5 Tips to Avoid Vehicular Accidents (Part 1)

The National Safety Council expressed the importance of using seat belts. In their 1999 study, the NSC stated that almost 10,000 people died because they did NOT wear their seat belt. This fact is also supported by CDC as they reported in 2016 that a total of 23,714 people died in vehicular accidents.As number of auto collisions increase, the roads get more and more dangerous for both the driver and passenger.

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In this blog post, I will go through important tips to avoid accidents on the road.

  • Keep it slow. When we were kids, our parents would always remind us to stop, look, and listen when crossing the road. Apply the same principle when driving; do not be rash! Assess the area for blind spots especially if you are traversing through an unfamiliar place. Check your rear view mirrors and be on the lookout for road signs. Also, look both directions when in an intersection because cars may appear out of nowhere. So, be extra careful when crossing an intersection.
  • Some cars are beating the red light. Yes, you may drive with caution, but the cars around you may not. Thus, it is important to not speed up the moment the traffic light turns green. Give it a few seconds before entering a busy intersection and always look both ways. Cars may be in a hurry passing through a yellow light. When driving near a truck, remember that their blind spot is on the right-hand side. Don’t dare to speed up if you cant see the the truck’s side mirrors because that means that the driver cannot see you.
  • Hands should on the steering wheel. Avoid distractions when driving and plan everything before you hit the road. Do not keep changing songs on the radio, looking for CDs, checking on your mobile phones, reaching for a drink, and so on. A momentary distraction can send you to the opposite lane and could cause an accident.
  • Watch for animals crossing. Most importantly, kids may pop out of nowhere. Our furry friends may just cross the street without us knowing. Worse, small children do the same thing! So, if you are in a residential area, be careful for people and animals crossing the street. Look for signs because you could be heading towards a school zone or a busy street.
  • Check your car on a regular basis. Do an engine maintenance; keep a habit of by changing the oil. Make sure that all the tires are inflated well. These things you should not skip in order to avoid sudden stops.

Follow the tips to avoid unnecessary accidents

Of course, one cannot escape danger, but the thing is… we ALL need to do our part to minimize the damage. Follow the safety precautions stated above and always wear your seat belt. When you are looking for a reliable repair shop, A + Plus Auto Glass is the place to go! A + Plus Auto Glass will repair or replace your windshield using original (or O.E.M.) parts, glass, and adhesives. All you need to do is call 623-218-6844 or visit 13148 W Foxfire Drive #120 Surprise, Arizona!

Tips When Driving During a Rainy Weather (Part 2)

In Tips When Driving During a Rainy Weather (Part 1), I shared some driving tips like maintaining the cleanliness of your car windows, keeping a safe following distance, and driving slowly under heavy rainfall.

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Today, I have more tips to share so here they are:

Do not drive too fast

Drive slow to give your tires to spread the water on the pavement. When you drive fast, your tires will not be able to take a grip on the road. Driving slowly allows you to stay away from hydroplaning.

Utilize your headlights

This is a law in a lot of states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They require the headlines to be on along with your windshield wipers even if it is only 1:00 in the afternoon. This will assist the motorists to see the road better. It likewise aids the other drivers see your vehicle. Although running lights during the day does not at all help during rainy days. The motorists at your back has to see you. So, do not forget, headlights and wipers on!

Turn your cruise control off

This is sometimes called speed control or tempomat, or autocruise. It is a system that controls the speed of a vehicle that the driver has set. If you do not turn off the cruise control vehicle will speed up when you get to a puddle or you can start a hydroplane. This can be hazardous.

When you start a hydroplane, be calm and avoid abrupt movement

Do not jolt your steering wheel, smash your brakes or speed up. Rather than doing those, let the gas off and direct the car straight if not bring it to where the skid is. Do this up to the point where you think you have restored your contact with the pavement.

Stay away from flooded roads

If you see a huge puddle never drive through it. It might be very deep and you might get stuck or worst it might destroy your vehicle.

Never drive in moving water

When you see water is crossing the pavement, do not drive into it, turn around right away. It probably isn’t a heavy current but it might just bring you off the road.

Be ready for the wind

When there is heavy wind, you might just experience your car move after a wind blow. Calm down and just hold your steering wheel steadily. Make adjustments to remain in your lane. Make sure you watch the bigger vehicles like buses and big trucks. They are more vulnerable to high strong winds because they are bigger.

