What to do if your windshield is vandalized

No one expects their car to be vandalized overnight. So it can come as a big shock when you wake up, walk to your car and find the windshield smashed it. Obviously, it is not safe to drive and the windshield will need to be replaced. But there are a couple of other things to do before you bring your car into a trusted Phoenix auto glass repair shop.


Here’s what you should do if your windshield is vandalized.


First things first, call the police

The first thing you should do when you find your car vandalized is to call the police. You should also take steps to protect your vehicle if it is raining. You can call a trusted Phoenix auto glass repair company to come out to you or you can use some form of plastic sheet or shrink wrap to stop your car from getting damaged further.


Make note of anything missing and contact your insurer

Once the police have been and have issued you a police report, you should contact your insurer next. You will need to report the incident, the damage and any missing items from your car. Take pictures and make a note of everything. Each insurer has individual steps that will need to be followed, so make sure you follow their advice carefully. You will also need to clear repairing your car with your insurer. Pictures may suffice or they may send out an agent to inspect the damage themselves. If only your windshield is damaged, the process should be straightforward.


Contact an auto glass repair company that you trust

With things sorted out between you and your insurance agent, you can finally contact an auto glass company to organize the repair. Most auto glass companies in Phoenix should be able to repair or replace your windshield quickly, possibly the same day you bring it in. Your insurer may even recommend an auto glass repair shop to visit. Don’t feel like you have to go to this repair center, however. You are free to use any repair service you choose. And besides, many times insurer-preferred auto glass repair centers don’t offer the best service.


If your windshield is vandalized A+ Plus Auto Glass is here to help. Our expert team can provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective service to get your windshield replaced as quickly as possible. On most occasions, we will be able to have you back on the road within the day. For more information or to book in your car, give us a call on (623) 218-6844 or use our online contact form to get in touch today.

Why is my windshield leaking?

When windshields leak there is a big problem. A leaky windshield isn’t just an unpleasant driving experience, it can cause significant damage to your windshield and car. If you think your windshield is leaking, this is the article for you.

How to tell if my windshield is leaking?

Even if you find water in your car or on your dashboard, it isn’t always clear where it is coming from. The first step in fixing the leak is diagnosing where it came from. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to wash your car with a low-pressure washer part by part to see where water is leaking in from. You can also use soap to find leaks. Use a sponge to wash soap around all sealants, then turn the car’s heaters on full blast. If you see soap start to bubble, you’ve found your leak.

Why is my windshield leaking?

Okay, so you’ve found that your windshield is leaking. But why is it leaking? There are a number of reasons why your windshield could be leaking. One of the most common is pinholes in the seam located under the molding. Even with the advanced seals that modern cars use, leaks in the seam are still possible. Leaks can also occur if a new windshield was badly installed.

The importance of fixing windshield leaks

It is crucial that you fix a leaky windshield. Cars that leak water will eventually mold, mildew and rust. Mildew can pose a serious threat to the health of the driver and cause a disgusting smell that makes the car unpleasant to drive. Rust can wear down a vehicle’s integrity, and mold can cause health problems, too.

While you can repair a leaky windshield yourself, it is always best to leave it to the professionals. It can be hard to work out the extent of a leak on your own or if the leak really is coming from where you think it is. This means that you could cause more harm than good. Instead, take it into a trusted auto glass repair company

At A+ Plus Auto Glass, our team are experts in diagnosing and repairing leaks. If your windshield is leaking, we’ll find the problem and we’ll fix it—guaranteed. Where necessary we can repair the windshield itself or we can replace the window in full. For more information on how we can help or to book your car in for an appointment, give us a call today on (623) 218-6844 or use our online contact form.

Window replacement for classic cars

Owning a classic car can be a fantastic experience. There’s nothing better than turning people’s heads as you drive buy in your cool classic car. But when it comes to repairing classic cars, it can sometimes feel like they are more trouble than they are worth. This is particularly true with windshields. So what can you do if you find a crack in your classic car’s window?

In this article, we reveal all.


Safety glass has been used for decades

You may think that using safety glass on your classic car will ruin the look and feel of it. But the truth is that safety glass has been used in cars since the 30s. Sure, today’s glass is much more technologically advanced than the glass used in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, but it’s still safety glass at the end of the day.


