allow a 3-second cushion  or imagine another car ahead of you. That way, the actual space between cars will be wider. If you know that you will attend an important event, then, better leave the hours early enough so you do not have to rush things. Accidents will mostly happen when you are in a hurry to reach your destination.
  • Always be courteous. Other people may not show courtesy but do not be like them. Be the good example for new drivers. Treat other drivers and passengers with utmost respect. If you see someone being rowdy and violating rules, report them right away to the police. No one has the right to act like he owns the road.
  • Avoid night driving. If you can, do not drive at night. According to the National Safety Council, you are risking your life 3 times higher than driving during the day. Death rates are 3x more likely to happen at night. This is because one might encounter intoxicated and/or sleepy drivers.

No matter how you claim to be an expert driver, you can’t avoid stumbling into dangerous drivers. Whenever you are on the road,  there will always be hazards. That’s why you should keep these tips in mind. Someone could be beating the red light, sleepy, or distracted. If you happen to get into a vehicular accident and you need to repair your car, then, A + Plus Auto Glass is the best option when you are in Arizona. A + Plus Auto Glass will only replace your windshield using original (or O.E.M.) parts, glass, and adhesives. Be sure to visit A + Plus Auto Glass at 13148 W Foxfire Drive #120 Surprise, AZ or you may call 623-218-6844.