Tips in Choosing a Car Seat for Your Child

One of the main things that you will buy for your child is a car seat. Let’s say, from the moment you take your infant home from the hospital until she will be able to fit into a regular adult seat, she’ll be needing her own car seat.

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Buying the expensive one does not mean you will get the best car seat. There are also mid-priced or cheaper models that work almost the same or even better than the expensive ones. No matter what the price is, the car seat will still depend on the type and kind of car you have. With this being said, it is very important to plan and think beforehand.

In this article, you will know the things we should consider in buying a car seat for your infant child.

Know your options and choose the right model

Your infant child will go through a transition that you will be needing to keep up with it and change your car seat to another as well. Here are the different types to help you land in on the right one for you.

  • Infant car seat

    • It is designed for infants, who are newborn until they are at least 2 years old. The seat should be rear-facing, and the base should be fixed on the car seat. Additionally, the baby carrier is the only removable feature of the seat.
    • Ideally, infants, around 4 to 40 lbs, should fit well. Most kids, who aren’t that tall, can still utilize their infant seats.
  • Convertible seat

    • Once your child outgrows the infant car seat, the next option is the convertible one. You can buy it no later than your child hits his/her first birthday. Again, this depends on your child’s height.
  • Booster seat

    • This kind of car seat can only be used for kids in a forward-facing position and for those who already outgrow the weight and height limit of the forward-facing seat’s harness.
    • The booster car seat can have its own set of buckles or it can use the seat belt found in your car. Your child’s height will dictate that most comfortable strap. Also, you can bring your child when buying one so he/she can try out the seat.
  • All-in-one car seat

    • This kind of seat is almost the same as a convertible car seat, but they can work as a booster seat as well.
      • Advantages of getting an all-in-one seat:
        • Provides immense value by bringing your child from birth to booster seat until he or she is old enough to only use the car’s seat belt.
        • It can be a good back up seat for a caretaker who brings a child often.
        • Since it is a 3-in-1 seat, getting this can be a huge money-saver.

Know your child, know the stores, and know your car.

Knowing your child’s weight and height will help you determine the kind of car seat you will be buying and where you can purchase this kind best.  As for your car, it will be best to check your car’s manual about the child-safety section. Aside from a car seat, the windshield serves a protection for your car in case of any accidents. If you want your windshield to be repaired, visit A + Plus Auto Glass  at 13148 W. Foxfire Drive #120 Surprise, Arizona. Call A + Plus Auto Glass at (623) 218-6844 to get free repair estimates!

Do New Cars Need to Have An Auto Service Contract?

When you bought a new car, there is a big chance that you will be offered a service contract. But what exactly is a service contract and how it differs from a warranty? Service contracts and warranties are almost the same as both of them serve the element of maintenance or repair for a specific period. However, the primary difference is that warranty comes with the new car and is included in the purchase price, and the service contract would be an additional cost.

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Service contracts, also known as extended warranties, can range incredibly and may not be worth the extra money. Some of it duplicates what is covered in a warranty. On the other hand, having service contract may lessen financial stress for those who own models from uncertain brands and bring extra precautions to take proper care, repair and maintenance for their car.

So, what’s the real catch here? Do you need to purchase a service contract for your new car? Answer is, not necessarily. You are generally not required to purchase a service contract when you buy a car. As to whether service contract or an extended warranty is a good idea or not, the answer is that it will depend on what is the coverage, at what price, as well as your risk tolerance. To help you decide, here are the things you should consider whether to buy or not to buy a service contract:

Are the people who handle the repairs trustworthy and have a good reputation?

  1. Make sure that you have contact information of the company so if you have questions or problems, you can reach out to them easily.
  2. Take time to study the company name online and look for review, comments, or complaints.
  3. Contact your state consumer protection office to check if they have received any complaints regarding this company.

You need to know as well that if you buy a service contract from a company that goes out of business and cannot even honor claims, there is little that you can do.

What does the service contract cover and provide?

  1. Make sure to understand what is covered and what is not.
  2. Take note how long does the service contract will last.
  3. Know if they provide coverage beyond the warranty.
  4. Ask if there will be deductibles, shipping costs, service fees or reimbursement limits.
  5. Look out for clauses that deny coverage.
  6. See if accidental damage is included.
  7. Ask if there will be transfer fees in case you decide to sell the product.