Be aware of the debris on the road

This means objects like trees or branches even live wires can be hazardous.

Make sure you see and you are seen

If visibility is hard due to the heavy rain pour, pull over when it is safe for you and stay as far from the road. Other cars might not be able to see you. And stay there and wait for the rain to stop.


Don’t wait for an accident to look for a great auto body and glass repair shop.  A + Plus Auto Glass is here and we will help you to avoid stress when accidents happen. A + Plus Auto Glass value the quality more than anything else. We have I-CAR Certified technicians who are all highly trained in vehicle repair and restoration. To avail the free mobile repair service or get a free repair estimate, please call A + Plus Auto Glass at 623-218-6844.

Tips When Driving During a Rainy Weather (Part 1)

Driving under a windy weather, rain, drizzle or storm is difficult. This requires a lot of focus. It becomes harder when the rain goes down quickly and your wipers cannot cope up. Seeing the vehicle in front of you might be very difficult. Hydroplaning could be dangerous too. Puddles that usually form during rain mixed with oil on the road can make it slippery which will make driving even harder.

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A lot of crashes usually occurs during this kind of weather when the pavement is wet or when there is a rainfall.  Every year there are more or less 4,800 people who dies and 384,000 injured as an outcome of car collisions on wet road. Here are some suggestions you can follow for your safety if you need to drive under any weather.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Before driving your vehicle make sure it is in tip top condition that could survive any weather. Inspect the brakes, tires, brake or tail lights and do not forget your windshield wipers. Right after winter, check the treads of your tires to know if you need to buy new ones. Make sure that the tires are inflated. You have to ask your mechanic to check the brakes and then the lights. They might need a tune-up or a bulb needs to be changed.
  • Roads changes and rainy weather needs a different method than icy conditions. Remember that ice can still be present on the road during early spring. There are also big puddles and potholes so you need to keep watch aside from greater number of bicyclist, pedestrian, motorcyclist, and animal traffic. If you start slipping because of wet road conditions or black ice, just go direct into the skid and do not hit the brakes.

If you lose full control of your vehicle it could be scary. As mentioned earlier, it causes thousands of accidents. Rainfall is hazardous to the states that usually have dry weather like Texas, California, and Arizona. Occasional rainfall makes people forget to drive under its condition.

Here are suggestions when driving in the rain:

Drive with outmost care when driving in wet roads as it gives motorists a lot of challenges. Drive defensively.

Maintain the cleanliness of your windows

Rain will fog up your windows and it will be difficult to see through it. Turn on your rear and front window defrosters and do the same with your air conditioning. Utilize good quality window washer cleaner so the wipers can do their job well. Before driving, check your windshield wipers before driving.

Stopping distance

The braking distance also known as stopping distance is the distance a vehicle covers from stepping on the brakes up until the vehicle stops. The 100-0Kph distance that is 56.2m estimated on dry road.

Keep a safe following distance

During typical conditions, you should drive three seconds at the back of the vehicle in front of you and this becomes higher during bad conditions. You should have more distance when you have huge vehicles in front of you like buses and trucks. Visibility in this situation could be difficult.


Don’t wait for an accident to look for a great auto body and glass repair shop. Better do it now to avoid stress and worries when a mishap does happen. At A + Plus Auto Glass, we will serve you will both quality and value. Call the A + Plus Auto Glass hotline at 623-218-6844. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, you may call A + Plus Auto Glass to schedule a car repair appointment ahead of time!


Knowing The Damages to Your Windshield

Car windshield provides protection to the car’s passengers from any type of eventuality. Windshield glass is made up of laminated safety glass that has two layers of glass divided but held by an inside layer that is made of polyvinyl butyral. So even if the windshield are shatters, it will not fall inward. This does not mean it cannot be damaged and it comes in different forms. Luckily, auto glass repair shops can fix the damage instead of changing the whole windshield. Here are the kinds of windshield damage that may happen to you.

parked car inside building


This will first look like a line in your windshield. A number of cracks seem small, it could be straight with a start and end points.  On the other hand, they could be long with many branch like lines sticking out coming from the primary line. There are subclasses of windshield cracks. Read them below:


  • Edge crack- It begins within 2 inches on the edge of the windshield and then goes out from there. They usually form rapidly and are at least 10 to 12 inches in length.
  • Stress crack-this kind of crack can happen because of huge temperature changes. Perhaps your car has been exposed to intense ray of the sun. It could also be because of too much coldness.
  • Crack chip- they are tiny cracks which projectile lower than a quarter of a diameter.
  • Floater crack-it starts in the middle going to the windshield greater than 2 inches from the edge of the glass. This can differ in lengths and its cause is intense temperature. Cracks that has a length lower than 3 inches are repairable.