You can replace like with like

Some drivers may want to upgrade the windshields of their classic cars, and that’s certainly a possibility. Others, however, will want to keep the traditional look and feel of their cars, and that’s fine too. If you are of the latter opinion, it is important to replace like with like. It can be hard to find the exact right glass on your own, but a professional auto glass repair company can help. They will have the contacts needed to track down the right auto glass for your classic car and can help you source the perfect replacement. Even if you want to upgrade your classic car’s windshield, you may still need the help of a professional when it comes to ordering new glass that will fit your car’s frame.


Don’t do the replacement yourself

You should never carry out windshield replacement on your own—even on new cars. But with classic cars, it is especially important to take your car into a leading and trusted auto glass repair company. That’s because changing the glass on classic cars can be an awkward and tricky affair. You may need special tools that only auto glass professionals have, and you will more than likely need more than one person to do the job. It’s also a case of protecting your investment and your pride and joy. Do you really want to trust yourself when it comes to replacing her windshield on the car of your dreams?


Here at A+ Plus Auto Glass, we are experienced at repairing and replacing windshields on classic cars. Whatever your make or model, our team will do their best to source the perfect part and then fit it without any hassle. For more information on how we can help, give our team a call on (623) 218-6844 or use our online contact form to get in touch today.

What to do when your windshield cracks

No one likes noticing a crack on their windshield is never nice, but every driver reacts differently. Some will be understandably worried about the crack spreading and causing untold damage to their windshield. Others will take a more laidback approach, choosing to ignore the crack as they don’t want to waste time on repairs.

A cracked windshield does not have to be a huge cause for concern, however. Nor does it need to be a major hassle to repair. If you know what to do when your windshield does crack, you can get it fixed quickly and get safely back on the road as soon as possible.


Important things to consider

The most important thing that you need to do is not get upset, angry or frustrated. Over the past twenty years, windshield technology has come on leaps and bounds, and today’s auto glass is far stronger and more effective at protecting drivers compared to windshields a couple of decades ago.

As a matter of fact, modern windshields are designed with two layers of glass to ensure that there is still an extra wall of glass left to help protect the driver and their passengers in the event of a crack. For this reason, there really is no need to worry about your windshield shattering or cracking wide open. But that doesn’t mean you can leave the crack, either. Even the smallest crack can quickly grow larger and threaten the structure of your car unless it is repaired correctly.


Turn to the professionals

The moment you see a crack on your windshield, contact a reliable car windshield repair and replacement company near you immediately and ask for a quote. The potential cost in restoring your car’s windshield will depend on several factors including:

  • The brand and model of your car
  • The size of the crack
  • The current price of auto glass and the other materials needed for repair and replacement
  • The quality and cost of labor

If a crack is small enough, replacement may not be necessary. Instead, a resin can be injected into your windshield to heal the crack and make it good as new. A reliable windshield repair company will be able to tell you instantly if a complete glass replacement is needed after its technicians run a thorough inspection on the extent of the crack.


Is Insurance needed?

Before going ahead with the repair, you’ll also want to establish whether the cost is covered by your insurance. Most auto insurance does cover windshield cracks, but there’s a chance that your insurance company’s SOP will not include such damage, however, so you need to prepare yourself for this possibility.

Here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Check the terms and conditions of your auto insurance and see if repair for windshield cracks is covered. If it is, you can have a newly repaired glass for free in no time.
  • In terms of a complete replacement, however, you may be obliged to deal with the necessary payment on your own so be sure to ask your insurance company regarding the matter.
  • Submit a coverage claim for your damaged windshield to your insurance company.

After you have completed these basic steps, one of your insurance company’s representatives will contact you for more information and possible to arrange an inspection. It’s important to note that you have the complete freedom to opt for any auto glass repair and replacement company of your preference when it comes to the repair. Don’t let your insurer push you in the direction of their preferred shop.


If your windshield cracks, turn to A Plus Auto Glass today. Give us a call at (623) 218-6844 for a free quote.

The Most Common Window Damage Repair Mistakes

Although intended to be a fix, window damage repair can be the cause of more problems if done improperly.

Fixing cracks, leaks, and chips in your car windows isn’t like patching a hole in the wall. It’s an intricate job that requires skill and careful planning. Some drivers try to use kits that they purchase at the store to fix their windows. But this only makes the problem worse and more expensive to repair. Professional auto repair services are guaranteed to know the right way of dealing with window damage.