Know the Product

  1. Review and check websites that give information on possible product repairs and the costs associated with them.
  2. Know the potential repair cost.
  3. Research if you will be buying the product from a reliable and has a good reputation company.

In overall, the decision to purchase a service contract is largely dependent on your operating budget and needs. As a car owner it is your responsibility to perform your due diligence to ensure the best results. If you need an auto glass, you don’t have to worry because  A + Plus Auto Glass  is here.  A + Plus Auto Glass is the preferred auto glass repair by ALL major insurance companies.

Is An Extended Auto Warranty Worth It?

If you are a car owner, you probably have heard of the term “extended auto warranty.” But what exactly is an extended auto warranty? An extended warranty, also called a service agreement, a service contract, or a vehicle service plan, is a prolonged warranty or vehicle health insurance offered to consumers in addition to the standard warranty on new items.

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The extended warranty may be offered by the warranty administrator, the retailer or the manufacturer. Extended warranties cost extra and for a percentage of the item’s retail price.

This article will help you weigh your options on whether an extended auto warranty is worth it.

Coverage of the service

What repairs and/or service are included? Do I get to customize it? Some services or companies offer warranties that are flexible, wherein it can be custom-fit to your car’s needs. The main key is for you to understand your needs and that each level of warranty can vary from company to company. It is very important for you to understand what is included (and what is not) on the contract.

Price of the extension

Is it affordable? How much will it cost me?

Pay attention at what you are paying with the coverage options you have. Sometimes, the lowest price would mean that you are opting out from essential repair options. Remember, the lowest price does not necessarily mean that it is the best price.

The company

Is it a third-party warranty provider? Choosing a third-party is NOT exactly bad, but it will limits your choices in terms of repairs and location. That is why choosing the right company or an authorized warranty provider is as important as choosing what car to buy.

Discounts and perks

Will I be able to receive a discount if I avail this extended warranty? Being able to have the best price for the extended warranty is one thing, but being able to have a discount on top of that? It is something else! Besides, saving money is the main reason you are planning to get an extended warranty. Make sure to consider the discounts and decide what warranty offers the best value for your hard-earned money.

Age of the car

Is it a secondhand car? Your need for an extended warranty will depend on the age of your vehicle.

The years and mileage will be detrimental in calculating final cost of the warranty. Also in general, older cars are more expensive to cover. Depending on how old and reliable your vehicle is, warranty providers set a price that will reflect the frequency of the repairs needed to ensure that the car is roadworthy.

Driving history

What kind of driver am I on the road? Warranty providers also consider how well you take good care your vehicle and how likely you are to get into an accident. This is common and typical with auto insurance as well, where a driving history can lower the cost of insurance policies.

I hope these information will help you decide whether to or not to get an extended warranty. To maintain your history clean, maintain your car at A + Plus Auto Glass. You have to make sure that the windshield is functioning as it should. A + Plus Auto Glass will help you take care of a chip or a crack as soon as you notice it. Call (623) 218-6844 to schedule a car maintenance and check up!

Is It Important to Keep a Repair or Maintenance Log for Your Vehicle?

Keeping a repair or maintenance log for your vehicle

Having maintenance of your vehicle is vital when it comes to keeping your car in excellent running condition. Not to mention, the log will help you to take care of small problems before they turn into big ones, and in the long run, this practice will make it possible for you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Together with maintaining your vehicle, you will also need to keep up with your maintenance records. Listed below are some of the reason why keeping vehicle maintenance record is necessary.

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It will help you keep track, eliminate guesswork and unneeded maintenance.

A lot of people lead a very busy life that they tend to forget when they changed the oil or rotated their tires. If you have a vehicle maintenance log, you will be able to know exactly when your tires were rotated, which would have let you save some time and money. It might not be a lot, but over time, it saves you from an unneeded maintenance.

Besides, you don’t have to do any guesswork about when was the last time you changed your oil, topped up your fluids, had a brake inspection, and such. You can just refer to your log, and you will be able know exactly what repairs or services your need.

It helps you know the comprehensive cost of ownership of your car.

Maintenance cost of vehicles vary, and some might cost more to maintain. But without having any sort of maintenance log, it is difficult to track and monitor the exact costs of maintaining and repairing your vehicle.