This is commonly called “dings” by most people caused by a rock that flew right on your windshield. This means a little bit of your glass is missing. Because of that, it is also known as a “stone break” or “pit.” Should the crack is not long and has a diameter lower than 1 inch and did not enter through the glass, the technician can easily fill this. 

The question now is repair or replace?

Allow the expert to take a look at your windshield and he will tell you if it can be repaired or needs a replacement. If it can be repaired he will first clean up everything including the debris and will do a bit of drilling for preparation. Once this is done a clear resin material will be applied to the opening and when dried, polishing will make your windshield as good as new. So if you need any repairs in your windshield, just call your car insurance company and check if you have a coverage for repair or replacement. A lot of shops can do mobile on-site jobs.



A + Plus Auto Glass will serve you will both quality and value. The shop has technicians who are all highly trained and have many years of experience. The professional team at A + Plus Auto Glass loves cars and surely they will love yours too. Plus, the mobile repair service and repair estimate are given for FREE. Call A + Plus Auto Glass at (623) 218-6844. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, you may call A + Plus Auto Glass to schedule a pick up.

Why Are Auto Body Shop Reviews Vital?

Reviews are important because they are a key element in promoting your auto repair shop online. It tells about your reputation and will surely bring you more customers. There are different times of reviews. It could be testimonials given by customers that you can include in your website, there are user-generated reviews in different platforms online like Google, Yahoo!, Yelp, or Facebook. Look closer and find out why reviews online is a great referral tool for the auto repair industry.

It builds trust for your business

People is naturally drawn to choose a shop that they have heard good things said about it. The word-of-mouth is still one of the strongest strategy because it does work, online reviews included. The reason for this is 88% online reviews are considered a personal recommendation therefore building immediate trust on your business. Encourage online reviews as it gives your shop good reputation and the integrity that goes with it. Would be customer will be happy to know that you have happy customers.

Referral business

Referrals are very important to every business whatever industry you are in. It can come from a throng of sources. From current clients, past clients, future customers, associates, partners, networking possibilities, and even competitors. Let us not discount friends and family. They are the best people who could tell other people why you are a better choice. So create a referral system now!

Search engines assist you

Customers are more inclined in reading online reviews before deciding to visit your business. According to Review Tracker’s data in 2018, 63.64% of customers looks at Google online reviews than other online review sites. Yelp garnered 45.18% followed by Facebook 23.14%. These data shows reviews increases on SEO and this will develop your online visibility in Google, Bing, Yahoo to mention a few. So now, you know that reviews does matter.

Remain to be ahead of the race

A good 90% of the auto body shops does not show their reviews. And that is a plus for your business because you can get a lot more new customers visiting your shop. Their loss is your gain!

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A+ Plus Auto Glass stands out from the other auto body shops!

There are a multitude of fake reviews that average customers are aware of. What you read in this website is the real deal. These are real customers who have experienced A + Plus Auto Glass when they needed repair for their vehicles. See what people say about A + Plus Auto Glass on Google Reviews. These positive reviews have proven a great customer experience.

A + Plus Auto Glass has been getting great reviews because of satisfied customers. The technicians are highly trained and has years of experience. A+ Plus Auto Glass’ very own Jeff Wheeler is an I-CAR instructor. So, try A + Plus Auto Glass for yourself and experience the shop’s excellent service.  The mobile repair service and repair estimate are given for FREE. Visit  A + Plus Auto Glass at 13148 W Foxfire Drive #120 Surprise, Arizona. To comply with the social distancing guidelines, you may call (623) 218-6844 to schedule car repairs ahead of time.

Is Doing Your Own Auto Body Repair a Good Idea?

