Don’t Cover Your Window with Plastic. Get It Repaired

Everyone has seen someone driving with plastic or tarpaulin covering a broken window. Perhaps you have even been guilty of it yourself. While this may seem like a quick fix for people in a hurry, there are many problems with using plastic to cover your window. Do it for a day by all means but make sure you get down to a trusted auto glass repair shop like A+ Plus Auto Glass as soon as you can. Here’s why you shouldn’t leave your windows covered in plastic for any longer than you have to.

It makes your car a huge target for theft

It doesn’t take a lot for a criminal to break into your car when all there is is a plastic sheet protecting it. Not only could this cost you all of the items that you have stored in your car, but it could also cost you your entire vehicle, too. If you ever leave your car on the street, plastic sheets simply won’t do as protection.


It doesn’t provide protection

Your car windows are there for a reason. They protect you and your passengers from any debris or flying objects that may hit the car. They also protect passengers in the event of a collision so that broken glass or metal doesn’t go into the car. Without them, passengers are completely unprotected. While plastic sheets may stop water from entering the vehicle, they will do little to stop debris, stones, metal or anything else sharp traveling at speed from hitting your passengers. Covering your windows with plastic is especially dangerous if you have children in the back seat. They are completely unable to protect themselves and having a sheet between them and danger simply isn’t good enough.


Plastic doesn’t stop the cold getting in

If you live or are driving somewhere that is cold, plastic sheets are going to offer little protection from the biting cold. While windows can be airtight meaning you can heat the car without worrying that the hot hair will dissipate, you’re unlikely going to be able to apply plastic in a way that makes it stop cold air from getting in or hot air from escaping. So not only are you going to be making passengers suffer through a cold, uncomfortable ride, you’re also going to waste gas by running the heater high to try and compensate.


Say no to plastic and yes to auto glass replacement

Many people apply plastic to their windows because they don’t think they are able to afford to have their auto glass replaced. But if you have insurance, this simply isn’t the case. Most insurers cover the cost of auto glass replacement, so you won’t have to spend a time to get the problem repaired for good. For more information on how we can help you replace your car window, get in touch with a member of our team today.


Danger: Your Sunroof Could Explode

It sounds like something out of a horror movie or even a slapstick comedy. But this headline is not a joke. That’s because the word on the street is that many, many sunroofs on SUVs and other vehicles have been exploding without warning. So what the heck is happening and what can you do about it?

Why Are Sunroofs Exploding?

There are a number of reasons why we are seeing an increase in sunroof explosions over the last couple of years.


For one, sunroofs have gotten bigger. It doesn’t matter what car you have, whether it is an SUV, a crossover or a sedan, all vehicles have been installed with larger sunroofs since the turn of the decade. While there is no scientific data backing up this correlation, there’s a good chance that larger sunroofs are less secure, a greater area has a greater chance of cracking, and a greater surface area means that they can get a lot hotter.


In a lot of cases, these explosions have been limited to a number of national and foreign manufacturers in particular. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has confirmed hundreds of reports.


Are automakers responding to the complaints?

Automakers are slow to respond to all of the complaints about exploding sunroofs and, in truth, more needs to be done. Recalls should be a must whenever one case of exploding sunroofs is reported. Stronger standards should also be put in place to make sure that fewer incidents occur in the future.


What to Do If Your Sunroof Explodes

There are a number of things that you should do if your sunroof explodes. The first is to check that you, all of your passengers and your car are all okay. Secondly, you will want to notify your insurer as soon as possible as they will almost certainly cover the repairs.

You may want to assess the damage to you and your passengers, and file a suit against your auto manufacturer if the damage has been extensive.


Finally, you will want to take your car to an auto glass center to get your sunroof repaired. Even if it’s the height of summer, you never know when rain will come and it is not worth leaving your car without a sunroof any longer than you have to.


If your sunroof explodes in Phoenix, there is only auto glass center to take your car to for repairs: A+ Plus Auto Glass. Our team of experts are well trained to handle all sunroof repairs and replacements. Assuming no other damage has been caused to your car, we can have a safe replacement sunroof installed and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help and how much it will cost.