Also, this can make it a bit tougher to budget, and secure that you have enough money for other maintenance fees. You will never know exactly the amount you are spending!

Having a comprehensive records of oil changes, car repairs, tires rotation and other typical maintenance duties will let you see exactly how much you spend on your vehicle annually, and this help you budget your finances more efficiently.

It increase the vehicle’s resale value.

A vehicle that has a complete maintenance log with receipts is an indication that you have been exceptionally taking proper care and taking extra precautions for your vehicle. Also, it helps buyers know what they are buying

Your repair log can give buyers peace of mind, and it is crucial in understanding the condition of the vehicle. Moreover, it assures that the buyers will be able to know which parts have been repaired.

So, every time you are busy keeping your car clean and shiny, remember to keep its history clean as well. Take the time to keep track any changes you do to your vehicle and any repairs or replacement that have been done, and you will see, in the future, this small time investment will have a more valuable results than expected.

If you need to maintain your car in tip-top condition, visit A + Plus Auto Glass at 13148 W Foxfire Drive #120 Surprise, Arizona. A + Plus Auto Glass  is here to make sure your windshield is strongly secured. When a chip or crack appears, call A + Plus Auto Glass  immediately at (623) 218-6844!

What Are the Top 10 Causes of Vehicle Fires? (Part 3)

When you watch TV shows and movies, a scene where the vehicle catches fire is scary. Do vehicle really explode? As we often see on these films, cars just blow up without warning.

white sedan

But if you have been following my posts, you would know that there are several factors that can start a fire. It’s better to read about the cause of vehicle fires beforehand so that you can be vigilant about it and avoid making these mistakes in the future.

Overheating Engines

  • Overheating won’t easily enable the car to burst into flames. However, it can hasten the process because it can trigger a domino effect. For instance, overheating can make the oil and coolant rise extreme temperatures. Once it’s hot enough, it will start to spill and leak from its container. The liquids will spread to the engine bay and the exhaust system, ending up to places where they should not be. Remember, these fluids are flammable so they can quickly start a fire.

Spilled Fluids

  • The many dangerous fluids found inside your car. Under the hood, you would see the engine oil, break fluid, transmission fluid amongst many others. All these fluids circulating inside the vehicle, are flammable. Once they start drip out, they can be very dangerous.
  • Worse things will happen if the fluids will mix with other aggravating factors. It could all end up starting a car fire. It could start at the engine bay, where the chemicals and fluids are mostly store. Remember, the gasoline and brake fluid constantly move along the different sections of the vehicle. Thus, fire can easily spread.

Electrical Wiring

  • Flaws on the electrical wiring is the second leading cause of vehicle fires.  This data is from the Walters Forensic Engineering, and they cited that car batteries are problematic.
  • A standard battery can cause trouble. The charging cycles of the battery allows hydrogen gas build up. Then, electrical current of the battery provides can cause sparks.
  • The electrical system is not only found in the car’s hood, but it present throughout the entire car. Wires are under the carpet, in the doors, in heated seats, and other places you would not think of.

Fuel System

  • Lastly, fuel system leaks are the number one cause of vehicle car. As you have read in What Are the Top 10 Causes of Vehicle Fires? (Part 1) and What Are the Top 10 Causes of Vehicle Fires? (Part 2), there are factors that can influence and start leaks.
  • The fluids are not only flammable, but it is also corrosive and poisonous. Among all the fuels found in your car, the gasoline is the absolute worst. Gasoline that reaches 45 degrees Fahrenheit can start a fire. The higher the gasoline temperature, the more probable a car fire is.
  • With a simple spark, anything can happen. When the gasoline temperature goes up to 495 degrees Fahrenheit, it will start a fire on its own.
  • The best solution of the problem is to properly maintain your car. You will reduce the chances of a car fire if you avoid situations that I previously mention. If you smell gas or notice any chemicals leaking, do something about it immediately.

Do not wait for emergencies and accidents to happen. Have your car checked by a trusted auto body or glass repair shop. You can visit A + Plus Auto Glass at 13148 W Foxfire Drive #120
Surprise, Arizona. You may call (623) 218-6844 for more inquiries.