Don’t make the problem worse. Learn from these most common car window repair mistakes to make sure you and your car windows remain safe.


Waiting until the damage becomes extremely bad

A lot of drivers will ignore window damage and wait until it gets very bad before seeking repairs. Drivers think that they are saving money by delaying the repair service, only to be surprised with a hefty bill afterward.

Aside from actually making the problem much, much worse, driving with a damaged window is also dangerous. The broken glass might cut the passengers and cause accidents. The window and windshield might also cave in after months of neglecting the damages. That spells trouble if you’re on the road.


Using DIY solutions

DIY solutions can work well if you use them to contain the damage on your way to a professional auto service. But if you use them with the intention of avoiding professional repairs, you will probably only increase the damage. The wrong tools and lack of skill are guaranteed ways to shatter a window or windshield. DIY methods will only work for a limited period. A simple rock chip can fissure if you don’t have the right expertise.


Putting to much trust in online video guides

YouTube videos and other DIY tutorials will make you feel like an expert until the job is done and you are looking at the result. More often, the sources of these videos are experts at window damage repair—that’s why they make it look so easy. They have a steady hand and enough skills – all of which aren’t discussed and encapsulated in the videos. There is a chance that you will not get every step right. Not to mention the unexpected outcome, you might only worsen the damage.


Not checking your auto insurance policy

If your vehicle is covered by an insurance policy, check if it will cover any damage after you’ve tried fixing it yourself. You might be doomed if not. Whenever your car sustains damages, the first thing to do is to refer on the policy guidelines and procedure. It will save you money and it will keep you safe on the road. Besides, driving with a damaged window or windshield is illegal in some states.


The next time you have a damaged car window, seek professional help. Get in touch with a member of the A Plus Auto Glass team on (623) 218-6844.

Spotting a Cracked Windshield and What to Do about It

Spotting windshield cracks before they have a chance to get bigger is important to keep both you and your vehicle safe. But most drivers rarely inspect their windshields. Don’t be one of these drivers. Spotting a crack early can save you time, stress and money.

How to spot a cracked windshield

Taking the time to scan your windshield for potential cracks and tiny fissures is the first step to preventing more significant damage. It may not be a normal part of your maintenance routine, but it can pay off big time. On average, four out of five drivers only look at the middle part of the windshield when driving. This means that a tiny crack that could have been prevented early on is left sitting at the edge of your windshield causing more and more damage.

As an Arizona resident, you have even more reason to check over your car’s windshield regularly. Chips are common and the high heat causes windshields to crack more often than they otherwise might,


What to do when you spot a crack

Apply a short-term solution

Once you spot the crack, don’t let it sit for another day. If you can’t visit a professional repair service immediately, it may be worth taking matters in your own hands. There are repair kits that you can pick up at a local shop and use to cover the crack until you can get to a garage.

If you have a repair kit at home, make sure to perform the fix in a garage out of the way of the sun, heat, and dust. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your DIY fix is sufficient in the long-term, however. You still need to visit a garage immediately.


Take it to a professional for repair or replacement

You should always aim to take your car to an auto glass expert as soon as you spot a crack. Even if you use a DIY kit, still try to take your car to an expert within the next couple of days. As good as you think your repair is, it will pale in comparison to an expert. What’s more, a repair may not be enough. If the crack is deep or at the edge of your glass, your entire windshield may need to be replaced.

If you’ve spotted a crack in your windshield, the team at A Plus Auto Glass are here to help. Our experts can provide a quote the day you bring your car into us. And if the crack is not serious, we may need be able to repair it then and there. Get in touch with our team today at (623) 218-6844 for more information.

Replacing vs. Repairing Glass

Can a repair fix the damage or is a windshield replacement required? This is a common question drivers ask themselves when they find a crack in their windshields. Some factors including the visibility of the glass as well as the extent of the crack will be vital to consider. For drivers, it’s important to assess if the damage can be repaired before resorting to a replacement as it saves them money and effort. Here’s how you can tell before visiting an auto glass expert.

Factors to consider

If you’re not sure whether your glass will need repairing or replacing, here are the factors to consider.



If the crack impairs the driver’s visibility, it is recommended that the windshield be replaced completely.


Size and depth of the crack

Windshields are made of two layers and if the crack penetrates the inner plastic layer of the glass then it will need to be replaced.