Car window not opening? Broken auto glass could be the problem

Have you been struggling to roll up one of your vehicle’s side windows recently? If so it may not be a problem with the rolling device or with your car’s door. The problem could be the window itself.

Car windows can crack out of sight

There’s more to your vehicle’s side windows than meets the eye. Parts of the window will never be seen by anyone but the manufacturers who put the windows into the car and auto glass experts who work on the windows. That’s because a portion of the window is hidden on each side. This is covered by part of the door frame to keep the window in place and to allow it to roll up and down. This is great until a part of that hidden piece of the window gets broken. The slightest chip or crack can stop the window from rolling up or down, or working at all. Worst of all, it can be almost impossible to diagnose unless you know what you are looking for.


If you are having trouble with your car window and you can’t see anything else wrong, whatever you do don’t try to force the window. This will only make it worse and damage the window and the door further.


Instead, bring your car into a trained auto glass center like A+ Plus Auto Glass. Our team will be able to remove the panel, inspect the window and see if it is cracked or damaged. If it is, we can repair or replace the window right then and there and have you on your way the same day.


How you can tell if you have a broken car window

If you think your car’s window may be broken, here’s how you can tell.


  • Can you hear a scraping noise when you open or close the window? This could be caused by a tiny chip that is scraping on the metal frame when it moves
  • Does the window stop when you try and open or close it? This could be caused by a fragment of glass that has got lodged in the crack and is blocking the window
  • Does the window wobble in its frame as you move it? This could mean that a large part of the window is broken making it unstable.


If any of these scenarios are happening to you, then bring your vehicle into a trusted auto glass repair shop like A+ Plus Auto Glass immediately. Don’t think that you can leave your broken window alone. There are two key reasons why you should fix your broken side window. For one, there is a good chance that your insurer will pay for the repairs. But it could also be a safety hazard. You never know when you may need to completely open the window of your vehicle. So why risk it? Get your side window repaired today at A+ Plus Auto Glass.

Can you completely remove chips from your window?

When you notice a chip or a small crack in your windshield it is crucial that you get it repaired as quickly as you can. If you leave it, there is a risk that it will turn into a larger crack that will require the entire windshield to be replaced. Not only is this way more hassle for you, it is also more expensive. Do yourself a favor and take your chipped windshield to an auto glass repair shop before it’s too late.


How are chips and cracks repaired?

If you take your car into an auto glass repair center before the chip or crack spreads, technicians will be able to inject a clear resin into the chip. This fills it up and stops the crack from spreading further. It only takes ten minutes and you’ll be able to drive your car home instantly.


Will the chip still be visible

The resin that is injected into your windshield is only used to fill the gap and stop the glass from cracking further. It will do nothing to hide the chip in your windshield. There isn’t a product out there that will stop your crack from being visible. Bear in mind, however, that a chipped windshield that has been filled with resin is perfectly safe to drive. There’s no risk at all and you don’t need to get the entire windshield replaced.


How can I remove the chip completely

The only way to remove the chip comepletely is to replace the entire windshield. This may be necessary if the chip is in your eye line when driving and obscures your view or distracts you. But there simply isn’t a way to remove the chip without removing the entire windshield.


Bear in mind that you have the power to make the chip as small as possible. And that is by bringing your car in to be serviced as soon you notice the chip appear. As we have said, auto glass professionals won’t be able to stop cracks from appearing or make them disappear altogether, but we can stop them from spreading.


If you notice a chip or a crack on your windshield and you want to keep it as small as possible without getting your entire windshield replaced, bring your car down to A+ Plus Auto Glass. Our technicians can inject resin into any and all cracks to stop them from getting bigger and have you driving off within half an hour. Give us a call on (623) 218-6844 to book an appointment or use our online contact form.