What Are the Top 10 Causes of Vehicle Fires? (Part 2)

In What Are the Top 10 Causes of Vehicle Fires? (Part 1), I discussed the possible dangers of design flaws, poor maintenance, more. There are other factors that contribute to vehicle fires. Once your car is engulfed in fire, there’s nothing you can do. You can’t just risk your life to save your car from burning!

black car on road

So, knowing the possible factors can help you avoid potential fires.

Possible Arson

  • You might think, Arson is a crime, right? Why would someone set their car on fire? Well, you’d be surprised many people burn purposely burn cars.
  • This is to to cover up other crimes such as theft, murder, insurance fraud, and other heinous acts. Perhaps, it could be a typical case of vandalism. Whatever the reason is, arson is done to cover up another criminal acts.
  • Take note that setting a car on fire is easier than you think. The challenge, however, is to be undetected. An arsonist can combine several fire starters in order to accomplish the task. No way, I am promoting such acts, but I’m telling you that some people may deliberately burn cars.

Overworked Catalytic Converter

  • One of the hottest car parts is the exhaust system. It runs the whole time the car is switched on. That’s why this part is often overlooked. Generally, because catalytic converters working too hard, they are prone to overheating.
  • When the car’s engine isn’t functioning well, it won’t be able to properly burn the fuel and it ends up exhausting the resources. Therefore, the cat has to work hard to do its job, and it will be hotter than usual.
  • An overworked catalytic converter can be as hot as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. When it works hard, it won’t just cause long-term damage, but it will also damage the surrounding parts of the catalytic converter.
  • Don’t get me wrong, cars are created to withstand high temperatures, but it won’t be able consistently adapt to hot environments. If the catalytic converter gets too hot, fire could spark in cabin insulation.

Electric Cars

  • When the public knew about the Tesla Model S, the public –including the media– dubbed it as the safest car. However, in 2013, a Tesla Model S car was reported to be on fire. The fully electric Model S was supposed to be immune to any battery-related problems, but a Tesla Model S, running at high speeds, hit a foreign object and damaged the battery. The next thing that happened, the car was on fire.
  • From 2011 to 2012, Chevy Volt became a news items when the test vehicles caught fire on its routine impact testing. Federal investigators mentioned of a leaking coolant.
  • These incidents were a cause of concern for many people. A lot of commuters expressed their worry about using hybrid and electric batteries. Honestly, you can’t blame the public because potential new designs could potentially create new problems. It will take a long time before these incidents disappear from the public consciousness.

More discussed on: What Are the Top 10 Causes of Vehicle Fires? (Part 3)

What Are the Top 10 Causes of Vehicle Fires? (Part 1)

Car fires don’t just start randomly! In 5 Safety Tips to Remember During a Car Fire, I taught you how to be safe in case of a vehicle fire. This time around, I will focus on the different factors that contribute to vehicle fires.

3 men in yellow and green suit holding brown wooden stick

As I have mentioned earlier, fires don’t just ignite. In fact, it is a combination of human errors and mechanical errors. Several factors come into play and create a life-threatening scenario. Knowing the different factors will help avoid a deadly situation. So, let’s get to it right away!

Design Flaws

  • First, there is what you call a design flaw in a vehicle. This won’t start a fire by itself, but it can hasten car fires. Moreover, design flaws can make certain conditions possible, making car fire unavoidable.
  • Generally, car manufacturers can detect these dangerous situations early on. You would know about a automobile manufacturer issuing a recall because no one wants to be known for roasting their customers.
  • For most car fires, a design flaw is one of the leading causes. Just to clarify though, not every design flaw will start a vehicle fire. There are some instances where auto manufacturers would recall certain vehicles because of fire hazard. In 2019, Hyundai and Kia recalled more than 150,000 vehicles because of engine fires.

Car Crash

  • Depending on where the affected area is, a car crash can start a fire. Your vehicle has a body frame that can withstand crashes and heavy blows. However, there are risky areas such as the car engine, the car battery and the gas tank.
  • For one, these areas flammable. They are also sensitive to heat and smoke. A drastic increase in temperature can set a vehicle ablaze. When  flammable fluids are spilled, it will greatly expedite vehicle fires.
  • Since the passengers are inside the vehicle, it may be difficult to spot an emerging problem. However, when you notice fire and smoke, immediately leave the vehicle. Get away from the car as far as you can.
  • In case it will explode, flying car parts won’t injure you. Keep a safe distance and do not attempt to put out the fire. Instead, call 911 immediately. Read: 5 Safety Tips to Remember During a Car Fire.