You just had a car accident and it sustained a rear-ended damage. It was the other motorist’s fault and you got a check from their insurance company. You had second thoughts in bringing your car to the auto body shop and decided that you do it yourself. That way, you can save on the expenses and have more money in your pocket. But is it a good idea?

Here are some possible problems with doing your own collision repairs.

Matching Car Paint is not Easy

  • It is difficult to try to match the original paint of your car even if the scratches are minor. No more current vehicles utilize formulas that needs to have two to three coatings of various colors. It might even require you to use special finish to give that brand new look that only a professional can do.
  • And if your car is needs pearl or metallic finish, then that would be very hard to do. And the bad part is that, when you finish doing it on your own, you probably end up with stains of mismatched paint. Do not discount the fact that paint fumes with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) is hazardous to your health. An auto body shop utilizes restorative paint finish processes and can do it better. They also do preventive safety measures that you may not be able to do.

Invisible Electrical Problems

  • Minor damage like a fender benders can loosen an electrical wiring not visible to human eyes. To find this needs the proper equipment and skill that obviously you do not know. You need to know how to look at the electrical systems of your car because if you have no knowledge of that then you might have problems that can range from battery, lights stereo, seats and door locks, and even your power windows. Sometimes, these problems will show later on and when it does, it will cost you more money.

selective focus photography blue and black Makita power drill

Windshield Replacements Are Pretty Complicated

  • If you have a front-end accident that left your windshield with a crack and you decide that you can do the replacement yourself, think twice. To do the replacement is not as hard, true, but then if could be dangerous because you might not have the right tools needed. Remember that a windshield is very heavy and if you make the mistake of dropping it, then it will not injure you but buying another windshield will incur another cost on your end.
  • When you install your windshield you might not be able to do it the right way and it might have a crack that will eventually be a bigger one in the near future. One should make sure that the windshield is tightly sealed so that no moisture and air can go in. Suffice it to say that do leave windshield replacements to the experts.


You Need a Good Auto Body Shop

When your car needs some good professional repair, finding the right auto body shop is very important. They have the equipment and the expertise to make your car look brand new. DIY repairs might even cost you more. If you need a good auto body shop who can do everything including windshield replacement, A + Plus Auto Glass has it all. A + Plus Auto Glass‘ SHIELDswap process will get you back on the road faster so call (623) 218-6844 right now!

The Difference Between a Windshield Crack and a Windshield Chip

Chips and cracks are most common terms you will hear often in the auto glass industry. However, what’s the difference?

For a chip, it has a clear point of impact, and the point of impact may be in a form of star break, bullseye, half moon shape, surface pit, or a combination break.

Meanwhile, a crack is a line that can go from 1 inch til the entire size of the windshield. Usually, a crack is a horizontal and straight line. The good news? Long cracks can be repaired. Sometimes, cracks on your windshield can be salvaged by an export. More on chips and cracks on: The Different Types of Damages to Your Windshield

Are they repairable?

Perhaps, you are not interested on the type of damage. Your question is, are cracks and chips repairable? Well, they are if laminated glass.

For most cars, the side glass windows and black glass windows are made of tempered glass. You cannot repair; you can only replace them!

However, the windshield is repairable depending on the 3 factors:

  1. size of the damage,

    • The number one factor is the size; the repairability is dependent on the varying sizes of the damage. Typically, a chip is tinier than quarter, and a crack should not exceed than 3 inches to be considered repairable.
    • The Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS) has given specific guidelines on the different types of cracks and chips. Aside from the size, there are still other factors to consider: depth and location. The auto glass repair professionals at A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS offer a free estimate. They can surely give you an assessment of whether or not your windshield is repairable; just call A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS at 623-218-6844.
  2. depth of the cracks,

    • How deep is the damage? The windshield has 3 layers of protection: the inner layer, the plastic interlayer, and the outer layer. If the damage penetrates too deep, then, repair is not possible. However, if the damage is merely a surface pit, repair is recommended if the inner layer and the interlayer of glass are still intact.
  3. location of the damage,