A broken windshield isn’t that dangerous if you are only driving a short distance. However, if you are going to hit the road for long, it’s best to ask the advice of an auto glass expert.



Cracks near the frame of the windshield are difficult to repair sufficiently and will need to be fixed. That’s because cracks here, even if they are very small, can spread quickly and without warning.


The benefits of repairing your windshield

If you can fix a crack quickly, you’ll be able to stop it from spreading. The best thing is that repairs can often be completed within half an hour and at relatively low cost. Your insurance company will prefer repairs, too.


The benefits of replacing your windshield

Although replacement will take longer and will be more expensive, it is the best way to ensure the integrity and safety of your car. This is especially true if any of the cracks have spread to the frame of the car. You’ll also be ensuring that you have full visibility.


Get the best solution by choosing A Plus Auto Glass

Still not sure whether repair or replacement is best for you? Not to worry, our experts here at A Plus Auto Glass can inspect your vehicle for free and make their recommendations. Your safety comes before our profit and we will never suggest a course of action that puts you at risk. For more information on how we can help or to arrange a free quote give our team a call today at (623) 218-6844.

OEM or Aftermarket Glass: What Should You Choose?

When it comes to getting your car windshield replaced, your auto glass shop will probably give you two choices: OEM glass or aftermarket glass. Confused? You won’t be after reading this post. We’ll explain the difference between OEM and aftermarket glass and which you should choose.

Defining the Terms

A lot of drivers, regardless of how long they have been behind the wheel,  won’t be sure what terms like ‘aftermarket’ or ‘OEM’ glass mean so here’s the lowdown on each part type.


OEM Parts – short for ‘original equipment manufacturer’ parts, these are parts that have been designed by the vehicle’s manufacturer and are custom built for a specific model. These are licensed, trademarked, and rigorously tested to meet the exacting qualities of whatever vehicle manufacturers’ standards there are. Because of this reason, OEM parts are not only in-demand, but they are also quite pricey. These are typically available only at high-quality independent shops or at registered or ‘official’ repair shops that are sponsored or are run by the manufacturing company of a specific vehicle brand. OEM glass is known to be of very high quality and will fit snugly like a glove on the vehicle it is specifically designed for.


Aftermarket parts – these are parts that are made by independent manufacturers that have not been approved or licensed by a vehicle’s original manufacturer. These independently made parts can vary in quality. While some are on par with OEM parts, others are not as good. The good news is that these are cheaper and much easier to come by. Be careful, though—because of the variance in quality, aftermath glass can be hit and miss.


OEM vs Aftermarket: Which should you choose

While the urge to save money might be strong, it is rarely worth choosing aftermarket glass over an OEM alternative. The windshield is one of the most important parts of your car so it really isn’t worth paying less for a part that wasn’t specifically built for your vehicle. What is more, cars are so technically advanced now that even windshields are packed with technology such as forward collision warnings, heads-up displays, and defrosting features. If you choose aftermarket glass over OEM glass, you’ll be missing out on all of these features.


By choosing A Plus Auto Glass to repair your windshield, you can make sure that only the best OEM glass is used. We don’t put drivers at risk, which is why our professionals only install the best. For more information, give our team a call at (623) 218-6844 today.

How to Tell Your Windshield was Not Installed Correctly

Windshields are an important feature of any vehicle, keeping out dust, rain, and wind. They even help drivers avoid the glare of the sun and protect them from dirt and debris that litters the road.

But an improperly installed windshield doesn’t do any of those things. in fact, it is a safety hazard and a catastrophe just waiting to happen. To the expert, there are several tell-tale signs that a windshield isn’t installed right. But it can be hard for regular drivers to tell. Don’t leave things to chance. If you’ve had a windshield installed recently, make sure you are aware of these five signs that it wasn’t installed correctly.


Five Signs of an Improperly Installed Windshield

The glass is not level and flush

An improperly installed windshield is often discernable through a slight curvature or crookedness when you look through it. This is one of the easiest ways to tell because it can be quite noticeable. A warped view isn’t just annoying for the driver, it can result in them making miscalculations which can become severe when driving at speed.


The glass rattles

This is an easily discernable sign of an imperfectly installed windshield. Often more noticeable on the highway than round the city, many drivers may just choose to ignore it—don’t make that mistake. If the glass rattles it hasn’t been secured properly which means that it is at risk of cracking or of coming out completely.