Caring for your windshield after replacement

You might think that once you have your windshield replaced by A+ Plus Auto Glass that’s the end of the matter. But don’t get too carried away. There are several things that you need to do as the owner of the vehicle to make sure that your new windshield is properly cared for after replacement. And this starts as soon as you drive out of our center. There are a lot of things you can do that can put your new investment in jeopardy.


Don’t waste your money or ruin the hard work of our team. If you’ve just got your car windshield replaced, here is what you need to know.


Don’t rush to drive your vehicle

In most cases, your vehicle will be okay to drive the very same day that work is completed. But that is not always the case. The time to adhesive takes to try can depend on a number of factors and sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. Driving your car before the adhesive has dried properly won’t just risk damaging your new windshield, it is also incredibly dangerous risks your safety. Luckily, most auto glass repair centers won’t give you the keys until the adhesive has dried so you don’t have to worry about it.


Don’t take the tape off too early

Although the adhesive may have dried, auto glass technicians will still leaver tape on even after they have given you the keys. The tape doesn’t just make sure that the seal is completely dry, it also stops debris from getting into the seal. Please make sure that you leave the tape on for at least 24 hours, even when driving. Failure to do so can ruin the integrity of the new windshield, cause cracks and other issues, and ultimately mean you need another new windshield.


Getting your car washed too quickly

Do not, under any circumstances was your car immediately after getting your windshield replaced. You should wait 24 hours at a minimum before taking your car through an automatic car wash and ideally even longer. That’s because these machines use very high-pressure jets to remove dirt and debris from your vehicles. While that will make your car looks good as new, it can ruin the sealant and moldings of your new windshield if they aren’t completely dry yet. If you absolutely have to wash your car the day after getting the windshield replaced, please do it by hand.


If you need more information on caring for your new windshield or want to find out more about how A+ Plus Auto Glass can replace or repair your car’s glass, get in touch today by calling us at (623) 218-6844 or by using our online contact form.

How rear windshield replacement is different

You may think that getting the rear windshield of your car replaced is much the same as getting the front windshield of your car replaced. After all, they are both made of glass, they both carry out the same function; they shouldn’t be much different, should they? But ask anyone who has had the misfortune of having their rear windshield need replacing and got the resulting bill and they will tell you there is a big difference between getting your front windshield replaced and getting your rear windshield replaced.


Here’s why getting your rear windshield replaced is so different


Rear windows are actually made from different types of glass

You may not be aware of it, but front windshields and rear windshields are actually made from different types of glass. This is the biggest reason that there is such a price difference between the two. Even though they look the same and act the same, they are not the same! Front windshields are made with laminated glass making the glass shatterproof so that it protects your face while driving. The back windshield is made from tempered glass. While this isn’t shatterproof it is designed to shatter in a way that won’t produce sharp shards of glass. Instead, it breaks into round tiny pebbles. Like front windshields, rear windshields have been designed this way for a reason.


Technicians need to clean up before replacement

Because of the design of rear windshields and the fact that they shatter, technicians usually have to clean up the area with a special vacuum before they can replace the windshield. This takes extra time and therefore costs more.


Rear windshields contain a defrost grid

On most modern cars, the rear windshield contains a defrost grid that is used to quickly defrost the rear window. While your front window uses the air vents to defrost, this isn’t suitable for most cars, which is why manufacturers install defrost grids in rear windshields instead. For it to work properly, delicate connections around the rear windshield need to be maintained during replacement. This is a tricky and time-consuming process, and one that costs more money, unfortunately.


If you need your front or your rear windshield replacing, A+ Plus Auto Glass are here to help. Our team of trained technicians provides a fast, reliable and quality service that can have you driving off again the very same day. We can do both front and rear windshield replacement so that, even if the process is different, your customer experience is as good as ever. For more information on our service or to book an appointment, give us a call on (623) 218-6844 or get in touch using our online contact form.