    • Last but not the least, we have the location. This extremely affects the repairability of the windshield. If the damage is greater and if it extends to the outer edge of the windshield, then, you would need to replace it because the cohesion may have weakened.
    • Remember, in any case of an auto accident, the windshield will have to be responsible of more than 60% of the total weight. In a case of a vehicle rollover, the windshield will KEEP YOU INSIDE YOUR CAR. It will serve as your cover so that you won’t fly out of the window. Thus, you need to replace and not repair it!
    • When the crack hinders your line of sight, do not try to repair it. If something obstructs the front view, just replace it. Once you repair, there will be a distortion which will hinder you from having a clear view of the road. So, if the damage will be an obstruction to the Driver’s Primary Viewing Area (DPVA), windshield replacement is the advisable solution.
    • Finally, if there are cracks on the sensors, braking systems, and on the automated driver assistance systems (ADAS), repairing it NOT recommended. Repairing it might eventually cause systems malfunctions.


The Different Types of Damages to Your Windshield

Like humans, all windshield chips are created uniquely. It may come in different sizes and shapes. To know if your damaged windshield can still be repaired, it’s important thoroughly analyze it. More on: Should you repair or replace your windshield?

For now, all you need to know the size of windshield chip and the location of the chip; call a technician for their expert opinion.  If you live in the Valley of the Sun, A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS offers FREE Mobile Service to your location. Simply contact A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS and we will provide a mobile service in specific areas like: Scottsdale, Tempe, Peoria, Glendale, Surprise, and more.


Where is the chip?

Did you know that the location of a chip is crucial in determining if the damage is repairable or not? Once the chip stretches to the windshield’s outer edge, then, you would probably need a windshield replacement ASAP.

Another scenario is when the chip blocks the Driver’s Primary Viewing Area (DPVA). Even if you repair it, there will still be a distortion. Thus, you need to replace your windshield.

What are the different damage types?

It gets complicated now because the windshield damages are now categorized into different types. For one, a “chip” can be considered a small or tiny on the windshield. Meanwhile, a “crack” is an obvious line that extends across the windshield. As per the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS), here are the 6 basic forms of windshield damage and the assessment if it’s repairable or not. Let’s go through them below:

  • Bullseye

    • Damage that is marked by a separated cone in the outer layer of glass that results in a dark circle with an impact point.
    • You can fix it if the damage is 1-inch or smaller, if there’s no dirt found in the head, AND if it’s not interfering with the field of vision.
  • Half Moon

    • This is considered a partial bullseye, and the same rule follows, and YES, you can fix it if the diameter is around an inch.
  • Crack

    • As stated earlier, a crack is a single line of damage on the windshield. If the line 14 inches or less, then, you can repair it. Just make sure that it doesn’t block your field of vision.
  • Star Break

    • When legs are stemming from the damage, it’s called a star break because it does resemble a star.
    • Repairable? Only sometimes! As long as the size is not more than 3 inches and it doesn’t block your field of vision, then, there could be a way.
  • Surface Pit: 

    • This is called the surface pit because it only damages the surface layer. The middle layer and the inside lite are fine, but the outside lite is damaged.
    • Repairable if the damage has a diameter of not less than 3mm.
  • Combination Break

    • Lastly, it’s a combination break if it’s a mix of multiple breaks. For instance, long thin line of crack and there are legs stemming from the damage. That’s a star break and a crack.
    • It is repairable if the diameter is not more than 2 inches. Not including the legs and other subsurface breaks!

Should you repair or replace your windshield?

Many people would opt for the lower-priced alternative. Repair comes first than replacing a windshield. To be honest, windshield replacement seemed to the bottom option for most car owners. However, if you are taking your safety and security a priority, this seemingly harmless decision of skipping windshield replacement could cost you your precious life.

Red and Yellow Hatchback Axa Crash Tests

In this blog post, I will explore the two options most car owners are faced with: repair or repair. That’s the million dollar question here! Without further ado, let’s dig in!

The Consequence of Incorrectly Installing a Windshield

During an accident, an incorrectly installed windshield could eventually bloat, squeezing the occupants of the car. Plus, the airbags will eventually blow because the windshield is NOT firm enough to hold the intense force of the airbags.

To ensure that the windshield is properly installed, make sure to choose a certified auto glass repair shop. A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS is a BBB accredited business. A+ Plus Auto Glass’ Department Manager Jeff Wheeler is an I-CAR instructor. We have the team of experts ready to ensure the integrity of your windshield.