Poor Maintenance

  • Humans can’t be listed as a factor because we can’t conjure fires with our own hands. However, if a human being is lazy and/or following mediocre maintenance practices, then it would be a serious problem. This would make your vehicle more dangerous, and more prone to car fires.
  • Neglecting to properly care for your car will eventually lead to an explosive scenario. Faulty wiring and leaks can cause a fire. Remember, the chemicals in your car all flammable. If you don’t seal containers properly, hazardous fluids would leak and start a fire.
  • Frayed wiring can also spark and combine with the fluids. These two things will be a deadly combination for you! So, seal everything tightly and regularly check for leaks!

More will discussed on: What Are the Top 10 Causes of Vehicle Fires? (Part 2)

How to Find a Good Auto Mechanic?

When you need to do car repairs, what are the factors that affect your decision? Moreover, where do you look for dependable car repair shops? Most importantly, how do you find a good auto mechanic?

In this post, I will talk about the various factors that you should consider when making a car repair decision.

man in blue polo shirt and gray shorts sitting on yellow and black power toolIs the car currently under warranty?

First, you need to check if your car is covered by any warranty. If it is, you should go for the mechanic or technician referred by the automobile manufacturer.

Typically, you would need to take your car to a local service bay for car repairs. However, this isn’t always the case; you can opt for other certified mechanics. Just make sure they covered by your insurance or warranty.

Lastly, you should read the terms and conditions again to make sure you are following the necessary steps in using it for car repairs. Once your warranty expires, then, you can go to any auto repair shop for car servicing.

Alright… so how do I find a good mechanic?

Remember that finding a good mechanic should not be difficult. You should start asking your family and close friends. For sure, in that circle alone, they can recommend a shop or two.

If that doesn’t work, you can always refer to the Better Business Bureau. It is an online resource when you want to find any business. This ain’t just exclusive to car repair shops. From home improvement professionals to general contractors, the Better Business Bureau can help you find reliable ones.

It is recommended to do your research and read review about car repair shops. To avoid further complications, always inspect your car and its engine before you take long trips. For instance, check the batteries. You can read more on 3 Tips to Avoid a Dead Battery.

If your car needs a specific work done, make sure to go to repair specialists that have the right equipment for the job. There are car repairs that you shouldn’t do on your own!

A + Plus Auto Glass is a trusted partner in terms of auto glass replacement. The repair experts at A + Plus Auto Glass only uses O.E.M. car parts, glass, and adhesives. Moreover, the SHIELDswapTM process will guarantee that you will only 2 to 4 hours because A + Plus Auto Glass has automated the process.

It is best to get a second opinion!

It is your right to get a second opinion and I won’t stop you. Prices may vary depending on the shop, but I’m telling you A + Plus Auto Glass is the one of the best auto glass repair facilities in the Valley of the Sun.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend you the cheapest one. However, I would recommend a BBB accredited business and a repair shop that uses only O.E.M. car parts. A + Plus Auto Glass has those 2 important factors! Visit A + Plus Auto Glass  at 13148 W. Foxfire Drive #120 Surprise, Arizona!

Safety Tips to Follow When You Getting Your Car Repaired

In Car Repair Scams You Should Know About, I made you aware of the various repair scams proliferating around. For this post, I will inform you about some tips if ever you get your car repaired.

mechanical tools on shelf and on wall

Precautionary tips to follow:

  • Always ask for a written estimate before starting any repairs.

    • When the repair is estimated to be more than $100, the law mandates repair shops to provide a written estimate. Moreover, if the repair goes over by 10% (or $10), they should contact you before proceeding.
    • Most states practice this so know that it is your right to ask for a written estimate especially if it is a major repair.
  • Ask what the warranties and guarantees are.

    • Since you are on the topic of written estimates, ask what the repair shop can guarantee if you choose their services. For instance, the auto glass repairs at A + Plus Auto Glass is backed up with the Lifetime Guarantee, which means that from the moment f A + Plus Auto Glass replaces your windshield, A + Plus Auto Glass will repair chips on that windshield. This is FREE just as long as you the certified owner of the vehicle.
  • Check online reviews of the repair shop.