How to avoid car mirror damage

There are a dozen things that can damage your car’s side mirrors. You may think that having a broken side mirror or cracked glass isn’t a big deal. It doesn’t stop you from driving the car, right? But a damaged side mirror is a big deal. Not only will it almost certainly get you a ticket from a cop, but it also puts your safety at risk. Without a properly functioning side mirror, you won’t be able to clearly see what the cars, cyclists, and pedestrians behind and to the side of your car are doing. That could mean pulling out into traffic or hitting a cyclist or a pedestrian. The good news is that getting your side mirror replaced is quick and easy if you go to the right auto glass repair shop in Phoenix.


But so that you don’t have to come and visit us at A+ Plus Auto Glass with a busted side mirror, here are a few ways to avoid damaging your car’s side mirrors at all.


Pay attention and drive carefully

A lot of the time it is drivers who are at fault when their side mirror gets clipped or damaged. Not paying attention when driving, parking or reversing can easily result in scraping a wall or clipping another object. Make sure that you drive carefully at all times and slow down and pay particular attention when parking.


Park to avoid vandals

Speaking of parking, where you park can have a big impact on how at risk your car is to vandals. Wherever possible, park in well-lit areas and off the street where possible. If you do park on the street make sure to make the extra effort to turn your wing mirrors in so that passing cars can’t hit them.

Don’t let your kids play with your mirrors

Do you know another common way that mirrors get broken? It’s by kids playing with them. Power mirrors may be fun to use but they are not a toy. You should stop your kids from playing with them and make sure to lock them in place when driving. The worst thing about this kind of side mirror damage is that your insurance provider will rarely pay out.


Is this too late for you? Are you already driving around with a busted side mirror? Don’t put yourself or other road users in danger for a second longer. Bring your car down to A+ Plus Auto Glass and we’ll have it repaired within the day. For more information on our outstanding service or to get a quote on your repair, give us a call today at (623) 218-6844 or use our online contact form now.  

Mistakes to avoid when cleaning windshields

Having a clean, intact windshield that you can see through when driving is essential for safety. Yet to so many drivers fail to clean their windshields properly or, worse, don’t clean them at all. To avoid dangerous situations and to keep your auto glass in top shape, make sure that you don’t make any of these mistakes next time you clean your windshield.


Not washing your auto glass often enough

This is the number one mistake that we see drivers make. When you don’t wash your car’s windshield often enough all of the bug splatters, dirt and debris can become stuck there. The longer you leave dirt, the harder it will be to get it off. Not only does that make future washes harder, but it also makes your windows more susceptible to cracks and scratches.


Using sponges to clean the glass

You are not alone if you use a sponge to clean the windshield of your car. Most drivers do. But they are all doing it incorrectly. You should never use sponges to clean your auto glass because they are too harsh. Your glass needs to be treated with care so use a microfiber cloth instead.


Drying to clean dry glass

If drivers aren’t using sponges to clean their windshields then they are probably cleaning it when the glass is dry. Again, this can cause significant damage. That’s because you are wiping dust particles that you can’t see across your glass and they are scratching the surface. Over time, this can make your glass much less resistant to damage.


Not using a special cleaner

Your front and rear windshields are not normal forms of glass. And that means that they can’t be cleaned with regular glass cleaner. Most normal glass cleaners contain ammonia and this can seriously damage your car windows. Instead, use a cleaner that is specifically designed for cars.


Not replacing your windshield wipers when you clean

Old windshield wipers can make your windshields as dirty as anything else. They could have years of dirt built up under them which is spread all over your windshield whenever you wipe them. To prevent windshield wipers from damaging your auto glass, they should be changed as soon as they wear down. Always make sure to check the state of your wipers when you clean your car.


If you have a problem with your auto glass, A+ Plus Auto Glass are the Phoenix auto glass experts to turn to. Whether you have a chip, a crack or a smashed window, our team will repair it quickly and cost-effectively. For more information on our great service or to book your car in for an appointment, give us a call today on (623) 218-6844 or use our online contact form.

Repairing and replacing your car’s sunroof

Sunroofs are fantastic additions to cars. There’s nothing better than driving with the sunroof open on a hot summers day. But things can quickly turn sour if your sunroof gets damaged. Cracks and chips are common and, if they are not fixed, they can quickly lead to the deterioration of the entire sunroof. And this can be very bad news.