The Importance of Choosing a Good Installer

The Auto Glass Safety Council president expressed her thoughts on safety of drivers and commuters alike. In an article, Debra Levy, head of The Auto Glass Safety Council president reiterated the importance of installing windshields. Moreover, she added that consumers should look for shops certified in repairing, replacing, and installed. She further added that an auto glass shop that provides original glass is important. However, choosing a shop that is good at installing windshields is far more important.

The Windshield Should Be Your Priority

To be honest, some shop do not windshields correctly; they don’t use the right adhesives, making the car very unsafe for anyone using it.  Remember, your windshield will serve as the top layer of defense, and in any case of an accident, it will be the 1st safety restraint of your car.

The technicians at A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS only use O.E.M. adhesives and parts. Our estimate windshield repair is FREE. Moreover, we also offer a Mobile Repair Service absolutely for free as well. If you are within the Scottsdale, Tempe, Peoria, Glendale, and Surprise area, just give us a call at 623-218-6844, and we will be right there!

Typically, a windshield consists of 2 sheets of glass held together by strong vinyl. During an accident, the vinyl will keep the glass together instead of glass shards falling onto the car occupants, injuring and cutting into their skin. The windshield will help things stay out of the way. You should NOT cut costs on the quality of windshields!

Going for the cheapest available windshield is not exactly the best option for you. Windshields are there to avoid sending the shattered glass into your face. If you meet an auto accident, your windshield could seriously save your life.

A crack in the windshield is only repairable if the damage is recent. So, don’t delay any repair once you notice a small chip on your auto glass. Contact A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS at 623-218-6844 for a free estimate.

8 Things to NOT Do when Repairing Windshield Cracks

When people face problems, people can usually be creative in finding solutions. You see, if someone has a cracked windshield, he will probably go online and search for YouTube tutorials. Some of you may even suggest to get a DIY Windshield Repair Kit on Walmart or Target. For the most part, we tend to innovate and find a cheaper alternative.

man fixing car

Don’t try to fix it yourself!

There are ways YOU should not try to do glass repair by yourself. Here are some quite common examples of people trying to fix a windshield crack the wrong way:

  1. One common “instant” repair people do is using a clear nail polish in order to stop one small chip from spreading, but it got worse. From on unnoticeable chip, it’s now 3-inch huge crack.
  2. Another customer used super glue to “repair” a long but slim windshield crack. Yes, it did glue the together. What’s the problem now? He can’t see through the glass. The glue blocked his clear view. Obviously, the lack of visibility can now endanger his life.
  3. Someone even tried a weird concoction of bug spray, salt, alcohol, and water. However, his “formula” failed to magically fix one large crack. Next time, don’t try to experiment folks!
  4. Chewing gum was someone’s solution to a windshield chip. Perhaps, he thought a gum can repair a loose eyeglasses. Why don’t I try it on my windshield? And he did! Bubblegum may have other unusual uses, but never use it as a quick fix for windshield repair.
  5. Probably, one of the weirdest cases would be the duct tape on the windshield. The customer decided to cut a role of duct tape into strips and pasted it in front. Remember, your windshield should be clear. It should NOT impair your visibility of the vehicles right in front of you.
  6. Speaking of duct tape, another customer a piece of cardboard and used duct tape it to cover the rear glass that has been broken. Whether it’s the front or back view, please don’t block it. You could get into a more dangerous situation.
  7. One even used an epoxy glue to fix the windshield. Same result happened; the epoxy impaired his visibility. How can you see the road clearly when there’s a long line of glue covering it?
  8. Lastly, someone tried a DIY windshield repair kit. A simple repair that ended up becoming a full windshield replacement because he applied too much pressure on his car’s windshield. The crack is now thrice as it was once was.


Let an expert repair it for you!

Don’t wait until you ask for help! The original damage could grow larger than you initially thought. By the time you call for help, your car would need a full windshield replacement. Prevent more damage and more costs by contacting A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS. We are an auto glass and windshield repair shop located at 13148 W. Foxfire Drive #120, Surprise, Arizona 85378.

A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS caters to customers located at these key areas such as Scottsdale, Tempe, Peoria, Glendale, Surprise, and more. For more details, please call our hotline at 623-218-6844!