    • Do your own research and read testimonials. Check for car repair shop records and see if there are complaints against the shops.
    • Ideally, you would want to go for repair shops that are registered with the state. Moreover, check if they have a good standing with the Better Business Bureau.
    • Before you decide on a car repair shop, be sure to NOT skip this step. In case you are wondering, yes, A + Plus Auto Glass is an accredited business listed on
  • Be sure to not pay for any unnecessary repairs.

    • Don’t tell repair shops what to do because you may end up getting unnecessary repairs. Unless you are certain that you need this specific repair, it’s best to let them decide what is needed for your car.
  • Ask quotes from different repair shops.

    • Look for the best deal by asking around. You don’t have to settle on the first shop you see. Ask written estimates a number of different repair shops.
  • Look for certifications before you decide. 

    • Aside from online reviews, check if a car repair shop has mechanics and repair specialists with certification. The repair shop’s awards and certifications are usually displayed on their service bay. The mechanics at A + Plus Auto Glass are I-CAR certified professionals.
  • Ask to see the used parts.

    • To ensure a repair is completed correctly, ask for the replaced parts. See and take back the parts of your car.
  • Find a repair shop that honors your car warranty.

    • Check if they honor current warranties. If they won’t, you will have to pay for the labor and replacement parts.
  • Look for a professional repair shop.

    • Being orderly and clean are signs of a good and professional repair shop. Honest repair shops won’t rush you to do repairs. Instead, they would be accommodating of your questions. Written estimates are given without hesitation. A+ Plus Auto Glass provides FREE online estimates for your car repairs. You may call ‎(623) 218-6844 if you have more questions.

Next, I will discuss how to find a good auto mechanic. Stay tuned for that!

Car Repair Scams You Should Know About (Part 2)

In Car Repair Scams You Should Know About (Part 1), I have already discussed 3 of the most common repair scams. For this post, I will explain to you 3 more schemes that you should be aware of.

gray metal tool cabinet

As car technologies evolve, scammers also adapt with the changing times. Read the car repair schemes mentioned below in order to avoid possible complications.

Verbal Estimates

  • Motorist, who do not ask for written estimates, are the easy targets of this scam. Once they pick up their car at the repair shop, they will shocked how staggering their total bill is.
  • The problem happens when the quote does not coincide with the actual price. At first, the repair quote seems acceptable, but after the repair, the customer finds that that bill is now different from the initial quote.
  • In defense to the shop, they could have found additional problems on the car. However, some shops intentionally leave certain items blank so that they can add more items to the list. Then, ask for inflated prices. Pay for what has been agreed upon, and you can only do this once you ask for a written estimate.

Vague Representation of Repair Needs

  • As modern technologies continue to evolve, people can’t keep up at all times. Automobiles have become intricate machines. Your average driver will have a hard time understanding their vehicle. Will I need this repair immediately or not? This can be a chance for opportunists — such as repair shops — to take advantage of the unsuspecting customers.
  • If ever you are having a hard time deciding whether to repair your vehicle or not, do not immediately agree on the offer. Let the mechanic explain the problem, and if you find it too overwhelming, please ask for a second opinion or even a third opinion.

Counterfeit Car Parts

  • To cut the repair costs, some repair shops will use NEW parts, but they are fake products. In part 1, I warned you about used car parts. This time, car parts could be new, but counterfeit! You’ll pay for the price in full even if it’s not a high-quality product.
  • Counterfeit auto parts can put you in grave danger because their poor and inferior quality. Do not risk the lives of your family and friends! Always choose genuine parts. A + Plus Auto Glass only uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts when doing auto glass repairs and replacement.
  • I know detecting counterfeit parts can be extremely difficult because even the trademarks and seals are being copied. If you notice any suspicious car parts, report it to the state’s attorney general or the

Yes, car repairs can be complicated sometimes. Good thing, there are still a handful of trustworthy collision repair or glass repair shop such as A + Plus Auto Glass.

The auto glass and repair experts at A + Plus Auto Glass are ready to help. They are I-CAR certified mechanics, and only O.E.M. products are used at every repair. Moreover, car repairs at A + Plus Auto Glass has a Chip Protection Guarantee, which means A + Plus Auto Glass will repair any chip just as long as you are the certified owner of the vehicle.

If you experience any car-related problem, do not hesitate to ask the assistance of A + Plus Auto Glass and call (623) 218-6844 right away.