It leaks during rain, fog, or snow

Leaks are another tell-tale sign of an imperfectly installed windshield. A windshield should be fit snug to the point where moisture cannot enter even during the most torrential thunderstorms. It’s natural for your windows to fog, but if they fail to keep out the elements or fog over so often that they become a hazard, your windshield may have been installed poorly.


Peeling adhesive sealant

Sometimes it isn’t the positioning of the glass or its installation that is the issue, but the adhesive that helps to keeps it in place. If the adhesive is peeling off, or if it is dry and cracking, it can pose a problem and must be addressed immediately. Improperly applied adhesive or old adhesive that hasn’t been replaced can result in any of the two former problems, which will likewise increase the chances of possible accidents.


You can’t tell where your glass came from

It is very important that your glass is repaired using OEM glass from your car’s original manufacturer. If don’t have proof of where your glass came from then you can’t be certain that your new windshield is safe to use.


A properly installed windshield is not only a beautiful thing, it also adds to the overall safety, reliability, and longevity of your vehicle. Make sure it is done right by calling A Plus Auto Glass on (615) 218-6844.

How to stop a windshield crack from spreading

The worst thing about a windshield crack is that it can happen anywhere and at any time. Often, you may not even notice it for a few days. And that means that the crack can slowly start to spread without your knowledge until it resembles a spider’s web. When a crack reaches this point, it is a serious danger to the safety of your car, yourself and other road users. Worse still, it will require your windshield to be replaced in full, rather than quickly repaired. In this post, we’ll show you what you can do to stop a crack from spreading.

Understanding windshield design

You may have noticed that the majority of thieves will always choose to break a car’s door windows and never the windshield if they want to get inside. A big reason for this is because the windshield is built differently from the rest of your car’s glass. It’s significantly stronger and tougher because it is composed of two layers of thick glass with laminated rubber in the middle. The rubber lamination keeps both layers of glass firmly in place making it exceptionally resilient to extreme impact.  It’s why when a windshield gets hit with a baseball bat in films, it never shatters.

Obviously, your car’s windshield has certain limitations but it is capable of enduring a great deal of force. Car manufacturers made sure that windshields are robust enough to withstand potential collisions and are engineered to prevent shrapnel or broken glass from exploding inside the car.

In terms of cracks, the damage will most likely involve only the exterior glass layer although there are rare instances when sharp items will penetrate through to the interior layer. Nevertheless, whatever the extent of the crack may be, water may be able to pass through, compromising the structural integrity of your glass in the process. Dirt, ice, and moisture can also slip through the cracks affecting driving visibility.

For all these reasons, you should address any crack in your windshield, big or small, ASAP to prevent further damage from developing.


Stopping Windshield Cracks in their Tracks

If you notice a crack in your car’s windshield,  there are several steps you can take to stop it from spreading.

The most sensible step is to take your car to an auto glass repair shop as soon as you notice the crack.

If the crack doesn’t penetrate the rubber lamination and inner glass layer, the cost of repairing a crack, even quite large ones, is surprisingly cheap. Better still, the repair may be covered by your auto insurance.

Ideally, you will want to rely on a professional windshield repair and replacement service who will evaluate the extent of the crack and come up with the ideal repair solution based on your windshield’s inherent design and material. Every glass material and windshield design responds uniquely to force based on the location and amount of force delivered, which means every restoration solution will be different for every windshield crack.


Who’s to blame when your windshield becomes cracked?

In instances wherein your windshield becomes chipped, it’s important to know who will carry the blame and if your insurance company will cover the damage. Here’s how things work when it comes to who’s at fault:

Anything that is found on the road is considered as “natural hazard”. So if another vehicle hits a stone that bounces to your windshield, it would be deemed as a natural event.

The same is true even for objects that aren’t usually found on the ground. As soon as they have touched the ground they are deemed a natural hazard. So if a vehicle’s cargo falls on the ground and ricochet’s onto your windshield, neither would be at fault.

However, if the object drops directly from the vehicle and lands on your windshield, then the fault belongs to the driver in front.

If you spot a crack, call your auto insurance company immediately to see if you are covered. Then call a leading car windshield replacement center, like A Plus. Regardless of what your insurance say, the quicker you can repair a crack, the cheaper it will be.