Because the sunroof literally protects you and your car from the elements, it is imperative to get your car’s sunroof repaired or replaced as soon as an issue occurs.


Different types of sunroofs

Although they may look the same, there are actually several different types of sunroof. The way they are designed and the way in which they work can have a big impact on how they can be repaired or replaced and how expensive that procedure is. That’s why it is important to know the distinction.


Most sunroofs today are either internal or external. Internal sunroofs fit between the metal on the roof and the car’s headliner and retract into a hidden pocket so that they are completely out of sight. External roofs sit on top of the car and retract up and back to let sunlight in.

There are also two types of glass used in sunroofs. Cheaper sunroofs use a screened dot pattern that reflects about half of the sun’s rays back up. More expensive sunroofs use a solar cooling form of reflective glass that reflects over 90% of the sun’s heat. You won’t be surprised to hear that the more expensive glass costs more to replace.


Chips in sunroofs

Just like your car’s windshields, a sunroof with a chip or small crack should be repaired immediately. Just like windshields, a resin can be injected into the glass to stop it from cracking further. Sunroofs won’t shatter, but a severely cracked sunroof can start to let in rain and other elements. This isn’t just nasty for the car’s occupants, it’s not great for the health of your vehicle either. If a chip isn’t fixed, it can soon turn into a big nasty crack and that can only be fixed by replacing the entire sunroof.


Leaks in sunroofs

The seals of sunroofs are one of the most vital parts. They keep the sunroof in place and they stop water from getting in. If your sunroof is leaking, it is probably a problem with the sealant. Luckily, just like a chip, this can be fixed quickly and cost-effectively by your local auto glass experts.


If you have a problem with your car’s sunroof, whether you’ve found a chip or it’s starting to leak, come down to A+ Plus Auto Glass and our trained team will take care of you. We can repair and replace sunroofs within a day and have you back on the road in no time. For more information give us a call on (623) 218-6844 or get in touch using our website’s contact form.

The most common problems with rear windshields

Rear windshields are a much bigger blessing than you give them credit for. It’s easy to appreciate how your front windshield protects you every time you drive. If it wasn’t there your entire face would be at risk. But it’s much harder to appreciate how your rear windshield protects you—but it does. Just like your front windshield it protects you from dirt and debris on the road, it protects you from the elements like wind and rain, and it also protects you in an accident.


But rear windshields are not without their faults. And in this article, we are going to look at the most common problems with rear windshields, including how difficult they can be to replace, how repairs are not always possible and how they can leak even when they aren’t chipped.


Rear windshields are difficult to replace

Rear windshields aren’t like front windshields. They are made of different types of glass and they are fitted in different ways. Whereas a front windshield can be slotted into placed and then sealed fairly easily by a team of two trained technicians, a rear windshield is a little bit more complicated. That’s because most modern cars having heating systems built into rear windshields so that they can be defrosted easily in winter. That means there are dozens of tiny and delicate connections that have to be replicated around the edge of the glass whenever it is replaced. This takes a lot longer to fix and will cost more.


Rear windshields may not be able to be repaired

In most cases, front windshields can be quickly and easily repaired as long the chip is not large. Again, this isn’t the case with rear windshields because of the defrosting technology that is in the glass. If the chip occurs on one of these lines that run through the window, it may not be possible to use resin to stop the gap. When this happens, only a replacement is possible.


Rear windshields can leak

Rear windshields can leak. While this is rare it can happen for a number of reasons such as a weak seal or rust. If you can hear air coming through your rear windshield then you probably have a leak and there’s a good chance water is coming through, too. You’ll need to get the issue fixed as soon as possible.


If you need your rear windshield replacing, A+ Plus Auto Glass are the Phoenix auto glass specialists to turn to. We have a long history of expertly repairing rear windshields effectively and for the right price. We can also complete the process much faster than other auto glass repair shops. That means you can be back on the road in no time. For more information on our rear windshield repair service, give our team a call today on (623) 218-6844 or get in touch using our online contact form.